The Lost Diaries of Frans Hals: A Novel

The Lost Diaries of Frans Hals: A NovelInteresting book, but very dated Funny to read about hi fis and such, and I always find it a bit unbelievable when authors create a character who will sleep with a guy and let him live with her after knowing him for an hour, but what do I know Actually skimmed a good part of the book when relating the actual journals of Hals, but was able to get the gist, and it was entertaining Not a bad light read, but I wouldn t go looking for it and happy with the 2 I paid It does say something for a book when it can get me through a 1 2 hr MUNI delay with little annoyance Really enjoyed this book The diary entries were wonderful, and the contemporary story was interesting, as well Color plates were a nice surprise. The heart of this novel is an historical account of the life of Frans Hals, a Dutch painter and contemporary of Rembrandt It is set around the idea that books have been found that may be lost diaries of Hals, and a graduate student in art history, Peter Van Overloop, is translating them The novel goes back and forth between VanOverloop s life and that of Hals, as VanOverloop translates VanOverloop seems a rather nerdish kind of guy, unsure of himself and unlikely to go very far in his field, until the diaries exert a change in his life The personality and life of Hals shine through and make me want to read about him The question of the authenticity of the diaries plays a part in the story, and the slightly surprising ending fits well. I enjoyed this fictionalized historical read It peaked my interest enough to google Frans Hals He sounds like an interesting person to read about I love reading about artists from early periods. A kid fooling around in an old garage finds an trunk filled with paintings and some old journals Feckless grad student Peter Overloop is hired to translate the diaries, which may belong to Dutch Golden Age painter Frans Hals This task gives Peter such focus that he clings to the books even as he bounces from couch to couch when he ends up homeless in NYC Hals springs from the page and so does Peter, in a shambling way I was left wanting to know how the diaries ended up in the trunk, but that would have been a plan for another book If you re in the mood for novels set in the Dutch Golden Age or art mysteries, The Lost Diaries is a charming read, well researched, full of life, and a peek into life in 1990s New York as well Loved it A present day mystery all mixed in with old Dutch master history What s not to love there A very pleasant surprise to have come upon this wonderful book Mr Kernan evokes the essence of Dutch culture in the 17th century much like Simon Schama s book does which Peter one of the characters in the book used as an historical reference during his research. This book contains two stories within its pages One is about the artist Frans Hals which unfolds in a diary found in a hayloft of a barn The other is about the life of the translator, Peter, as he undertakes the task of translating the diary and the events unfolding in his own life Sometimes the two stories seem to parallel each other in certain aspects In the diary, the way Hals describes people shows his artistic character and temperament However, some of the entries just don t seem to ring true as to what someone of that era might put down on paper they may have been thinking those thoughts, but I couldn t imagine writing about them even in something as personal as a diary The diary also contained quite a bit of dialogue, another element most diaries do not contain All in all, this fictional work was an interesting look at life in Holland in the 1600s and in how an artist might look at the world around himself. Having majored in art in college, I love to read books about the lives of famous artists I spotted this one at a favorite library book sale a couple of years ago, but it sat in my TBR to be read pile ever since I should have read it right away This book is a thoroughly enjoyable and delightful story It was so easy to get engrossed in the tale and find yourself hoping that the diaries are indeed authentic The author managed to depict Hals not as a stuffy historical figure, but as a pretty cool guy with a dry sense of humor and zest for life This book has the same sort of feel as Girl with a Pearl Earring and Girl in Hyacinth Blue also two of my favorites , but was published years prior I was sad to discover that author Michael Kernan passed away in 2005 Would have loved to read of his works. When Ancient Notebooks Turn Up In A Long Island Garage, Peter Van Overloop, A Columbia Graduate Student, Sets To Translating Them, And Finds Himself Immersed In The Life And Times Of The Dutch Painter Frans Hals, For The Notebooks Seem To Be Hal S Diaries They Contain A Fascinating Portrait Of A Man Living In The Age Of Rembrandt And Descartes, And Bursting With A Lust For The World That Surrounds Him Emerging As Thoroughly Funny And Charming, Hals Reaches Out From Centuries Past To Touch And Change Peter S Life Forever A Seamless Merging Of Literary Invention And Historic Fact, The Lost Diaries Of Frans Hals Is A Remarkable, Unforgettable Novel

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  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • The Lost Diaries of Frans Hals: A Novel
  • Michael Kernan
  • English
  • 09 November 2018
  • 9780312131173

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