The Low Road

The Low Road Robert Louis Stevenson S Kidnapped Has Long Been Considered A Masterpiece Of High Adventure In The Low Road, James Lear Reinvents This Classic As A Satirical, Queer, Coming Of Age StoryIn Scotland, Young Charles Gordon Reaches Adulthood Ignorant Of His Family S Heroic Past In The Jacobite Rebellion He Sets Out To Discover The Truth About His Father, But Instead Is Kidnapped By Mercenaries And Sold Into Slavery As The Plaything Of A Group Of Corrupt Military Officials But Charlie S Talents, In And Out Of Bed, Win Him Powerful Friends As Well As Dangerous Foes The False Priest, Lebecque, Violent Captain Robert, Depraved General Wilmott All Contribute To Charlie S Education Eventually Leading A Makeshift Army Of Sex Crazed Layabouts, Charlie Faces The Might Of The English Forces Will He Triumph, Or Is It Better To Retreat To The Safety Of His Sybaritic Lifestyle James Lear Expertly Interweaves Spies And Counterspies, Scheming Servants And Sadistic Captains, Tavern Trysts And Prison Orgies, Into This Delightfully Erotic Work That Can Take Its Place Alongside His Acclaimed Novels The Back Passage And Hot Valley

James Lear is the nom de plume of prolific and acclaimed novelist,

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    Lolz.Seriously, how a Scottish young gentry s efforts to retrieve an arrested member of his household during the Jacobite Rebellion years can be both lighthearted and porny is pretty impressive This is gay porn It s non stop cocks in all and any orifices and gallivanting around the area including a portion on ship of questionable registration and crew Add in the vocabulary and this is just fun Rapey, but fun And the cover is pure gold sigh Favorite quote Within twenty minutes my hostile first impressions had crystallised into a most cordial hatred.

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    I love James Lear for two reasons The first is his relentless porniness Any Lear book is guaranteed to be 75% sex with the remainder being the second reason snarky, fun humor This nugget has all the sex you can imagine and none of the snark It got tedious in the second half, unfortunately This book seemed to take itself rather seriously, which would be fine if it weren t for the page after page of sucking, rimming, fucking, peeing, spit roasting, facials, and on and on and on I m ALL about ALL of those things, but Little Nick gets tired out and Big Nick gets bored Little Nick awards one bonus star for the cover

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    Ha This book read like the stroke books of yore I felt like this could be one that I sneaked from my grandmother s shelves back in my teen days Except hers were all het and this would ve not been there at all BUT the vibe was the same Basically it was deeply, deeply trashy, full of over the top historical adventure and sex tales, as well as overblown and kinda unbelievable love affairs, and I LOVED IT ALL D Yay

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    This was a signature James Lear, all gay sex all the time, type of story, inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson s Kidnapped It sprinkled in all his favorite activities view spoiler which always seems to include piss splashing of some sort hide spoiler

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    I think the cover of this book is wholly appropriate, so please don t flag me as it is the publisher author s design It just bares reminding, pun intended sorry girls I couldn t resist Well ummmm wow That was certainly an interesting read There is a pinch of romance with a HEAVY dose of erotic gay sex Sex of every conceivable type between gay men I think it pretty much ticked every box and some in the how to dictionary for male sex Including but by no means limited to view spoiler Bukkake, gang bangs, light BDSM, DP and Spitroast I m sure there are others but I m afraid these were out of my realms of reasonable research hide spoiler

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    A rather detailed er volume of work, well endowed with stimulating tales of mammoth, enormous umm deeds of valor, hung strung together with a whisper thin plot involving Jacobites What s not to love

