The Golden Tulip

The Golden Tulip Francesca S Father Is A Well Known Painter In The Bustling Port City Of Amsterdam He Is Also A Gambler Though Their Household Is In Economic Chaos, Thankfully The Lessons She Learned In His Studio Have Prepared Her To Study With Johannes Vermeer, The Master Of Delft When She Arrives To Begin Her Apprenticeship, Francesca Is Stunned To Find Rules, Written In Her Father S Hand, Insisting That She Give Up The Freedoms She Once Enjoyed At Home Including Her Friendship With Pieter Van Doorne, A Tulip Merchant Unaware Of A Terrible Bargain Her Father Has Made Against Her Future, Francesca Pursues Her Growing Affection For Pieter Even As She Learns To Paint Like Vermeer, In Layers Of Light As Her Talent Blooms, Tulip Mania Sweeps The Land, And Fortunes Are Being Made On A Single Bulb What Seems Like A Boon For Pieter Instead Reveals The Extent Of The Betrayal Of Francesca S Father And As The Two Learn The True Nature Of The Obstacles In Their Path, A Patron Of Francesca S Father Determines To Do Anything In His Power To Ensure She Stays Within The Limits That Have Been Set For Her The Golden Tulip Brings One Of The Most Exciting Periods Of Dutch History Alive, Creating A Page Turning Novel That Is As Vivid And Unforgettable As A Vermeer Painting

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    When I first read the description of this story I had the smarts not to read anyone else s review I enjoyed what I read beforehand and I didn t want other people to tarnish my opinion I think if I had read someone s less than five star review, I would not have considered reading the book And I am glad I did this because THE GOLDEN TULIP was such a rich and honored narrative with considerable depth So, if you have read the publisher s depiction and you think this is a story you might want to read, STOP HERE Read the story My Review I will start with the biggest drawback The hardcover I read was 585 pages with small print The actual size of the book was not overly large but you could have easily used it to press flowers The story was historical fiction mixed with real characters that lived during the 1600 s in Holland, a former province of the Netherlands Francesca Visser, a young woman, wanted to become an artist in the truest sense a Master Painter This was a serious profession if you had money and influence to seek an apprenticeship It was also the story of the three men that affected her the most.Her papa, the artist Hendrick Visser, was a fifty something year old man with the attitude of a self absorbent boy His moodiness, excessive drinking and gambling habit affected his household all the time. He controlled the money but required his wife, and then Francesca, to pay the bills This issue was a constant source of anxiety.Then there was the sordid, degenerative Ludolf van Deventer, her father s patron and a man whom lusted after Francesca He was determined that nothing would stop him from possessing her NOTHING The best way to describe him Think of oily sandpaper running over your skin.Lastly, there was the kindly Pieter van Doorne From the first moment he saw Francesca, he knew in his heart she was someone special He was a horticulturalist before the term came into being He tended to his bulbs and landscaped to make ends meet As strongly as Francesca wanted to become a Master Painter, Pieter had a deep passion for growing flowers Because he understood her intentness, he respected Francesca And with a fierceness he had never felt before, he loved her.Francesca s sisters, Aletta and Sybella, tug and push the plot along There were two wonderful secondary stories in the second half of the book when they reach adulthood You will also meet Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer with all their idiosyncrasies I am not an expert on art but there was a time or two that I wondered if Ms Laker took some liberties On the flip side, the author took great care in bringing these people, along with all the others, to life.THE GOLDEN TULIP was very much a character driven story It contained espionage, family drama and romance with some surprising men Until now, the closest I have come to enjoying a book from this general era was THE TINNER S BRIDE by Irene Northan Like that story, TGT won me over with five stars.

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    Let me say this first the story is not about tulip mania as synopsis on GR and would let you believe In fact, the famous mania happened many years before the events in the book took place Instead, art, love, music, and political intrigue are the main themes of this novel set in the 17th century Netherlands aka the Dutch Golden Age.At the center of it is the fictional Visser family Hendrick Visser is a decent painter, former apprentice of the great Frans Halls and a friend of Rembrandt The sale of his paintings would earn him a comfortable living were it not for his compulsive gambling and incessant drinking His vices continually force his family into a hand to mouth existence and always on the edge of devastation and financial ruin When Hendrick s wife dies in childbirth, his three daughters, Francesca, Aletta, and Sybylla, become even vulnerable to their father s vice driven whims and desperate acts It is Visser s gambling that thrusts his family into circumstances that cause his eldest and most talented daughter, Francesca, to face an uncertain future at the hands of a devious suitor who threatens Hendrick with financial ruin The other sisters suffer for their father s duplicity as well It would take many twists and turns, seemingly unattainable goals for all three of them to find their happiness.The book is long and slow at the beginning But somehow it grew on me I enjoyed the setting, the historical details, the snippets about daily life of the Dutch artists and merchants Having been to the cities described in the novel Amsterdam, Delft, and Haarlem it was easy to picture the scenery It s on that trip through Holland where I actually understood and started to appreciate the Dutch masters in fullest And I think that is where the author s talent shines through Her descriptions of the paintings are spot on She intertwines them with the ups and downs of the Visser family creating a memorable pallet of light and darkness, of deceptive simplicity and burst of color I think if you are a fan of the Dutch art and historical fiction in general, you will enjoy the story.

