The Scorpio Man

The Scorpio Man Librarian S Note See Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBNHereWas It Wrong To Want To Make Love Again Four Years Had Passed Since The Death Of Cherry S Husband, And She D Remained Faithful To His Memory No Other Man Had Interested Her Until She Moved To London And Became Secretary To The Dynamic Leon SilverShe Was Deeply Attracted To Him And He Knew It, And Confusion And Guilt Overwhelmed Her How Long Could She Resist His Repeated Attempts To Seduce Her And, Over, Did She Want To Resist What Was Happening To Her Self Control What Was Happening To Her Self Respect

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Scorpio Man book, this is one of the most wanted Claudia Jameson author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➶ The Scorpio Man  ➽ Claudia Jameson –
  • Paperback
  • 189 pages
  • The Scorpio Man
  • Claudia Jameson
  • English
  • 21 December 2017
  • 9780373108176

10 thoughts on “The Scorpio Man

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    This was okay The heroine was annoying and the hero was an arrogant pain in the a I found neither character very likable These two fought from start to finish I know this was an attempt to show them fighting their attraction, but it just gave me a headache I ve read other books by this author and enjoyed them I was surprised and disappointed in this one.

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    Re Scorpio Man So if we go by CJ s HPlandia astrology we can presume there are only three signs available for an HP H Leo, Capricorn and Scorpio h s seem to fall into only two Pisces and Cancer with maybe an Aquarian or two No offence to anyone in the real world but the other signs never seem to get a look in.This story starts with a virgin Pisces h who was widowed on her wedding day and a suitably enigmatic, jealously possessive Scorpio H who becomes her new boss The relationship starts out with the usual I hate you cause I really want you vibe and we do get a bit of H POV in this one too Mainly for the H to point out that the h drives him crazy The H has a nice country home and twin daughters he is a widower as well but not a virgin and as the h gets to know him and then she gradually acknowledges she is falling in love Then the penny drops when the daughters inform her that the H is marrying another, sophisticated woman The h is definitely feeling the pangs of love and lust and this only increases when the H hauls her off for the Big African Seduction Scene, and yes he does name it just like that There is wild animals, the beauty of the savanna and H does his best to make it an experience to remember Just as he is ready for the big finale, the h comes to her senses and runs away This frustrates the H, but he finally figures out that she is still a virgin he plots some temptation but the h is firm in her refusal After a bit of thought and OW scrutiny the h decides to toss in the towel on the relationship and quit her job, she can t be around him when he marries another woman This sends the H into another paroxysm of jealousy and rage and he storms the country side between Wales and London to hunt her down and MAKE her marry him It was actually kind of funny, CJ exaggerates all those traditional Scorpio and Pisicean character traits to illuminate her characters His mum is like why don t you just ask her to marry you Anyhows, he finally catches up to her and is at first angry and demanding until she starts throwing tea cups about his forthcoming and nonexistent marriage then he knows he is home free and he laughs at her The OW proposed to him and he turned her down Hmm she might have been a Capricorn, cause apparently she proposed a marriage like a business merger The h relents in the teacup assault as the H decides to accept her resignation in favor of a career as his wife They wind up declaring their mutual love and affection towards each other and then decide to cast themselves ashore on the transcendent shores of passion with the stars of HPlandia shining down.Overall this one is cute, with some nice tension and nobody was too idiotic The astrology aspect really worked as far as characterization and I had some good chuckles over the things the h did that drove the H crazy this is probably the first HP where the h s quirks were used to ensnare the H in the astrological web of lurve but it was cute and apparently Scorpio s are fascinated by the drama well at least one was in this book, and that was fortunate since the h was totally in awe of such a passionately commanding yet secretive H.

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    Interesting story of a young widow falling for her boss It held my interest The boss was a little hard to figure out where exactly he was coming from He wasn t mean but he wasn t nice He wanted her but you weren t real sure exactly when and why etc Well written and interesting scenes in the middle when they went to Africa on work and he tried to create a wonderful experience for her Not a great deal of angst but it was worth reading.

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    You know this book featured one of those annoying heroine s who had a habit of jumping to conclusion and a silent type hero who didn t make things clear even though his feelings were clear to us.She lost her husband on her wedding day almost four year ago and her parents feels she should move forward, so she takes a new job and that is where she meets her the hero She has this hate relationship going on with him, which she deduces later is because she is attracted him.She falls for him of course but hides it because she thinks he has a girlfriend, so she gives in and then backs away and this kind of keeps going on Even when he tells her he loves her at his twin daughter s party she thinks he is lying.I kinda found her high strung and dunno the book kind of annoyed me.

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    This is an office setting romance The heroine is a virgin widow who hasn t moved on The hero is a widower with twin girls There is a lot of page space devoted to the inner workings of the office and how they work together Not high drama, but interesting There s a fun granny who explains that since the hero is a Scorpio and the heroine is a Pisces, they belong together There s a trip to Kenya and an OW to round it all out.

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    The Scorpio Man3.5 StarsA typical Harlequin romance from the 1980s with a heroine who is constantly jumping to conclusions, and a hero who is incapable of expressing his feelings and goes about shouting and blustering instead That said, Leon and Cherry have great chemistry and their love hate relationship combined with the office romance trope make for some entertaining reading It is just a pity that their eventual consummation scene fades to black

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    This one started nicely Reminded me of the Midnight secretary so my expectations rose Then it all fell apart Boring characters, boring story, boring everything.

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    Okudu um en g zel Harlequinlerden biriydi bence irket a klar na kar ayr bir zaaf m vard r zerine bur lar da eklenince ok keyif ald m DHer ey anne ve babas n n srar yla Cherry nin yeni bir i i in Londona gelmesiyle ba lar ve irketin patronu ile aras nda hi de g z ard edilemeyecek ekim ba lar.Ger i ilk zamanlar her ikisi de bunu inkar eder zellikle Leon k z m za kar fazla sert davran r.K z da neye u rad n a r r.Sonra onu yak ndan tan maya ba lamas onun k zlar evet Leon eskiden evliydi ve imdi de iki k z babas bir dul ve astrolojiyle kafas n bozmu b y kannesi ile tan mas i leri bir bak ma ilerletir ama yine de k z m z n ekinceleri vard r.Leon ise t m bunlar y kmaya kararl d r.Tam her ey harika m kemmel gidiyor ve bir i gezisinde baya yak nla m ken araya giren yaln anla malar ve zerine de k z m z n bakire kmas D Tabii benim gibi Leon da a r r stelik k z n dul olmas g z n ne al nd nda D Neyse uzun laf n k sas okurken baya bir keyif ald m g zel bir kitapt

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    I really liked this novel The heroine had been through so much for being so young and the hero was close to the same I loved how the sparks bounced off each other It kept me entertained every step of the way.

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    one of the most annoying heroines.

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