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The Welcome Home Diner Betting On The City Of Detroit S Eventual Comeback, Cousins Addie And Samantha Decide To Risk It All On An Affordable New House And A Culinary Career That Starts With Renovating A Vintage Diner In A Depressed Area Of Town There S Just One Little Snag In Their VisionAngus, A Weary, Beloved Local, Is Strongly Opposed To His Neighborhood S Gentrification And His Concerns Reflect The Suspicion Of The Community Shocked By Their Reception, Addie And Samantha Begin To Have Second ThoughtsAs The Long Hours, Problematic Love Interests, And Underhanded Pressures Mount, The Two Women Find Themselves Increasingly At Odds, And Soon Their Problems Threaten Everything They Ve Worked For If They Are Going To Realize Their Dreams, Addie And Samantha Must Focus On Rebuilding Their Relationship But Will The Neighborhood Open Their Hearts To Welcome Them Home

Wow I can t believe THE WELCOME HOME DINER is, at last, published This is a book dear to my heart as my former daughter in law opened a diner in Detroit I spent hours in that restaurant, ate a lot of wonderful meals and, most importantly, tried to absorb the culture My passion is writing novels using food centric themes to break down familial and cultural barriers.THE WELCOME HOME DINER is my

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Welcome Home Diner  By Peggy Lampman –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Welcome Home Diner
  • Peggy Lampman
  • English
  • 25 January 2018
  • 9781542047821

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    Food and family equal love, and The Welcome Home Diner in Detroit definitely oozes with love.Addie and Sam s grandmother taught them the love of and joy of making fresh food, and they both knew that opening a diner was something they were destined for.Opening a diner in the new Detroit was a challenge, but a challenge that was proving to be very fruitful The fresh food offered at the diner drew in the crowds along with great reviews from food bloggers The only problem was the neighbors and specifically the next door neighbor to the restaurant.The next door neighbor was grumpy and reluctant for the change, and the entire neighborhood was not happy about rebuilding that area.We follow the cousins through the ups and downs of owning the restaurant as well as the ups and downs of their once close relationship.The descriptions were so beautifully detailed in THE WELCOME HOME DINER you could see the butter dripping down the sides of the pancakes and smell the delicious soups and sandwiches being served.The descriptions also allowed you to experience the characters feelings for each other, their passion for food, and for Detroit You will also experience the kindness and love for mankind.I enjoyed the banter between the characters and the uplifting feeling THE WELCOME HOME DINER gave off The cover ITSELF is very welcoming.If you are a fan of food and love, THE WELCOME HOME DINER fits the bill I truly enjoyed the book and the characters, but felt it could have been shortened a bit 4 5This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the author and NetGalley in return for an honest review I also reviewed this book for the GREAT THOUGHT S NINJA REVIEW TEAM.

