The Fear Report

The Fear Report Originally Published By Bloodletting Press, This Edition Is Illustrated By Cortney Skinner, Features A New Introduction, And Contains Thirty Two Stories, Including Her Bram Stoker Award Winner Stephen And Two Stories That Were Not In The Bloodletting Edition Massie S Fiction Is Known For Its Quality Of Strangeness, Off Beat Humor, Deceiving Simplicity, And Haunting Prose

Elizabeth Beth Massie is a 2 time Bram Stoker Award and Scribe Award winning author of horror suspense, historical fiction, media tie ins, nonfiction, and short fiction for adults She also writes novels for teens and middle grade readers She lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband, illustrator Cortney Skinner.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 279 pages
  • The Fear Report
  • Elizabeth Massie
  • English
  • 09 February 2018

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    I flew through this collection in a couple of days, but I didn t really love it It was like eating a bag of chips.Massie is capable of writing disturbing, powerful and moving stories, but many of these felt low brow and comic bookish Here are some of the standouts Stephen A social worker forges a relationship with one of the unusual patients in a youth rehabilitation center In the Cow Pasture Two sisters and a friend decide to dig a hole through to hell in their backyard Brazo de Dios A missionary finds her faith tested when she is abducted by a group of militants in South America Products of the Past New kids on the block learn that certain houses are best avoided The Fear Report A college student uses an unwitting and superstitious family as the subject of her study Hot Orgy of the Caged Virgins A tale of sexual experimentation among a group of backwoods teens Fixtures of Matchstick Men and Joo At the height of the Vietnam War, a man and a teenaged girl gradually discover the sinister truth about the commune at which they ve sought refuge.The other stories run from okay tonot so okay, but the good thing is that they are all quick reads This volume contains about twice as many stories as Massie s earlier collection, Shadow Dreams, but it isn t nearly as strong overall I suggest seeking that one out first.On a side note, this edition like many small press books is absolutely littered with typographical and formatting errors Line breaks and punctuation occur or don t occur randomly, a character s name changes in the middle of a story and then back again, Blessed Sleep is mistitled Blessed Sheep and there are even a couple editor s notations left in the text I don t understand why I can buy a cheap mass market paperback that is flawless and pay 40 for a collector s edition that has a nice signature page but looks like it was typeset by a drunken monkey on drugs.

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