The Things We Do for Love

The Things We Do for Love The Youngest Of Three Daughters, Angela DeSaria Malone Was Always The Princess Of The Family, A Girl Who Thought She Knew How Her Life Would Unfold High School College Marriage Motherhood That Was How It Had Gone For Her Sisters, Her Cousins, Her Friends But It Didn T Work Out That Way For Angie She And Her Husband Tried Desperately To Have A Child Year After Year, Their Perfectly Decorated Nursery Remained Empty Finally, Their Marriage Collapsed Under The Weight Of Lost DreamsAfter The Divorce, Angie Moved Back To Her Hometown And Rejoined Her Loud, Loving, Slightly Crazy Family In West End, A Place Where Life Rises And Falls In Time With The Tides, She Will Find The Man Who Once Again Will Open Her Heart To Love And Meet The Girl Who Will Change Angie S LifeLauren Ribido Lives In A Rundown Apartment In A Bad Part Of Town With A Mother Who Cares About Her Next Drink Than About Her Daughter At Seventeen, Lauren Knows That Her Aspirations In Life May Never Come To PassFrom The Moment They Meet, Angie Sees Something Special In Lauren They Form A Quick Connection, This Woman Who Is Desperate For A Daughter And The Girl Who Has Never Known A Mother S Love When Lauren Is Abandoned By Her Mother, Angie Doesn T Hesitate To Offer The Girl A Place To Stay But Nothing Could Have Prepared Angie For The Far Reaching Repercussions Of This Act Of Kindness In A Dramatic Turn Of Events, She And Lauren Will Be Tested In A Way That Mothers And Daughters Seldom Are Together They Will Embark On An Intensely Moving, Deeply Emotional Journey To The Very Heart Of What It Means To Be A Family

[Epub] ➝ The Things We Do for Love ➢ Kristin Hannah –
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • The Things We Do for Love
  • Kristin Hannah
  • English
  • 06 July 2019
  • 9780345467515

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    This is the second book of Kristin Hannah s I ve read and I absolutely loved it It was the most beautiful touching story that I ve read in a long time This author has a unique insight into the human soul and she is able to gently guide her characters into a full and rich life in a way that is believable and heartfelt Once I started this story I must admit that I just couldn t stop, it drew me in very quickly and I was delighted with the way it turned out It s a story of human compassion and kindness and it tells the story of a family who truly love each other Ange, the main character, finds out that what she has been looking for can come to her in a way she never imagined and as you go through the journey of Ange s self discovery you are forever changed This is a beautiful love story, but it is not a romance The love that Ange finds is that of a mother s love and she finds that it completes her and allows her to heal old hurts and fix past mistakes.

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    I don t know what part of this book hurt the most, the death of her child, her divorce, her fathers death, the teenager s broken life, the teen pregnancy, or everything else This book tore my heart out and ripped it into tiny pieces Then, slowly, Kristin Hannah put it back together There was no typical happy ending, but it was just the ending I needed to read A definite keeper a book to be thought about often and remembered fondly.

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    I loved,loved,loved this book It is a story of a couple who has tried for years to have a child and when they finally have one she doesn t live very long They get a divorce and Angie moves back to the coast to be around her family and of course they are a big Italian family with a restaurant the is having money troubles so Angie steps in to help She hires a young girl named Lauren who has practically raised herself as her mother is an alcoholic Lauren gets pregnant and her Mother leaves and Angie steps in to help It is a story of loss and family and life lessons The ending was sad and happy and I sat and bawled like a baby when I was done.Kristin Hannah has always wrote books that bring out all kinds of feelings to make you laugh and cry I recommend this anyone that hasn t read it yet.

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    Truly an awful book, in part because it pretends to be a good one It s one dimensional, flat writing, the kind that might be interesting in a writer s workshop but with characters who are not developed in any way, for a novel Hannah is a terrible writer her plot is boring the characters don t feel real in any way has she ever had a family that she might draw from , and there is a use of overdone language, like, calling the parents, Mama and Papa, without real introduction This book tries to invoke a warm feeling without doing the work of creating a warmth inside and within characters, giving them and the story life This is the kind of book you buy at the airport, and then find yourself bored by it and the plane ride My suggestion don t waste your money or your time Wish I hadn t.

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    Even though this one was completely predictable and a little overwrought, Hannah s characters still breathe they sigh too much though.

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    Super quick read2 days I couldn t put it down and I think it s b c I could really relate to the main character, Angie I loved how Hannah captures the emotion of Angie, who is not able to conceive It makes me wonder if the author experienced a miscarriage b c she nailed it The book focuses on the DeSario family, a large italian family with all sisters Angie was the favorite of her father s growing up She is the only one who moves out of their small town, becomes a marketing exec, and seems to have the perfect marriage, but is not able to have children Her father labeled her early on the smart one and was resented by her sisters She feels like a failure b c she can t have a baby, which destroys her marriage To pick up the pieces, she moves home and helps turn around the family restaurant Lauren, is a senior in high school who has a crummy life Her mother is an alcoholic and acts like a child that Lauren has to care for Her mother doesn t care about paying rent, sells her winter jacket for a pack of smokes, and treats Lauren terribly She continually reminds Lauren that she was a mistake and had better not ruin her life Lauren is smart, pretty, and works hard to pay the bills and get a scholarship for high school, as well as college Her boyfriend is the QB, has a ton of money, and genuinely loves her Lauren and Angie end up meeting and Angie employs her to work at the family restaurant Lauren finally feels like she is part of a family Angie becomes a real mother to her Lauren has unprotected sex once and gets pregnant Her mother slaps her across the face and leaves her to fend for herself Lauren finally tells Angie and Angie takes her in Lauren decides to give Angie her baby Lots of trials and tribulations, but in the end, there is a very happy ending

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    I had no expectations for this book I simply picked it up at the grocery store, becuase I had nothing else to read and it sort of looked promising I ve tried to read Kristin Hannah before, so that should have been my clue not to try The synopsis on the back sounded good, but it s pretty much the whole book I don t like Hannah s style of writing I find it very simple and lifeless, just like her characters There were no surprises with this book You can predict the plot from the first page My advice is to simply read the back of the book and consider yourself finished with it.

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    Enjoyed this very much The small town, the Italian restaurant, redefining family Beautiful

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    This was a good book, although I did not like the rushed ending I am going to read every book by Hannah.

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    Light reading, good characters.

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