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    4 StarsA compelling rewarding book with an interesting, substantial plot, memorable characters and scrumptious, irresistible food.Cousins Addie Sam Jaworski with Polish roots were both born and raised in Michigan For them moving to Detroit to open their Welcome Home Diner in one of the desolate parts of town seems the most natural thing in the world, while their families friends are mostly horrified But Addie and Sam believe in each other, in their Polish heritage from their beloved grandmother Babcia as well as in giving The D a chance They hope that the establishment of their Diner will give boost to the renovation and revitalisation of their neighborhood But while their restaurant seems to go from strength to strength is immensely popular among outsiders , the local Afro American community apart from the co workers of the Diner are conspicuous by their absence, no matter how hard Addie and Sam are trying to reach out There is also an enemy lurking behind the anonymity of cyberspace trying to undermine the good reputation of the place through various social media attacks.And the time comes when both Addie and Sam are put to the test and have to face their fears past mistakes if they want to go on.I have to admit that in the beginning I struggled to get into the book I could not relate either to Addie or to Sam, through whose alternating POV the story unfolded They both appeared too self absorbed and not very understanding towards each other, though we were told they were close like sisters But slowly they started to grow on me Their compassion towards their employees, their willingness to give both Detroit and its inhabitants a second chance was very appealing.The atmosphere of the Diner was very alluring and the food described just made me drool over my kindle The writing is lovely, there is depth to the narrative and the end, though satisfying, is realistic.Highly recommended.Arc provided by the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Favorite Quotes She s also known for her outrageous wardrobe and is proud to proclaim she s growing old disgracefully.The staff is coming up with a language of its own In a couple of years, we ll be the only ones who understand one another A gastronoid, Lella continues, is a human subspecies that only lives to eat and complain Your silence is becoming too loud in my head.Yoga, Pilates, sashimi, and salads Believe me, there s nothing graceful about aging It s a full time job.And there were two brave women, Addie and Sam, who made a family from scratch, using what others left behind.My Review While an entertaining and engaging read, The Welcome Home Diner was hazardous to my diet as each plate of food was lovingly and sensuously described in lip smacking detail In one instance, Ms Lampman eloquently waxed on for a full page about a juicy and succulent heirloom tomato, which had my mouth watering and resulted in my increasingly frequent foraging for sustenance and nibbles Not to diminish her humorous and colorful descriptions of the numerous quirky characters who also inhabited the pages and frequently had me smirking Two female cousins with an impressive mission statement and admirable ideals established the diner in a derelict area of Detroit and featured farm to table heartland fare with the unique fusion of Southern soul food and Polish dishes I couldn t seem to wrap my head around that combination for quite some time The cousins behaviors were not always admirable and were actually often annoying, yet I came to care about them and wanted all their dreams to come to fruition However, their neighbors did not sure in those hopes for their success and the cousins found themselves being shunned, threatened, trolled, and traumatized The storyline was slowly developed yet intriguing, enlightening, thoughtfully well crafted, and quite tasty.

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    Let s start with that gorgeous cover, isn t it stunning I ve not read the authors previous book and based on the blurb I was expecting it to be on the lighthearted side, basic women s fiction with a cutesy plot Instead this was SO much , it definitely has its fun moments and happiness but at its core it s much deeper and full of substance It tackles some extremely relevant and timely current issues in a really respectful and realistic manner It touches on love, loss, community, and quite a bit This is told from two points of view, cousins Addie and Sam and it switches back and forth between the two every chapter It follows their lives and those of the staff and their community over the course of a year When it begins, The Welcome Home diner has already opened its doors and is struggling to find its place in this tight knit and hesitant neighborhood The residents are suspicious and guarded and for good reason as Detroit has had many struggles as of late Addie and Sam were both well drawn characters with interesting histories and plenty of emotional depth, I enjoyed getting to know both of them There is a large cast of colorful supporting characters as well with often painful, unique pasts that added an extra layer of emotion This story revolves around food and Lampman s descriptions were scrumptious She includes a handful of recipes from the story at the end and I will definitely be trying a few out Interspersed between the food are some heavy hitting topics such as human trafficking, race relations and gentrification of a community It s all handled with grace and a style all of the authors own and leaves much to be discussed, this is an ideal book club read All of my reviews can be found on

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    Warning Don t read this book if you are hungry or else have something close to your reading spot to snack on Actually even if you aren t hungry, you will be after you read about the wonderful food served at the diner Added bonus recipes at the end of the book on how to make some of the wonderful food from the diner I loved this book for several reasons first, the personal reason I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit on the east side and went to college in the city so Detroit is a special place to me I want to see it come back to being the great city that it once was and the revitalization of Detroit is one of the underlying themes of this book Second, I love to read books that weave current issues of the day into it and this one does a great job of doing just that The author writes about human trafficking, racial issues, drugs and white flight from the city to the suburbs among other topics Third, I loved the characters in this novel Two cousins buy an old gutted out diner in the city and try to become part of the neighborhood They are met with resistance from the old time residents, no matter how hard they try but they keep trying Not only are Addie and Samantha fantastic main characters but they are surrounded by great secondary characters who also work at the diner And lastly, as mentioned earlier, the descriptions of the food served at the diner are awesome.This is a fantastic well written book about two women who are trying to do their part to make not only their neighborhood but also a beautiful city come back to life again I loved it I received an advance review copy of this book from the Great Thought s Ninja Review Team All opinions are my own.

