The Prosecution of Mr. Darcys Cousin (Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery #4)

The Prosecution of Mr. Darcys Cousin (Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery #4) Fitzwilliam Darcy Is Enjoying His Marital Bliss His Wife, The Former Elizabeth Bennet, Presented Him Two Sons And A World Of Contentment All Is Well Until Aggravation Rears Its Head When Darcy Receives A Note Of Urgency From His Sister Georgiana In Truth, Darcy Never Fully Approved Of Georgiana S Joining With Their Cousin, Major General Edward Fitzwilliam, For Darcy Assumed The Major General Held Georgina At Arm S Length, Dooming Darcy S Sister To A Life Of Unhappiness Dutifully, Darcy And Elizabeth Rush To Georgiana S Side When The Major General Leaves His Wife And Daughter Behind, With No Word Of His Whereabouts And No Hopes Of Edward S Return Forced To Seek His Cousin In The Slews Of London S Underbelly, At Length, Darcy Discovers The Major General And Returns Fitzwilliam To His Family Even So, The Darcy S Troubles Are Far From Over During The Major General S Absence From Home, Witnesses Note Fitzwilliam S Presence In The Area Of Two Horrific Murders When Edward Fitzwilliam Is Arrested For The Crimes, Darcy Must Discover The Real Culprit Before His Cousin Is Hanged For The Crimes And The Fitzwilliam Name Marked With Shame

Regina Jeffers, an award winning author of historical cozy mysteries, Austenesque sequels and retellings, as well as Regency era romances, has worn many hats over her lifetime daughter, student, military brat, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, tax preparer, journalist, choreographer, Broadway dancer, theatre director, history buff, grant writer, media literacy consultant, and author Living out

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  • The Prosecution of Mr. Darcys Cousin (Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery #4)
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  • 14 July 2018

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    I ve enjoyed this author s books in the past and it has been some time since I picked one up I couldn t resist the heady combo of historical mystery, sequel to Pride Prejudice, and a favorite fictional secondary character in Colonel Fitzwilliam.I didn t realize, but probably should have since I knew about them that this one is connected to a few previous books by the author I had not read all of them so had a few moments of wishing I had the backstory as a result I would suggest reading it after Christmas at Pemberley, The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy, and The Death of Mr Darcy The book begins when Georgiana Fitzwilliam sends for her brother, Fitzwilliam Darcy, because her husband General Fitzwilliam has disappeared Darcy brings along his family to first comfort Georgiana before heading to London to search out her erstwhile husband who left and doesn t want to be found.Darcy is hurt, angry, and left confused as to Fitzwilliam s actions He thought he understood the cost of war on his cousin, but learns the man did not heal through his return to peace and marriage With the help of others, Darcy is able to track down his cousin in a deplorable condition only to learn that the state of affairs is much worse than he imagined Fitzwilliam s unwillingness to cooperate are the least of it because now the man stands accused of brutal multiple murders Time is running out in the shadow of the hangman s noose.First and foremost, this is good storytelling and a cunning historical mystery I enjoyed the attention to historic detail when it came to the art of detection, the state of criminal law, and the situation of men come back from the war The mystery had complexity and the least of which was the ensuing courtroom drama.Of secondary interest for me were the connections to the Pride Prejudice characters Shocking, I know, to admit that Darcy, Lizzy, and Georgie are always fun to read about and they were in this one, but their ongoing story was swallowed up in something else for me.I read a lot of military romance including historical and contemporary so I tend to be very tender hearted about the wounded warriors This was the dynamic that was compelling Fitzwilliam s disconnect with family, their perception of him and his situation, and his own perception of all that even as something new must emerge from all this for the family.In this story, I found it a difficult thing to watch Fitzwilliam s family s anger, blame, and disappointment that he succumbed to the darkness inside him Darcy had him on a pedestal as did the rest of his family as a war hero and they had to come to terms with him being a mere man Broke my heart to watch The flip side was Fitzwilliam s own acceptance with his new reality which was even painful I felt the author treated this all so well.The original characters like the professional detective that was the family friend and even Anne s husband were a great inclusion I think I could read a whole series of books about the detective and his cases.The multiple bits of excitement near the end were the icing on the cake The drama and danger were just the right amounts I thought I had this one figured out and learned that I only had about half of it right.All in all, this was an engaging book both in the suspense and the character driven plot I heartily recommend it to Austenesque lovers and lovers of historical mysteries.

