The Ordinary Seaman

The Ordinary Seaman The Ordinary Seaman, The Second Novel From Acclaimed Writer Francisco Goldman Is A Lyrical And Spellbinding Story Of Hope, Despair, And The Promise Of Love The Ordinary Seaman Is Esteban, A Year Old Veteran Of The War In Nicaragua, Who Has Come To America With Other Men To Form The Crew Of The Urus Docked On A Desolate Brooklyn Pier, The Urus Is A Wreck, And The Men, Without The Means To Return Home, Become Its Prisoners Esteban, Haunted By The Loss Of His First Love In The War, Gradually Works Up The Courage To Escape The Ship And Start A New Life In The City His Story And Those Of His Shipmates Come To Life, Illuminating The Conflicts And Triumphs Of The Human Heart


[KINDLE] ❄ The Ordinary Seaman By Francisco Goldman –
  • Paperback
  • 398 pages
  • The Ordinary Seaman
  • Francisco Goldman
  • English
  • 23 December 2017
  • 9780802135483

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    This book I love this book It s horribly depressing but horribly romantic and often times funny and there are some killer, I mean KILLER, lines Gladly offer my love as a kind of national park where her neuroses can run protected and free And the story itself is unlike anything I ve ever read And it s written by a Latin Jew, and I mean, come on, we all know those are the two best kinds of writers.

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    La propuesta inicial que fue lo que me impuls a tomar la novela de la estanter a de la bilblioteca resulta atractiva y lo m s positivo que se puede decir del arte narrativo de Goldman es que por lo menos no insulta a los afectados, los marineros centroamericanos varados en una nave en ruinas en el puerto de Brooklyn Pero tampoco le hace justicia ni de lejos La charlataner a del g rrulo Goldman crea el mismo efecto que esos oradores que antes de contarte una an cdota potencialmente atractiva te explica primero un sinf n de antecedentes innecesarios y hechos paralelos que no interesan a nadie hasta que al final, cuando por fin entran en el meollo del asunto, ya no interesa lo m s m nimo y la charla ya resulta empachosa En ciertos foros autorizados y acad micos me imagino que resaltar n un sinf n de cualidades est ticas y literarias de Goldman No es mentira que, en ese sentido, se demuestra el conocimiento de no pocos recursos literarios, como ahora el manejo del tiempo narrativo En el polo opuesto, est claro que la elipsis no es precisamente la especialidad de la casa Pero todo eso queda relegado en un plano residual si se tiene en cuenta que, por encima de todo, leer cada una de sus p ginas provoca no poco aburrimiento y ganas de finalizar y saltar a una lectura m s jugosa Alguien podr a objetar que la narraci n es acerca de unos marineros inmovilizados en un puerto extranjero y que de ese modo se transfiere esa cualidad a la narraci n por tal de captar la atm sfera mental de la historia No veo que eso justifique la falta de imaginaci n, la caracterizaci n caricaturesca de los personajes, su humor bufo y el invencible empe o de detallar nader as Goldman nos pone al tanto de un cortado de pelo, de barbacoas, amor os sin sustancia y perfila al mil metro otras muchas escenas igual de banales para robarte el tiempo e inflar artificialmente una novela que podr a haber sido una estupenda novuelle Para colmo de males, la traducci n es torpe a m s no poder Sospecho que la mezcla entre lenguaje muy literario y modismos coloquiales mexicanos y nicarag enses no est bien lograda por parte de Goldman, pero Calzada logra que la mezcla chirr e hasta niveles irritantes.El primer d a que acog en casa al Marinero raso me entusiasm con Goldman, pero ya se me pas.

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    I first read Francisco Goldman s work The Long Night of White Chickens and The Art of Political Murder Who Killed the Bishop while researching Guatemala for my novel, The Taste of Ashes His writing is vivid and engaging full of sensory detail that leaves the diesel fumes of Guatemala City catching in the back of your throat His enthusiastic depictions of women are generous and brutally honest especially in the way he depicts the mysterious combination of selfishness and passion that create fascinating relationships Say Her Name depicts exactly this kind of relationship and plumbs the depth of his grief after his wife s sudden death.I came across The Ordinary Seaman in a lovely little used bookstore in Ingersoll Ontario near the beginning a cross country trip researching another novel It tells a story that s worth telling a group of Central American men with virtually no experience are hired to man a derelict container ship rusting in a New York City harbour Their subsequent abandonment by the terrifyingly incompetent owners and their lack of legal status in the US cuts them off from the world and they create their own village and call on their own resources to survive The people who work the international container ships do indeed live a precarious existence so we can get cheap, plastic junk and this book draws some attention to that.The two main characters Esteban, the young Nicaraguan who is fleeing the civil war after suffering the loss of his lover, and the aging Bernardo, a former ship waiter and one of two members of the crew with any experience at sea are wonderfully rich characters struggling to be honorable in an impossible situation Both are exuberant lovers of women, both care for the well being of their micro community and contribute as best they can While Goldman is a beautiful writer and tries to bring many points of view to the story, he sinks it under a surfeit of detail He tells the story from many different points of view and after a while it feels like a series of New Yorker articles strung together the assiduous and painstaking attention to micro matter an obstacle I could barely continue at times and must admit I skipped over bits especially when listening to the voices of the indulgent and deluded ship owners But I m glad I persevered because of Esteban, mostly What a character And Goldman s cameo as the Ship Visitor and the depiction of his own tumultuous relationship with what I can only image was his beloved Aura Estrada is interesting to read, especially knowing how he lost her.