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    I won a free Kindle copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway And if there was ever any suspicion that I go easy on reviewing books that I get for free, this should put that to rest Ultimately, this book just wasn t for me The idea sounded promising I like good food, and live close enough to Detroit for the setting to have a special resonance The descriptions and characters are vivid and detailed It s just that not much happens.Seriously I read through about a quarter of the book, and couldn t find any reason to keep going Yes, the diner is struggling, and someone from Addie s past has returned, but there s no inkling of anything plot like It s pretty much all been internal character monologues I kept struggling to find some reason to keep going, but just couldn t do it If I m still fighting that hard to keep my interest up at the 25% mark, it s time to admit defeat and move on Perhaps you will get out of this than I did, and power to you Not recommended.

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    Our dream was to shape an old fashioned neighborhood gathering spot authentic and welcoming to all races and creeds where everyone has a seat at the table Peggy Lampman The Welcome Home DinerThank you to the author and publisher for providing my copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Calling all foodies You won t want to be hungry while reading this book as the descriptions are drool worthy The story alternates perspective between 2 cousins Addie and Sam, co owners of the Welcome Home Diner Addie and Sam are committed to restoring Detroit back to the once thriving community it used to be, so they decide to open a diner in order to bring people together and rejuvenate a depressed part of town.I love how Lampman creates this family of unexpected characters that are all extremely important in the success of the Diner It isn t just the owners against the employees, instead it s a community effort I can also appreciate the amount of research that was done to make sure all of the history of Detroit was accurate and useful to her story.The first chapter was a lot of detail into all of the characters and their backstory, and I found myself a little distracted and confused In the end I just never connected with either of the main characters and it caused me to not enjoy the story as much as I wanted to The supporting characters felt real to me and I enjoyed watching them progress through the story.

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    My favorite books are the ones with recipes So thank you, Peggy Lampman, for dinner ideas during the week.Addie and Sam are cousins living in Detroit with the crazy idea to open a diner While dealing with personal issues, they re also faced with a dozen and half issues arising around Welcome Home Who is writing these untrue Yelp accusations Who is this strange neighbor that seems to hate them Addie and Sam open Welcome Home in Detroit as a way of saving the cities economy I studied this city in economics, and it really can use all the help it can get But unfriendly neighbors within a mile radius seem to ignore the diner s presence Addie is struggling with her goals of becoming a wife and mother, while her boyfriend is perfectly content being a live in partner Sam is faced between choosing love and a business she started.There are so many characters in this book that you can connect with Each of them has their own dark past that they struggle to overcome, the same way they re trying to help Detroit overcome the cities dark pasts I truly wasn t expecting that from this story Lampman creates her characters to be a diverse in personality so great that you can tell who is speaking without having to read the name You can tell which POV you re reading from without having to double check the name at the start of the chapter That is good writing at its best.The book has suspense, love, and RECIPES I can t stress that last part enough Reading about food for 300 pages, you get hungry And there isn t a better time to cook or food shop.I really loved this book, despite it not being my usual genre But how could you not love a book about food