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    Seemed a good book to read en route to Amsterdam seeing as it is set in that city Add to that the three sisters who feature in the book ,the daughters of a Dutch artist, and painters themselves The eldest falls in love with a tulip maker, the second with a penniless artist When they are not painting and doing other Dutch things, the girls walk by the canals and go visit Rembrandt and his family Clearly it had all the right ingredients Plus we got it for 99 cents in an on the road side sale Lets buy , read and junk said S So we did of course we didn t junk it And here it is back in Mumbai on our already overloaded book shelves PS And now it s become a family favorite A and A love it too

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    This amazing novel has many different story threads woven together beautifully At the heart is the story of Francesca and her family Francesca is the daughter of a decent artist in Amsterdam Taking after her father, she appears to be headed toward great things in the art world An apprenticeship is acquired for her with the relatively unknown at the time Johannes Vermeer in Delft Things all seem to be looking up Francesca has an apprenticeship, her family appears to be doing well her father has a wealthy patron , and she finds herself falling in love with Pieter a tulip grower and landscape designer Just when things appear to go well, all starts to fall apart The patron of her father has become obsessed with Francesca and is determined to marry her no matter what the cost How do these problems affect Francesca s art How will her family fare What will happen to the blossoming love between Francesca and Pieter My favorite part about this novel was the way the characters were written I truly felt for the characters I would be excited when good things happened and very upset when horrible things happened Each character felt so real they all had their flaws and personalities and didn t feel typical One of my favorite characters was a minor character Catherina Vermeer, Johannes Vermeer s wife She was so good to Francesca and I just loved her personality.It is very obvious that a lot of research went into this book Tulipmania was explained in relative depth this was when the price of a single tulip bulb climbed to as high as a year s salary, everyone wanted them, and then the market crashed and people were left penniless There were also great descriptions of the cities of Amsterdam and Delft Vermeer s paintings were discussed what the meaning are behind some of the works and symbols, stories about the sittings as well as physical descriptions I really loved this book it had so many little stories happening with this family and was very intriguing I cannot wait to get to read The Venetian Mask which is on my shelf right now 4.5 out of 5 stars

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    This novel takes us to 17th century Holland against the background Of William Of Orange coming of age and Louis XIV s invasion of Holland This is they heyday of the great Dutch painters Francesca Visser wishes only to learn to paint Marriage is the furthest thing from her mind In fact, she is minded not to marry Her younger sister, Aletta is also struggling to find independence while the youngest Sybylla wants to marry the richest man she can find.Since the death of their mother from bearing Sybylla, Francesca has been responsible for running her father s household and raising her sister Although her father loves his family, he is a somewhat feckless impractical man with a weakness for gambling which leads him into trouble that directly affects Francesca.Two men love Francesca, Pieter Van Doorne and Ludolf Van Deventer.She goes to Delft to apprentice to Johannes Vermeer only to find to her bewilderment the freedom she has always enjoyed taken away Meanwhile her sister, Aletta gets on the wrong side of their father and also finds herself in Delft Sybylla prepares herself to marry only to get sidetracked.I greatly enjoyed this novel It took me less time to read than I thought as I found it difficult to tear myself away.Highly recommended.

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    I just could not get past the first several pages of the novel I was interested in the story, but I found the writing too flat.

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    This historical romance that takes place in Holland during the time of the great painters there Francesca Visser, daughter of Hendrick Visser, a friend of the painter Rembrandt, yearns to become a master artist on her own, and her dreams come true when she is finally apprenticed to the artist Vermeer Her father, in order to settle his gambling debts, has secretly betrothed her to wealthy, sinister Ludolf VanDeventer, but she is really in love with tulip grower Pieter Van Doorne Add to this the love lives and fortunes or lack of them of her sisters Aleta and Sybilla, and this begins to sound like just any old pot boiler romance What saves it is that the author really knows her history as well as the art, and makes it all come alive for the reader Although parts of the plot are convenient and even predictable, I found that this novel of almost 600 pages held my interest to the end One of the library reviews says this is for those who like meat than heat in their historical romance.

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    I expected this book to be a copy cat of Girl With a Pearl Earring, which I also enjoyed I found that the only similarity between the two, was the setting in mid 1600s Holland and the presence of the painter, Vermeer, the plot completey diverged from one another In the Golden Tulip, the main character, Fransesca, is an aspiring painter who undertakes an apprenticeship with Johannes Vermeet in order to gain her mastership Along the course, she must overcome the obstacles to her relationship with her true love, Pieter, and the unwanted seductions of a ill suitor The story is also intertwined with the romances and pursuits of her two younger sisters In the end, the story concludes happily ever after with the demise of the shifty suitor and the marriage of the two lovers My only complaint was the sporadic pace of the book At times, the author focused ad nauseum on detail and setting and at other times rushed through major events in a sentence or two.

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    Great setting, interesting characters, apparently well researched but hampered by clumsy over writing Every other sentence could have been cut, and the overall effect would have been much better, especially the descriptions of character motivation, which were guilty of telling in addition to showing But once the plot took off, I was able to overlook that and I enjoyed the story It s a little cheesy happy endings all around but I wasn t expecting much else, so it made for an easy read in that sense So another one read in my quest to read about the part of Europe I ll be visiting in the fall I felt that this one continued my education of the history of Holland, at least as portrayed in historical fiction I ll have a better idea of some of the stories behind the places, and the people, when I get there.

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    I enjoyed this story and I m getting to like the style of writing of this author The biggest problem I have with this one is that some main characters are flat, who spoiled the story for me to a point I almost put the book away But I m glad I didn t.

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