The Sultan's Harem

The Sultan's Harem From The Author Of The Critically Acclaimed When We Were Gods Comes A Dramatic, Unforgettable Novel Of Cruelty And Passion Set In The Great Harem Of The Ottoman EmpireIn Constantinople There Is Only One Ruler Sultan Suleyman The Magnificent, Lord Of Lords Of This World, Possessor Of Men S Necks, Allah S Deputy, Absolute Ruler Of The Mighty Ottoman Empire And At The Heart Of His Palace Is The Sultan S Vast Harem, The Domain Of Hundreds Of Scented, Pampered Women Some Wives, Some Concubines, Some Merely Slaves Among Them Is Gulbehar, The Sultan S Submissive Favorite And Mother Of His Heir Julia, The Daughter Of An Italian Lord, Kidnapped When She Attempted To Flee Venice With Her Lover And H Rrem, A Tartar Girl From The Russian Steppes, Sold Into Slavery All Three Women Are Beautiful, But H Rrem Is The Most Dangerous Ruthless In Her Desire To Rule The Harem And, Ultimately, Suleyman Himself Endlessly Manipulative And Clever, She Carefully Arranges The Downfall Of Her Rivals And Endears Herself To The Sultan, Which Places Her At The Center Of The Empire S Power It Is His Obsession With H Rrem Not His Enemies That Costs Suleyman His Allies, His Sons, And Finally His DynastyBestselling Author Colin Falconer Offers An Irresistible Glimpse Into A World Of Intrigue, Sensuality, And Violence, Where An Empire Can Be Controlled Not By The Might Of Its Ruler, But By The Women Hidden Behind The Harem Walls

I write crime fiction and historical fiction I ve published twenty six novels so far, and been lucky enough to have them translated into 23 languages Real ones too, not just Esperanto and cockney rhyming slang My favourite character is DI Charlie George, who you may have met if you ve read Lucifer Falls Charlie was originally named after our two spaniels, Charlie and George Charlie is the ext

[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Sultan's Harem By Colin Falconer –
  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • The Sultan's Harem
  • Colin Falconer
  • English
  • 26 November 2019
  • 9780609610305

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    Yabanc bir yazar n g z yle H rrem e bakmak i in tercih etti im bir romand Kitab n dili ve slubu fena de ildi.Kurmaca bir hikaye olarak da had m Abbas ve Venedikli julia n n a k dahil edilmi ti entrikalar panay r na H rslar yla var olan H rrem in roman.

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    The Sultan s Harem, Colin FalconerIn Constantinople there is only one ruler Sultan S leyman the Magnificent, Lord of Lords of this World, Possessor of Men s Necks, Allah s Deputy, absolute ruler of the mighty Ottoman Empire And at the heart of his palace is the Sultan s vast Harem, the domain of hundreds of scented, pampered women some wives, some concubines, some merely slaves Among them is G lbehar, the Sultan s submissive favorite and mother of his heir Julia, the daughter of an Italian lord, kidnapped when she attempted to flee Venice with her lover and H rrem, a Tartar girl from the Russian steppes, sold into slavery 2009 1376 700 9644071034 1385 900 974 1496 1566 20 300 .

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    I don t know much about this time period, or the Ottoman empire, but this book certainly pulled me in from the beginning This is the story of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his harem, specifically about 1 of his slave girls from his harem and how she rose to have so much power I m sure no one knows exactly what she was like in real life, but in this book she was vile Just a really vindictive and mean person, but I think that s why I couldn t stop reading this bookbecause I just had to know what this woman was going to do next There was another side story going on the book that was just as interesting, at least to me, because it involved the chief eunuch in the harem, and that one was a bit sad.I hadn t read a Falconer book in a long timesince his Cleopatra book many years ago, which I also enjoyed But I have a few of them sitting in my kindle and I am definitely going to be moving them up the queue.Recommended for historical fiction fans.4 5 stars

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    God help me in my sorrow That phrase was oft repeated in this book, and it pretty much sums up my feelings for it.Two main issues 1 The history of Roxelana is wack in the book in the book she s supposed to be a Tartar chieftain s daughter In reality, she was the daughter of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest And she is portrayed as a bitter, scheming, bitch of a woman Really History does not show that at all.2 None of the characters have any redeeming qualities None The author clearly hated them all.

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    Sultan s Harem 1 4000 8312 5 The Sultan s Harem is a spectacular tale of hatred and revenge, as Falconer weaves the tale of a single woman a slave of the most powerful man in the world who tears down a powerful empire by careful manipulation of the man who loves her This one woman, Hurrem, manages to take down an entire empire, all while only ever being seen by a handful of men the sultan and his personal eunuchs Falconer makes it difficult not to admire our cold blooded heroine, who staunchly refuses to be a good little harem girl and concubine to the man who bought her from her parents She despises the man who tore her from her home as just another bauble to add to his vast harem, and whom she must amuse endlessly lest she be tossed callously aside for another girl in the harem If she must play the game of harem politics to survive, she will play it but survival is too meager a goal for her Carefully and coldly, she devises a plan to bear a child, remove the Sultan s favorite, entice him to fall in love with her, and then secure her freedom and unprecedented marriage to the emperor Even as a wife, she is still a slave in everything but name, and she ruthlessly turns her mental hold on her husband to send him spiraling into madness while the kingdom collapses slowly around him.Falconer carefully treads the personal and the political here, as with all his novels, and we see sympathetic glimpses into both the main players sultan and sultana and into the lives of the hapless girls living silently in his lavish harem Each girl has her own history, her own loss, and her own sadness, and faced with the realities of the harem, and of the monogamous sultan finds her own pastimes and petty jealousies Are these women better off than the ones on the outside They are safe and pampered baubles in a collection of sex slaves that are almost never used by their relatively monogamous master But the silence and loneliness gnaws at their souls and the passage of time weighs heavily on all involved Is our dark heroine really so unusual in her hate and cruelty, or are her sisters in the harem just as enraged but powerless to act out Gripping and suspenseful, The Sultan s Harem is a compelling read I could not put it down I agree with another reviewer in that the story would make a wonderful movie, should anyone ever acquire the rights Like other Falconer novels, the writing is frank and does not shy away from the facts of life, but the writing is never lurid or vulgar Ana Mardoll

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