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    Note I received review copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review I am glad I got a chance to read this book 4.5 Stars The book simply is beautiful with delicious food of Welcome Home Diner It s about struggling life of Jaworski sisters in new business and their personal life surrounded by lovely staff and hesitant, fearful neighbors of Detroit Book revolves around The Welcome Home Diner and its owner Addie and Sam narrated in their alternative perspective You will see ups and down of not only these sisters but the staff of their diner and their home like diner It s a journey of diner and its owner of starting a business from scratch to running it with a vision an old fashioned place serving authentic and organic food and welcoming all races with blessing and recipes of their beloved grandmother Characters Addie Brain and owner of diner She was sensitive, warm hearted and ambitious woman with spreadsheets and to do list of diner and also her life Sam Addie s cousin, partner of diner Cook of the diner, who never organize anything and live and walk the present.Staff of diner Braydon manager , Quiche works the grill at counter , Lella waitress Diner started with these 3 staff and added new additions eventually Paul, Sylvia, Gary They all were amazing They all had life story to share in the book.There were other important characters in the book who were connected to the member of diner whom you will love to know and connect with Specifically Addie and Sam s babcia grandmother and Sun Beam Quiche s daughter, she was so adorable and I loved her sandwich inventions Oh and magical hot sauce vendor Jessie, you would love the company of this woman and her tricks of calming down inner demons and purge the place with negative energy, she was one interesting character in the book Hero, Sam s dog, was a real hero in the book And there was that angry neighbor Angus.I m feeling like I just started and I m leaving out many other characters in the book but trust me you won t forget all these characters Character development of main characters was brilliant, heartwarming.What I liked First that cover Isn t it beautiful Here is the fact, when I got review opportunity, I decided to read this book by just looking at the cover I read blurb later and I liked it but cover has already taken my heart It s so perfect with the theme of the book Talking about theme and concept, this book covered lot of things and I really loved the way author represented it with unique writing style and delicious food.Book started with the Polish word guide, tour to Welcome Home s area, introduction to the staff, conditions of Detroit and their drawbacks with the area and weather I loved the way all staff connected to diner and to each other to become a family Best thing was life story of all characters, story of Addie and Sam s life, their family and grandmother was beautifully narrated They all had something to tell, something to teach and something to learn from them.I came to admire the heart characters of this book Addie and Sam by the end of the book for their relationship, for their unique vision and thoughts on diner, city, and all those sensitive issues discussed in the book, and for the way they handles everything They first won my heart when wind was against them they never discriminated or blamed their staff The trust they had for them was remarkable.There was very detailed history of Detroit from motor city to demographics, racial discrimination and segregation to revitalization of the city it s beginning of this time when our character started a business , weather of the city to the musical culture I got very close look to this city and how characters were attached to it and loved it History of the city played important role in the book as characters and city were struggling with the after effects of the city s downtime It was very delicately and perfectly handled.There were other sensitive topic apart from color discrimination like, sex trafficking, kidnapping, impersonation and defamation that created problem to city and diner Friendship, family, love, and community together poured warm and touching feeling to book Romance and love story in the book was desert amid the terrific dreadful subjects.I loved it when Addie compared some situations with the mythology Specifically when she was asking the power of all the Goddess to conquer the problems of her personal life The philosophy in the book, talk of Jessie and Addie s references were so thought provoking and brilliant, they had left great impression on me and also turned me into believer like Addie.Climax finally the revelation of antagonist, who gave hard time diner and its staff was shocking I couldn t guess that person would do such things and the reason behind doing all the evil damage was so small I couldn t have guessed that person in ages End was so feel good and fair I surely want to read books by this author.One last thing there are recipes from diner s menu so don t miss it Book is also best for group read It was fun thinking about answers of discussion questions given at the end of the book.Why 4.5 Only teensy thing In the beginning of the book I was struggling for getting into the book But once I learned little about characters and situations, it was smooth till the end.Overall, book was steady paced, with tasty family and romantic drama, sour sensitive issues of city and delicious food of dinner served at the end with desert of love, friendship and community I recommend this book to everyone who love to read women fictions that serves something different.

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    When I began reading this book, I soon thought it to be a travel book for the state of Michigan The author talks about beautiful areas of Michigan and the fact that Detroit is a city on the verge of a comeback It did make me want to visit Michigan next summer, but not much I, obviously, was missing the point Addie and Samantha are two cousins, descendants of a wonderful Polish woman, who open a diner in the inner city of Detroit in hopes of being part of a rebuilding and rebranding effort in Detroit Along the way they encounter prejudice, even hatred But through it all they find love in both their personal lives and in their surroundings This book was beautifully written I loved the characters, especially Angus, an elderly curmudgeon, who had seen it all in his city Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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