The Solicitors Son (Serendipity #3)

The Solicitors Son (Serendipity #3) Romance, clean series, but stand alone read This was a lovely, heartfelt, honest read Characters that genuinely cared about each other, and with strength of character and conviction, and deep compassion and caring, helped their loved grow even as they prepared to sacrifice all A childhood friendship, that melded their hearts as adults Lovely details, complex situation, and beautiful MC with courage and conviction, that made for a lovely read Both of their maturation as characters leading to their final resolution was subtle and beautifully told.More of a 3.5 for me as a reader, but a lovely read Hugh and Sophie s story, with so many obstacles, was so lovely, heartfelt and poignantly beautiful. A Regency that really stands out from all the rest Regency s seem to be really popular right now, which is great for fans of the genre, but can also be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which to read I love that Ms Anderson really takes the time to develop her characters and the writing is always spot on I know when I grab one of her books I will always get a great story I ve really enjoyed the Serendipity series and have been looking forward to reading Sophia s story for quite a while now With her family estate in jeopardy, family pressure, she is left with little choice but to marry I liked Sophia, she was easy to root for, she came across as believable and relatable I also really enjoyed Hugh s character, we get some of his POV I wouldn t have minded and their interactions are always full of emotion and draws you in I love a good forbidden love story and these two by society s standards shouldn t even be friends I loved their friendship and felt that connection between them early on It was fun to see how their story unfolds We also get to catch up with characters from the previous books which is always nice Overall, a very pleasant, sweet regency I enjoyed the summer house party aspect and being away from the busy London season Fun setting, good characters and well written Would recommend to any regency fan Content G Clean romance, no language At The End Of Her Third Season, Miss Sophia Gifford Is Firmly On The Shelf She S Determined To Accept Her Current Suitor A Man She Likes But Cannot LoveWhen Her Sister Decides To Throw An Impromptu Summer House Party, Sophia Reluctantly Agrees To Help What She Doesn T Realize Is That Her Sister Has Plans Of Her Own Plans That Would Bring A Certain Childhood Friend Back Into Sophia S Life It S Been Nearly A Decade Since Sophia Has Seen Hugh Quinton He S Grown Into A Handsome, Charming, And Successful Yet Completely Unacceptable Tradesman Her Mother Looks Down On Him, Her Father Detests Him, And Society Would Snub Him In An Instant Sophia Shouldn T Even Consider Him But Her Heart Won T Listen To Reason, And Before Long, She Finds Herself Wondering How Much She Is Willing To Sacrifice For Love I like this third book as much as I like book 1 Maybe because Prudence is back but also because it is as humorous as book 1.And who does not want to know what fate has befallen Sophia after reading book 1 and had a glimpse of her early teenage love who she can remember clearly after so many years It is Sophia third season and she decides that she will do her best with her suitors She has spent two seasons feeling not so inclined but not this season She will choose someone she likes but may never love to marry That is why when Pru throws an impromptu summer house party, Sophia invites her suitor, a gentleman Her mother also invites one she considers a better husband for her daughter, a Marquess.What is a shock to Sophia is when her old dearest friend Hugh also comes to the party.He is invited by Knave to help managing Sophia s dad estate Pru tells her later on that Hugh only comes because he wants to help Sophia As much as he hates Sophia s dad of his ill treatment towards his father many years ago, he is aware that the downfall of the estate will be Sophia s burden Her old feelings for Hugh come back to her but as much as she wants and shows her feeling, Hugh seems to step back from her approach Not because he does not like her but because of their different world.Marrying Hugh means uprooting Sophia from her world and she may be cast away by the ton and will not be able to enter any social events for her class Hugh will never want such fate to befallen the woman he loves. I love this series I actually want to go back and reread the two previous books in the series, as all of the characters are brought back together in this one This is Sophia s story and it is a beautifully sweet, clean read She really blossoms into her own person throughout the story We get to see her grow in her own self confidence and in her relationships with her close friends and family Hugh is the epitome of what it means to be an honourable gentleman in principle if not in actuality I loved the flashbacks that we get to see of the early interactions with him and Sophia as childhood friends I don t want to give away any spoilers but suffice it to say that I loved the character development for all of the characters in this story Except for Lord D but I believe this is the intent.I can definitely recommend this story to anyone who enjoys clean Regency romance with a feel good, happy ending My thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC of this book This in no way influenced my review All thoughts and opinions are my own. An uplifting book that I adored Book 3 of the Serendipity series has characters from the previous books, however, not having read them yet myself, I can assure you that it is a very capable standalone Hugh Sophie are a