The Gamekeeper's Lady

The Gamekeeper's Lady Frederica Bracewell Grew Up Under A Cloud Of Shame As An Illegitimate Child, She Was Treated By Her Uncle Like A Servant It Wasn T Until She Encountered The New Gamekeeper That Shy, Innocent Frederica Started To Feel Like A True LadyLord Robert Mountford Had Been Banished By His Family After A Debauched Existence, He Reveled In The Simplicity Of A Gamekeeper S Lifestyle Until Temptation Struck Frederica S Plain Appearance And Stuttering Speech Were A Far Cry From The Ladies Of The Ton, But She Might Just Be His Undoing And Unmasking

Mich le Ann Young Goodreads Author An army brat born in England and now living in Canada, Ann grew up loving history, but majored in business, with history on the side She has a husband and two lovely daughters and a Maltese Terrier called Teaser, who likes to sit on a chair beside the computer while she works.Her love of the past and the stories in her imagination led her to write her first novel in 2000, a never see the light of day effort, and after having her first book published in 2006, she knew she d found her niche.She loves the Georgian era, and within that, the period known as the long Regency She also adores happy endings.You will find her books in bookstores in the month of issue, as well as on line at Mills and Boon or E harlequin.

[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Gamekeeper's Lady By Ann Lethbridge –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 283 pages
  • The Gamekeeper's Lady
  • Ann Lethbridge
  • English
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9780373296415

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    DNF this is one I can see for miles ahead with vague sign posts all along the way, barreling at me 100 mph, but I am not willing to waste any time waiting for the inappropriate scene to hit me smack in the face I m just gonna call it good or evil as it were and be done with it before it even begins Readers who like clean novels don t even waste your time.

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    Nice romance Like the other reviews I agree that the ballroom scene was a little over the top and the plot at the lawyers was a bit overdone However, I loved the one on one interactions between the hero and heroine It was nice change to see a story where the heroine was a virgin, but didn t make a big deal about it It was also nice that the hero didn t realize she was a virgin during the act those scenes are always cringey Overall a nice pleasant read.

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    I liked it well enough, though I admit to skimming in spots I would have preferred there be angst about the heroine s supposed plainness and stutter neither had any role in the story really, and weren t mentioned , rather than the drama centering around the mystery Also, view spoiler for a shy, secluded virgin, she sure was brazen af about getting laid hide spoiler

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    I simply love it I ve already read it several times, and I still feel like coming back It has a classic plot, but with some interesting twists, good characters, captivating dialogue and a credible romance I know some get annoyed by her stuttering, by I don t mind at all.

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    This one of three Harlequin Historicals I got in a recent order and I was pleased with all three of them I will be giving brief reviews on all.I have always been fascinated by the idea of a member of the ton in disguise as someone far beneath him This is the first book in Ann s Rakes in Disguise series.Lord Robert Mountford is a devil may care rake of the first order, dallying with widows, married ladies, gambling, everything that is required for the dissipated life of a rake He goes a step too far and finds himself shunned by his peers and kicked to the cobblestone walk by his imperial father His older twin brother offers to help monetary wise, but proud Robert will have none of it.Cut to three years later, and Robert has been working hard these last years, trying to save enough money to pay back his debts He secures the job of assistant gamekeeper at the Wynchwood Estate It is here he comes across Frederica Bracewell, niece of the owner She is treated as a servant than a beloved member of the family, because she has a cloud of shame over her head, she was illegitimate Frederica is no raving beauty, and she stutters, but the beyond handsome Robert sees something in her that appeals to him greatly.Federica is like no lady Robert has ever met, she draws, quite well in fact, and after seeing Robert shirtless, asks if he will pose for her One thing leads to another and sparks ignite between the two When the story stayed focused and Robert and Frederica in that small gamekeeper s cottage, I was enchanted Wonderful couple, so much to overcome And the love scenes sizzled.But I found the conflict near the end of the book that took place at a masked ball somewhat convolutedand predictable, but it did not take away from the overall enjoyment of the read.Well written, well developed characters, the heat between the hero and heroine was sensual and lush, and the story worked best when it stayed focused on the two in that small little cottage.3.5 stars out of 4 for the book

