The Small-Town Pagans Survival Guide

The Small-Town Pagans Survival Guide Are You Living In Or Moving To A Small Community And Wondering How You Ll Fit In, Connect With Other Pagans, And Live Your Beliefs In Peace This Wonderfully Unique Book Is Filled With Ways To Nourish Your Pagan Soul In Small Towns, Suburbs, And Any Place Outside The City Limits Along With Bronwen Forbes Own Experiences, Pagans From Close Knit Communities Across The Country Offer Hard Won Wisdom And Advice On All Aspects Of Staying True To Yourself And Your Spirituality Starting A Coven Or Study Group Getting Along With Non Pagan Neighbors How To Find And Make Ritual Tools Celebrating The Sabbats Home Decoration Dating Non Pagans Following Pagan Etiquette When And How To Reveal Your Beliefs Raising Pagan ChildrenAfter Reading The Book, Join The Discussion Online At Groupsyahoo Group Smalltownpagans, Where You Can Make Enriching Connections The Small Town Pagan s Survival GuideBronwen ForbesLlewellyn, 2011 16.95Paganism in all of its many forms causes many practitioners difficulties in their day to day lives, much of it stemming from the ignorance of non Pagans So it seems logical that a book on how to walk a Pagan spiritual path without annoying others would be a great addition to any Pagan library I was concerned that this book was going to go to one extreme or the other That it would either be a guide to blending seamlessly into small town life by keeping your faith a secret, or that it might advocate an in your face, who gives a hoot attitude toward closed minded individuals similar to the We re here and queer attitude formerly embraced by some homosexuals Thankfully I was wrong The author does a great job giving practical advice to Pagans on how to stay spiritually strong while not annoying the Joneses next door It s a great balance of both of these without asking the practitioner to be something s he is not.The best selling point for me was the interviews with Pagans, which form the foundation of the work While most of the 50 survey respondents would not allow their answers to be quoted, 23 of them consented to the use of their names and quotes from survey interviews, sometimes on specific topics It s one thing for an author with lots of experience to provide insights, but you re still only getting one perspective, one opinion Forbes study of journalism she finished a bachelor s in journalism during the time she was working on this book comes into play here as she gives quotes that are contradictory in many cases I was surprised at the breadth of the topics discussed, which included ritual etiquette, altars and other tools and how to find them without a Pagan store close by, which can be a problem for many small town practitioners how to someone you re dating about your spiritual path, and attending Pagan festivals In some ways, it s as much a guide to the Pagan world as it is to the mundane one For me, a Witch who has never attended a Pagan festival, I would definitely feelcomfortable doing so after reading this book While a lot of the material was eye opening for me, the most valuable portion of the book was the section about starting your own coven, something that many Pagans consider at one point or another, and the rewards and dangers of doing so It is not an easy path to walk, and Forbes presents the reality of the situation clearly As I grow into a leadership role in my own Pagan community, I will definitely keep her words in mind.Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with this book, and I m suggesting it to many people in my community Even those who have been walking a Pagan path for a long time will find some interesting tidbits along the way What was gratifying to me was the unity that the book conveys in such a balanced way That even though we may be in small towns or big cities, we face many of the same challenges as practicing Pagans I know I will be referring to it often, and plan to keep it handy. My previous experience with books like The Small Town Pagan s Survival Guide How to Thrive in Any Community hasn t been positive For the most part the authors are pedantic, convinced that their way is the right way even while giving lip service to tolerance , and very much concentrated on traditional families with small children The tone reminds me of sitting with graduate students, discussing what s wrong with the world and how if only their advice was followed all would be well.From page 1 Introduction I was intriguedFor the purposes of this book, if you think you are a Pagan, you areWhat a very tolerant, non dogmatic statement I also liked the assertion that if you think you live in a small town, then you do Small town, I have found, isabout an attitude than size.The author, Bronwen Forbes, draws on her personal experiences living in cosmopolitan cities, suburban towns, small rural towns, and geographically isolated areas An active Pagan organizer, she met and talked with Pagans of many different belief systems and locations Forbes conducted a survey of Pagans living in small communities covering several years She quotes liberally from 50 of those surveys, as well as personal and phone interviews, to give the reader a variety of differing viewpoints and experiences on which to base personal decisions She also provided a Yahoo group so isolated Pagans could network.As a child, and later wife, in a military family, I moved frequently during my childhood and young adulthood Learning to fit into new environments, although never easy, became second nature to me and my sisters and children A Catholic, Jewish, Moslem, or Hindi family might have some of the same issues Those who don t move around much will find that some of the suggestions would serve anyone well who moves to a new area The suggestions include such simple ideas as being a good neighbor and getting involved in community activities.A good portion of the book covers how to reach out to other Pagans, form associations not necessarily a coven , and build a positive image in the local community Of particular interest, because it s not often addressed in print, is the section on Pagan manners Forbes goes beyond the simple Don t Out Others to address what to expect at Pagan gatherings, handling personal tools, and what social gaffes to avoid when meeting others.What impressed me most was Forbes approachable style of writing It s humorous without being satirical, scholarly without pedantry, and knowledgeable without being overbearing.It s really tragic that Bronwyn Forbes died suddenly of a heart attack in the Spring of 2011 She may have grown to be one of our most influential writers in the modern pagan movement Especially considering today s mobile society, The Small Town Pagan s Survival Guide How to Thrive in Any Community contains many gems not only for Pagans of all persuasions, but of anyone who professes a less than mainstream spirituality and who find themselves changing communities for whatever reason. I loved the author s conversational writing style, very down to earth open Right off the bat she says that for the purposes of the book, if you think you re pagan, you are, and if you think you live in a small town, you do, regardless of population numbers She shows how one can be a pagan in a town where there s seemingly nowhere to buy ritual supplies, how one can start a pagan night out, discussion group, or coven in one s area, how to get along with the locals whether you were raised locally or are a transplant , and all while including frequent tips tidbits from survey respondents who live in small towns across the US Highly recommend this book

Bronwen Forbes died April 10th, 2011 from a heart attack She was undergoing chemotherapy for inflammatory breast cancer and it is believed that the chemo drugs were a major contributing factor in her death She was only 48 and left behind her husband Alex and their kindergarten aged daughter Rose.Forbes wrote articles for Circle Magazine and WitchVox that were warm and witty she blogged on LiveJ

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