The Sins of the Wolf

The Sins of the Wolf This was nicely dramatic Hester is accused of murdering a patient, and Monk and Rathbone desperately try to find evidence that will clear her Much of the action takes place in Edinburgh.The author is still quite repetitious, although I m trying to be forgiving since I m reading these books close together, which amplifies the problem.The murder mystery itself was interesting, but I think the author got a little carried away with the finale there are multiple dramatic revelations, any one of which would have made for a sufficient ending.We have progress on the Monk Hester romance They share a tender moment, when they think they re about to die. This is 5 in the Inspector Monk series, and the most impressive I ve read yet The plot is very complex and the storyline is tight throughout The Perry hallmarks are here murder, most foul, coupled with a fascinating comparison of the interaction between the upper class and the lower class in Victorian times.Hester takes a position as a traveling companion nurse for an old lady from Edinburgh who wants to take the train down to London to talk to her daughter, who is about to give birth and has some unknown concern about it All goes well until the train gets to London and Hester discovers that her patient is deceased, but things go worse a few hours later when she discovers that her bag contains an item of her patient s jewelry that she happens to know was not included on the trip Hester gets blamed for the death, which turns out to be murder Rathbone instantly aggress to defend her and sends Monk to Edinburgh to look for evidence Everyone in the seven member family is suspect, of course, as well as some of the servants, so he has to investigate very carefully The story then becomes complex when a legal decision is made that Hester must be tried in Edinburgh, since the poisoning presumably occurred in Scotland, and Rathbone can only serve as an adviser to her Scottish counsel.As usual, Perry managed to confuse me enough that I decided on just about every suspect except the correct one, and the only consolation I have is that Hester and Monk clearly were just as confused as I was The denouement is riveting, when all the carefully described facets come together into a realization of who did what to whom, and why. Nurse Hester Latterly Finds Herself Well Suited For The Task Accompany Mrs Mary Farraline, An Elderly Scottish Lady In Delicate Health, On A Short Train Trip To London Yet Hester S Simple Job Takes A Grave Turn When Mrs Farraline Dies During The Night And When A Postmortem Examination Of The Body Reveals A Lethal Dose Of Medicine, Hester Is Charged With Murder Punishable By ExecutionThis Notorious Case Presents Detective William Monk With A Daunting Task Find A Calculating Killer Among The Prominent And Coolly Unassailable Farraline Clan And Try To Save Hester From The Gallows It s been too long since I read Dante s Inferno so the title didn t mean anything to me After I read the book, I looked up the reference and learned that it refers to Upper Hell being for sins of Incontinence essentially lack of control , which he calls the Sins of the Wolf That didn t add anything to my enjoyment of the book, but it s nice to know It seems to me there are several characters in the book who demonstrate such a way of acting, though we don t learn who is the guilty one until the very end of the book which moves slowly at times Most of the book deals with Hestor Latterly, who is first accused of theft and then murder I enjoyed the courtroom scenes Hestor And Monk are still struggling with how to define their relationship. There are only a few books in the world worthy of me staying up till 3 AM to finish This book was one if them.IM FREAKING OUT OK That was perfect PERFECT Every detail, every moment, was careful and planned and yet totally unexpected What even. All I really need to say about this book is I finished it, went straight to the computer, and ordered books by Anne Perry Although I ve read other books by her in the past, this really is a humdinger interesting, complex characters, a really puzzling plot, lots of surprises, and a real sense of danger. This book was given to me by a friend Sue upon the recommendation of another friend Alison I have some stress over this book, now, because I enjoyed this murder mystery by Anne Perry so much, I will have to find time to read all of the other books in the William Monk Mystery Series Set in Victorian Great Britain, Anne Perry does an excellent job of bringing us into another era and place and engaging us with intriguing characters The plot twists and turns At times a bit over the top in description, but such an enjoyable read For any who have not already read William Monk novels, I would not recommend this one as a starting point I wish I had read the first book, Death of a Stranger There are many references in the story to past cases and the personal issues William Monk, Hester Latterly, and Oliver Rathbone that were developed in earlier novels I think that my reading experience would have been even richer if I had read at least the first novel Agatha Christie is still my favorite mystery writer, but Anne Perry has given me a second to enjoy. Still a good series This is another Victorian mystery in which the family is probably the likeliest to have killed the victim, but it does take a while and a few rabbit trails to close in on who it is I found the ending satisfactory, and I am hoping that the relationship between Monk and Hester has turned a corner of sorts not romance, but at least an end to hostilities.Apart from the writing, I found this book to be poorly edited Grammar mistakes, using the wrong name for someone, and not keeping the staging correct first they are standing, then sitting, then they sit down wait, weren t they already sitting A previous reader of my library book even marked a page or two noting an error It just trips you up when you are reading and pulls you out of the story I would think a writer of Ms Perry s stature would be worthy of better editors. 4.5 stars The best in this great series so far Loved the focus on Hester in this book She really is an amazing character admirable strength and independence especially during Victorian times, an era where women s rights were basically non existent Monk s gruffness throughout a good part of the story did get a bit tiresome but he still is an interesting character as well as and of his lost memories come back to him The set up to the storyline in this one was excellent page turning and compelling The conclusion to this gripping mystery lost its way a bit though with one or two too many, family secrets revealed in the end. I love historical fiction and I always enjoy a decent mystery, so Anne Perry is always a solid choice for some rainy day reading This is one of a series of books about a Victorian detective William Monk with complete identity amnesia He has had a terrible accident and he no longer knows his name, his job or his relatives acquaintances Throughout the series, he gradually rediscovers himself and who he was In this book, his friend well, in a manner of speaking Hester, a nurse who served in the Crimea, is accused of murdering her patient Monk then frantically tries to discover the real murderer before she is found guilty and executed.The quality of the writing is good definitely a cut above the average for the genre Perry s prose is solid and fits with the Victorian setting, without becoming overly flowery, and her attention to historical detail makes the book feel really authentic This authenticity also spills over into her characters, who are a good bit subtle than the kind of stereotypes that inhabit your average detective novel The mysteries are seamlessly interwoven with their lives and their reactions to the crimes they face are natural and well depicted Their relationships with each other are also well developed, with the protagonists, Hester and Monk, alternating between convoluted arguments and lovely little moments of odd tenderness The downside is that these books tend to be fairly formulaic There s the murder, the beginning of the investigation, the initial arrest, the court case, and then the verdict or the big reveal, or both, not necessarily in that order It can get wearing at times, but the interactions of the characters and the enjoyable plot twists than make up for it.

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  • The Sins of the Wolf
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