perfect match, except that they can t be together because they are from 2 different social classes Sophie is stuck considering other would be suitors instead Ironically, Hugh is a tradesman, and yet of a gentleman than the aristocrat gentleman pursuing her.Despite some blemishes in historical accuracy for example, a lady would never say blast or blunt , only someone of the lower classes would use such crude language , the story is well written The likeable, tight knit group of friends family is both amusing heart warming And Hugh manages to be both honorable swoony at the same time.My understanding is that few, if any, men of that period would be willing to work under a woman, those few that did would most likely be seeking to take advantage of her financially she would definitely have needed Lord Bradden to back her up, but it s a fun idea to think about.My favorite part was definitely the marriage proposal Clean romance level sweet kisses Religion some minor, barely noticeable references that only a Richard Dawkins groupie could object to I think this is my favorite in the series Sophie and Hugh were friends when they were teenagers and her parents didn t approve that friendship on account of him being the solicitor s son In fact, her father spread false rumors about Hugh s father and ruined his professional reputation to the point they had to move and start over.Years later, and after three seasons without prospects, Sophie is ready to settle for a man she doesn t love but enjoys his company But then her sister throws a house party and Hugh is there, having actually been asked by Sophie s brother in law to look in the state of financial affairs of his father in law Sophie s dad When Sophie and Hugh rekindle their friendship, they very much realize their old feelings for the other are still there Well written and good cast of secondary characters Highly recommend This series can only be enjoyed if you throw out the actual social s and values of the time period that these take place They are clearly written from a modern perspective That s okay with me since if books are too accurate to that day they can be frustrating but many people want at least some accuracy to the portrayal of the day This book is true to the rest of the series and is best enjoyed by a modern perspective.There was a lot of longing in this one and I wanted to just push these two together already I was not feeling as patient as usual with this couple because they so clearly were in love but refused to do anything about it for most of the book That s the biggest nod to the time period because the hero is a tradesmen and the heroine upper class and in that time they did not marry The book is a clean romance as is the norm for this author. Charming CharactersThis story is so sweet, so gentle The characters are charming and I liked them immensely This story was easy to fall into and very enjoyable Sweet, clean romance. I ve really enjoyed Rachael Anderson s Serendipity series The first is one of my absolute favorite books, and I also enjoyed the second book as well, so it was wonderful to finally get Sophia s story, especially as I ve been wishing for her happily ever since the events that transpired in My Sister s Intended Hugh and Sophia were both such sweet, kind, and good people who are truly a perfect match I adored watching them fall right back into their easy friendship, relive the memories of their childhood friendship, engage in their delightful banter, and watch them overcome the obstacles keeping them apart Hugh was an especially fantastic hero one who was not only thoroughly charming, but one who selflessly served and sacrificed for Sophia for her overall happiness, even if he didn t believe he could ever have her For Sophia s part, she experienced some wonderful growth before achieving her happily ever after I admit I grew a bit frustrated by her not taking charge of her own romance and confessing her feelings to Hugh earlier, but then I suppose the proposal scene later would have played out much differently, and considering that s one of my favorite parts of the book, I suppose I can forgive her, even though it was still rather frustrating at the time What hindered my overall enjoyment and this may be a potential spoiler is that the book contained a subplot that dealt with a personal trigger of mine I find it heartbreaking when widowers or widows forget their first love in order to move on and fall in love with another I know it sounds rather naive and childish of me to be hung up on such a thing and perhaps I have an overly romanticized view of things in wanting romantic love especially my own to be so special as to exist only between one couple forever but regardless I m still very sensitive to that And while I really liked Catherine and wanted her happiness, I just..was bothered she chose to move on from her first husband who still possessed her heart and remarry I know that just because that s my worst nightmare in my own romance doesn t mean I should begrudge others making a different choice especially fictional characters , but I m sensitive to it regardless This is definitely my own personal opinion I doubt this will bother anyone else Despite disliking that particular subplot, I still thoroughly enjoyed The Solicitor s Son Rachael Anderson is a gifted writer who writes such wonderful romances I m thoroughly looking forward to whatever Regency series she has in store for us next.

A USA Today bestselling author of clean romance, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms She can t sing, doesn t dance, and despises tragedies But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.

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