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    Era da un po di tempo che non prendevo in mano un Harmony e devo dire che questo non mi ha delusa.Certo, inizia in un modo e finisce in un altro, ma nel complesso la storia carina.Lui rampollo di una ricca famiglia con il vizio delle donne che viene diseredato e costretto a darsi alla macchia a causa di uno scandalo.Lei lo zimbello dello zio che l ha accolta in casa Figlia di una nobildonna che passava da un letto all altro e considerata la figlia del diavolo perch mancina Oltre a fregarsene dell etichetta, ama l arte.Insomma, due casi umani che si son trovati.Il loro primo incontro ricorda quasi una soap opera, o i classici scritti in quegli anni Lui, divenuto il guardiacaccia della propriet dello zio di lei, pensa di doverla salvare perch troppo vicina al fiume mentre lei, la nostra cara Frederica, sfida le buone maniere e segretamente lo zio, cercando in tutti i modi di ottenere abbastanza denaro per andarsene in Italia, infischiandosene quindi del manzo che la salva Entrambi sentono una strana attrazione, ma sono troppo freak per comprenderla Man mano che la vicenda procede, i due si fanno sempre pi vicini, finch Frederica non decide di montarlo come il manzo che , affermando di non essere pi innocente E qui va un bel Mah Il nostro caro lord si scopato praticamente tutta Londra, quindi come fa a non accorgersi che quella piccola elfa balbuziente vergine Misteri misteriosi.In seguito, c un susseguirsi di guai lei che viene promessa al cucino obeso che arriva alla villa, la festa del suo debutto, il caro lord che viene incriminato, lei che scappa con il maggiordomo insomma, disastri.Poi, non si sa come, alla fine Frederica diventa ricca, il lord viene riammesso nella rendita di famiglia e i due si sposano Fine.Devo dire che la seconda met non mi ha entusiasmata parecchio, ma come libro veloce da leggere in un pomeriggio non male Al contrario di molti altri romanzi

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    This is a light, fluffy historical romance, the main characters Lord Robert Montford, the second son of a Duke and Miss Frederica Bracewell a lady with some doubts about her birth, are both likeable and sweet.Robert has been banished by his imperious Father after one escapade too far, although I do feel he is a little misunderstood He is not in favour with his peers either and leaves London in disgrace Finding employment as an assistant gamekeeper on the estate of Frederica s Uncle, he settles down to a simple life, intrinsically an honourable man he is determined to one day pay off the debts left behind after his flight Frederica is an accomplished artist and likes to sketch in private on her Uncles estate, albeit without his knowledge as he disapproves of this pursuit She is building up a portfolio of her work so that she can escape her Uncle and his plans to marry her off to her cousinhis heir, for nefarious reasons that Frederica is unaware of Frederica plans to travel to Italy to study her art as soon as she is able On one of her sojourns to a special place of hers, she meets Robert and is struck by his beauty eventually she plucks up the courage to ask him to sit for her What follows is sweet and romantic but Frederica is ruined, although Robert does not realise that she is an innocent and she does not correct his assumption, they are very drawn to one another and against his rakish nature Robert finds himself starting to champion her.There is a plot although like the story it is fairly light and fluffy and quite predictable There are quite a few characters introduced, too many really, but on the whole an enjoyable easy read Not too taxing but sweet and romantic.

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    has some very commonly found plot elements which is why i thought i might have read it before hadn t.i thought it was actually good, esp that maggie the ow is not a vicious cat at all and the hero, who s been tomcatting since 15, has been celibate the last two years in exile from family ofcourse, he thinks the h is not a virgin and la di da di da there is some amount of groveling in the end which i liked could ve been better but hey, beggars can t be choosers.also, villains are not ott the H s main rival actually turns out refreshingly rational.i d have rated it 3 stars, but it was better than that not quite 4, but still book opens with H and ow i m glad i ignored it and continued reading

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    The Gamekeeper s Lady is a traditional Regency Romance with a black sheep, and virgin heroine, but with a lovely touch of historical feminism Much of the heroine s journey is working to overcome social barriers to become a respected artist.Ms Lethbridge has created two wonderfully flawed characters, and whilst they are among the cr me de le cr me of ton society, each stand out, not for their fair appearance, but rather their honesty, honor, and individuality.See the full review at Heroes and Heartbreakers

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    This was surprisingly one of the best Regency romances I read I tend to find them too stiff upper lip and droll but picked this one up because the premise seemed a bit different illegitimacy and a disowned lord getting together But, I was pleasantly surprised by the first half of the book Towards the end I felt that the plot was getting a bit too thick and full of characters for my liking but it still held together never the less, so I ve given it 5 stars instead of 4, for pure enjoyment.

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