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    You ll take the high road, and I ll take the low road,And I ll be in Scotland before ye.But me and my true love will never meet againOn the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond from Loch Lomond, Scottish folk song see explanation below James Lear is a sly dog who subverts the kind of novels that are widely thought of as classics by larding their plots with man on man sex The results are surprisingly faithful to the original books, if not strictly faithful to the era in which they are set.The most obvious model for James Lear s novel about Scotland after the defeat of the Jacobites Catholic supporters of Prince Charles Stuart s claim to the throne of Scotland at Culloden in 1746 is Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson, a novel published in the 1880s but set in the mid 1700s and largely read when it first appeared as an adventure story for boys The central character in Kidnapped is a young man whose parents are dead, and whose wicked uncle arranges for him to be taken to sea against his will In the course of his adventures, the young man grows up and eventually gains his rightful inheritance.The Low Road picks up the picaresque adventure story and coming of age themes and intertwines them with the romance of coming out into a society in which sodomy is a hanging offense but in which most men enjoy sex with other men Nineteen year old Charles Edward Gordon, the central character, lives with his grieving mother in the family mansion after his father, a brave Jacobite leader, has been murdered Young Charlie, a physically active but isolated lad, develops a friendship with Alexander, the servant who works in the stable Charles and Alexander engage in horseplay literally , which leads to intimate contact.For awhile, the lovers live together in bliss, but the country is still in turmoil, spies and English soldiers are everywhere, and danger lurks.One day, Alexander disappears and a mysterious French priest named Benoit arrives to tutor the lad in Greek and Latin Charles resents him, but grudgingly admires him.By spying on the strange man in the house after being spied on himself , Charles sees the priest masturbating Charles confronts Benoit about his hypocrisy Before Benoit can explain his real mission and his real identity, English soldiers arrive to search the house for traitors to the English crown The soldiers take Benoit away, leaving Charles and his mother Charles realizes that he must take action.Charles sets forth to outwit the redcoats of the garrison and rescue Benoit Along the way, he stops at an inn where he encounters a group of men a rough and ready group, but, I thought, honest looking Scotsmen each and every one of them When I entered the inn, they had been joining in a chorus of Loch Lomond a crypto Jacobite hymn, as every young Scot knew well Charles is naively trusting After excessive drinking and sex with the men, Charles loses consciousness and wakes up on board a ship, where he is destined to be the plaything of the crew.The captain is an English gentleman who rescues Charles from the attention of uncouth sailors not that Charles really objects , and decides that he wants to keep Charles for himself Although he has been commissioned to bring Charles, the Jacobite traitor, to a feared English general for questioning torture , Captain Moore sends word that Charles has been killed Charles does not want to be the captain s concubine forever, so he escapes.Charles eventually meets up with the feared General Wade while impersonating a messenger so that he can discover the whereabouts of Benoit In one adventure after another, Charles uses his healthy young body in the service of Scotland.Meanwhile, Benoit uses any means at his disposal to write letters to Charles, addressed to him at Gordon Hall and smuggled out by corrupt guards Benoit has little hope that Charles will ever receive the letters, but writing them helps keep Benoit sane in desperate circumstances.The letters are interspersed with Charles adventures, so the reader can follow the parallel narratives as the suspense builds The plot proceeds at a gallop despite the frequent sex scenes involving orgies, voyeurism exhibitionism, spankings, cross dressing and a memorable banquet in which Charles is the piece de resistance Charles survives numerous close calls long enough to mature from a sheltered boy to a sensible man, and all complications are resolved at least for the major characters, if not for the doomed Prince for whom Charles was named.For those who love historical fiction and m m erotic romance, this novel is a treat The epistolary form seems true to the period, and the episodic plot lends itself to being read in installments James Lear has such a shamelessly homoerotic take on history and literature that a reader wonders which classic he will take on next From the Wikipedia entry on Loch Lomond There are many theories about the meaning of the song One interpretation is that it is attributed to a Jacobite Highlander who was captured after the 1745 rising The English played games with the Jacobites, and said that one of them could live and one would die This is sung by the one who was sentenced to die, the low road referred to being the passage to the underworld.Another interpretation is that the song is sung by the lover of a captured rebel set to be executed in London following a show trial The heads of the executed rebels were then set upon pikes and exhibited in all of the towns between London and Glasgow in a procession along the high road the most important road , while the relatives of the rebels walked back along the low road the ordinary road traveled by peasants and commoners.

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    James Lear is a guilty pleasure His books are always erotica than romance, even with the pretext of romance being present It s never been true than in the case of The Low Road There s a plot of some sort, but it s not important Let s be honest, The Low Road is the finicky, yet kinky person s gay porn Fortunately, it s well written, with plenty of humor, but it s not for the faint of heart, or for someone who expects angst filled romance It s about sex Lots of it The book hit several of my secret kinks then sailed straight past them, into territory where I wouldn t follow Not a big problem though skipping past offending passages doesn t hamper one s ability to follow the skimpy plot.There are parts of The Low Road, most of the book, actually, that are just wrong by conventional standards, but made right by the author s fantasy world where everyone is gay, and everyone likes to have sex all the time, anywhere and with anyone It would be very silly, if the novel took itself seriously, but it doesn t The Low Road is a great big sex farce for your inner perv.

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    3.5 StarsAnyone say Road Trip Young Charles Gordon embarks on a sex filled journey that s about 95% sex and 5% plot It s a thin plot and to be honest, I m not really sure what Lebeque and Charlie had in common, but a cock plenty time was had by all I ll be reading from James Lear

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