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    Sophia Rose s review says many things to which I would say ditto , i.e I have not read all the novels by Regina Jeffers which come before this one, although I have read 5 others by her You can read this as a standalone book but you must know of Jane Austen s PP to have some background knowledge There will be a time when I do get to read them This author does not disappoint As the book description tells you Darcy runs to his sister s aid when she cries for help as her husband, the Major General Fitzwilliam has disappeared Darcy has not let go of his role as big brother and guardian to Georgiana and that relationship is part of the development of this story But on the other side of the coin, Edward Fitzwilliam also has not been able to fully transform from his role as guardian to Georgiana to a full and open one as her husband, such as the type Darcy and Elizabeth enjoy.And as we are also told that in finding Fitzwilliam who has lost days during an attempt to drown memories in liquor but also in seeking to return to the battlefield where his nightmares can play out harmlessly they find that heinous crimes have been committed and there is circumstantial evidence pointing at the Major General He remembers nothing So he can t help in his own defense The author brings to our notice if you haven t been paying attention to news columns, magazine articles and other media the dire problem with PTSD, especially with men or women returning from battlefields The Major General has no therapist to talk to and keeps it all inside until it comes to a head in this story As aside That need to have someone to talk to gains particular attention at the end of the story when he meets a certain Navy man from another of JA s novels The story thus has two foci the charge against this man and how he will continue in his marriage, in his relationship with his wife IF he escapes the noose This murder mystery kept my attention but at times it was so tense, so angst ridden, I had to take a break for my own peace of mind We know to expect a HEA but things were not looking good Things were really, really bad There is so much happening that you will find yourself holding your breath as one crime is prevented we learn that its stoppage now has the domino effect to put others in mortal danger and, if that is not enough there is a third consequence if the good guys step in and seem to win Who will Darcy and his posse chose to save The author also gives us a look at the British legal system during this period and at the end of this book cites various research from which she took her facts The crimes described within are not for the faint of heart they are bloody and vile and use a nursery rhyme as their structure.This is an excellent well written story which gives us mystery and mayhem than actual romance so be prepared Darcy and Elizabeth do have their moments when they can find time.

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    Check out my review on

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    Angst Lots of angst An almost predictable ending but I am not complaining about any Col Fitzwilliam as a main character book out there Not me Great writing, E was fabulous

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    5 stars for this PP inspired murder mystery I really enjoyed reading this book and was surprised by the twists and turns in the plot The historical perspective was captivating and the Darcy family and their relationships were well balanced throughout the booksweet dialogue and the adorable Bennett Darcy made it an even better read

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    This was a most unusual variation sequelto Pride and Prejudice It uses PTSD asan important plot element and it is quitewell done Just coincidentally, I also justrecently read a volume of short stories about the war in Iraq and it was the first time Iever thought of the Napoleonic Wars interms of the trauma sustained.

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    An excellent murder mystery For someone who usually sees mysteries solved in a one hour tv show including commercials , I was pleased to read a well organized, authentic tale of justice almost denied I found myself totally captivated by the characters, the plot and the historic authenticity that the author invested in a book I literally could not put down even if it took than one hour to solve.Should the characters be part of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice I m sure I am showing some limitation but I probably would not have read this book if it didn t have the PP connection Ms Jeffers continued the story of Darcy and Elizabeth and showed them five years into their marriage I m pleased to say that I enjoyed meeting their two year old son, who claimed a bit of the overall story to himself Georgiana was there, having married Darcy s cousin, war hero Major General Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam s parents also added their bit.Regardless, it is a good mystery without the PP family I just don t read that many mysteries Despite this personal limitation of mine, the plot is well organized Further, just when you think you ve solved the mystery, you ll be wrong and have to rethink the details This will happen than once.On the matter of authenticity, I would bet the farm on anything written by Regina Jeffers She is a thorough and painstaking researcher She regularly publishes articles on a wide variety of English topics, ranging from the historic value of the British pound, fashions, military history and I felt completely confident of the history and culture woven into the story.I absolutely recommend this book to you If you re a big mystery fan who doesn t know the Pride and Prejudice side, you ll still be reading a first rate mystery If you re a fan of Jane Austen, welcome to the world of life turned upside down by unsolved mysteries It will take than one hour, but I know that I couldn t put it down

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    I really like this book I believe I liked it than the previous one It touched on PTSD in the aftermath of war and how it could present in the regency period I loved that Fitzwilliam was not perfect here and through his trying to outrun his personal demons he caused himself trouble Plus we had a very different look at Georgiana I liked seeing Cowan again as well as seeing Matlock and his relationship with the Countess If there is another one of these pp mysteries, I will definitely read it.

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    I enjoy reading well written historicals I enjoy solving mysteries and finding the clues to justice in a story When the well developed characters in a book include strong, intelligent women AND men who respect them, a book is even rewarding This book has all that and The parallels in this case, along with the twists and deception, held my interest to the last page.This is the first book in this series that I have read but I am looking forward to starting this series and related books by this author from the beginning.

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    I really enjoyed this variation A few years have passed, Darcy and Elizabeth have children and Georgiana has grown up into a mature woman, she has also married Colonel Fitzwilliam All is happiness and then things start to spiral out of control.It is a thoughtful account of what happens to someone who has been to war and the problems arising from it and the family bonds.I do like Regina Jeffers stories and long may they continue.

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