The Lowdown on Denim

The Lowdown on Denim How A Humble Work Pant Got On Everyone S Backside And Took Over The World In The Lowdown On Denim, Narrators JD And Shred Take Readers On A Trip Through The History Of Jeans, Demonstrating That, Whatever Their Style, Jeans Have Always Driven And Reflected Popular Culture They Use Their Interest In Denim To Escort Readers From Wartime To The Rodeo Circuit And From Environmental Concerns To The Rock And Roll StageWhen Blue Jeans Were Invented In The S, They Were Utilitarian Baggy, Only A Single Pocket And Held Up With SuspendersIn The S, They Were Bell Bottomed And Embroidered, Symbolizing The Rebellion Of The Woodstock Era Punks In The S Held Them Together With Safety Pins, While S Metal Bands Wore Theirs Acid Washed Then The Low Riding Style Worn By Prisoners Inspired S Hip Hop Fashion Today, Denim Can Be As Personalized As An IPod PlaylistWith Humorous Comic Style Illustrations Throughout, This Fun, Fascinating Social History Will Make Readers Think Each Time They Pull On Their Jeans

Tanya writes both fiction and non fiction, often choosing topics related to science, pop culture, or social history or a combination of the three She enjoys combining factual research with intriguing narratives, or the life stories of interesting folks.In her spare time, Tanya likes to run, bake, and read Her favourite meal is breakfast, her favourite color is blue, and her favourite children s

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  • The Lowdown on Denim
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  • 01 January 2019
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    The Lowdown on Denim by Tanya Lloyd Ky is by the same author as the 50 Questions series of comic book style nonfiction books for upper elementary students This book covers the history of denim and the rise in popularity of blue jeans in the United States and then around the world Ironically, I don t own a single pair of jeans Blue jeans were invented by Levi Strauss to give the gold miners in California something sturdy to wear It s one of those inescapable facts when living in the Bay Area So coming to this book as a Californian familiar with the history of denim and blue jeans, I was curious to see what was included in the book.After the initial story of Levi Strauss and the ways in which denim styles changed in response to the needs of different industries, the book settles into a comparison of different brands The brand centric latter half was less interesting than the early history.On the author s blog, she has a post about the cover art being changed in the United States Apparently the original cover showed the jeans down around the feet of a pair of hairy legs The U.S version, though, shows the jeans pulled up and torn and tattered as was the fashion when I was in high school.Read via NetGalley

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    Ever wondered about your jeans Not the ones that make up who you are but the ones that you wear on your bottom half of your body Are you doing a school project on Denim Tanya Lloyd Kyi gives children the lowdown on Denim from when it first originated to jeans and denim throughout the ages from the Wild Wild West where the cowboys roamed around in nothing but an open shirt no shirt at all and blue jeans to the times where jeans became fashion icons From the different types of jeans flares in the 60 s 70 s to ripped jeans in the rock ages to skinny jeans to straight legged jeans and of course the new popular item of clothing for girls jeggings these are denim looking tights.Told in both a comic book form and written format , the lowdown on Denim is one to keep you interested and follows the same formula as the Horrible Histories books by Terry Deary So next time your teacher assigns you a project about Jeans or Denim , Check out Tanya Lloyd Kyi s book which gives readers The 411 Lowdown on Denim.

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    This had lots of pretty interesting information, although nothing earth shattering It particularly seemed to suffer in the visual department, using only rather unattractive cartoon illustrations rather than bringing in some photographs or diagrams or primary source materials I thought the people were generally a little funny looking but distressingly didn t have much range of emotion The frames were rather busy and felt messy, like hey had been done quickly and without much care I liked the chapter on Indie labels quite a bit, since it added to the book but the sense of time gets lost could have used a timeline, as old fashioned as that might seem throughout the book I also somehow missed why they were called jeans, which is also disappointing Overall, it wasn t bad for a rather low budget production but if I had my choice I d probably go for something else instead.

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    This book was very informative, and I really enjoyed reading it I never knew that sagging pants came from convicts I loved how the author incorporated comics, pictures, and little pops of extra information, into the book This made it very enjoyable to read The Lowdown On Denim also opened up my eyes to where my jeans came from, and the possible conditions of their creation I m definitely going to check where they were made from now on.I d recommend this book to someone who is a fan of wearing denim How the author put JD and Shred in every comic really connects all the different ages of denim together.

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    This book was exactly what i excepted Full of info on how jeans become the craze they are today.What i didn t expected was that jeans used to be illegal in certain country because they were sinful and people would go to extremes like murder just for a pair of jeans.I thought the book was laid out in a entertaining way while giving key important fact that will stick in your head.I am not a big fan of the history of denim but overall this was a pretty good book

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    I liked this book but not a lot because i didn t understand some parts of the book it had some graphic pictures but it didn t really go into the page that it is on There was some interesting things about this book like how jeans were very popular and that everyone wore them, they were even banned from schools because they wore them too much Well, i didn t like it a lot but i still learned about jeans.

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    This was a good history of denim and jeans I liked the quirky narrative of the detention kids it added a bit of interest throughout the story The history was very brand specific, but did contain a lot of information I especially enjoyed the early history The later stuff didn t seem as detailed or as interesting.

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    I thought this book was educational then fun to read book about jeans It taught me about the history of jeans and it talked about the geography of jeans too I know it is hard to believe The author chose pictures that did not make sense with the information but overal, it was an okay book.

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    I didn t really like the book because it was kind of hard to understand at some points and also because it was just as i thought just facts about denim Overall this book is alright i wouldn t really recommend this to people because it was pretty boring.

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