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    Francisco Goldman is a brilliant writer The story is about Esteban a veteran of the Nicaraguan war and fifteen other Central American men who are hired to be the repair team and crew of a ship docked in the Brooklyn Harbor The ship is a wreck with no electricity or working plumbing, and after the men spend several months working to fix it up, the unscrupulous owners of the ship abandon them The men eke out a bleak existence, alone with their memories and stories Eventually, Esteban leaves the ship and embarks on a new life in New York City.However, as with many great books, there is going on here than just the plot The way Goldman weaves together the crew s stories, their separate pasts, and their shared present, is beautiful Goldman also touches on the nature of the illegal immigrant experience, the necessity of coming to terms with the past in order to enter the future, and the workings of human optimism and hope.Around the middle of the book, there is a gorgeous passage in which Goldman travels through the dreams and thoughts of each man as they fall asleep at night, and each dream or memory is about a woman from the man s past Goldman doesn t give the names of the men when he tells their thoughts, but by that time, I knew them all well enough that I could tell who each thought belonged to The aching beauty of those few pages has really stuck with me.

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    I never heard this story before And it all fits together so well men haunted by various things, living on a ghost ship with no legal standing in the U.S And the captain and first mate haunted in their own ways, too The Spanglish is interesting, funny even, and the voices feel real The characters are layered and believable, and I was drawn into their stories and hopes and dreams and failures.In some ways, it s a really depressing story of how difficult life can be, how mere survival is really ugly, and how people use other people for really very little and for no good reason On the other hand, it s a profoundly optimistic story even if the endeavor is a total loss, there s always scrap metal to make something new out of Not everyone gets this chance, of course, but as long as you re still alive, you can start over, you can remake yourself, you can find a way to be happy.

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    My sister Ines recommended this book, so I read it on a trip to Hawaii and while it was sort of hard to get into and say aloud without gigglingI m sorry, it s true , I would recommend it to anyone I really enjoyed it as a story of immigration and how people s lives move forward they fall in love, get sick, dream, regardless of their status, and impact the lives of others around them It s a great story that will hook you and reel you in and when you finish the book, the book will not be finished with you because you ll just keep thinking about the characters, the city, circumstances, etc Pick it up, people

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    In this book, Goldman seems a refined craftsman than with The Night of the White Chickens, and the sensitivity of his storytelling is keen Another novel that I love.

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    Melancholy and good.

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    I have had this book on my shelf for years, because I loved Goldman s 1992 The Long Night of White Chickens, which explored the Guatamalan civil war in which the US was so implicated The Ordinary Seaman, published in 1997, relates the story of a Nicaraguan crew stranded on a boat dry docked in Brooklyn, supposedly being upgraded to return to the sea The two main chracters, beautifully drawn, are a youth recovering from having served as a Sandinista in Nicaragua s civil war in which the US was so implicated , who bunks with an older man who knows what it is to serve food to upper class passengers on a functional vessel And the author s mastery extends to all the crew members, however little print space they occupy This book requires effort, soon rewarded down to the very last page Goldman is SO humane toward these men who, isolated by location, language and culture, would be hard to know otherwise Even the back stories of their exploiters, the Captain and First Mate, are told with compassion When, finally, the young Esteban, undocumented and in grief, takes on the challenge of Brooklyn itself, even my relief, as a reader, was palpable Suddenly, ensconced in a contained immigrant community on land, in addition to learning the fates and of the old man and the others, which is to be expected, I witnessed a surprising love story.For days after I finished this novel I was feeling and thinking in equal measure about the destinies of the two main characters What can be better than that when it comes to fiction

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    3.8 rather than a solid four

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