Truly Yours 1: Toby and Dalton

Truly Yours 1: Toby and DaltonCute read, no real conflict with the exception of a background plot of someone killing Omega s that doesn t even really come to part until halfway in The first part is or less focusing on the insecurities that MC have with themselves and finding love Its a cute fluffy read that dragged here and there causing minor skimming on my part but I would pick up the next as the side characters held interest for me then the main ones in this one. Disappointing MessA sad disappointment for what could have been a perfectly fine story if nothing else Starting off as a simple alpha and omega story, Toby and Dalton are each feeling let down by love They haven t had any luck, Toby with dating, Dalton with a dating service But when Toby joins Truly Yours, the same service Dalton is in, the two are matched and sparks fly.It s from here things go downhill For the sake of drama, out of nowhere there is some unnamed threat against omegas It ends up driving the two apart, and after a major issue Toby is sent to another pack with his best friend This makes Toby and Dalton long for each other It also makes Toby be a total a hole to his best friend, which he apparently always is whenever in a relationship some friend Well, this serves to prove to Toby and Dalton that their longing for each other and the fact that Toby is pregnant means they are true mates We then promptly forget the so called threat to omegas as well as the best friend and go back to only paying attention to Toby and Dalton The story could have been decent had all that dramatic muck not been added, but instead it was a confused mess. Finding A Shifter Mate Is Tough Dalton Is Open To Love, But The Few Dates He S Been On Have Been Terrible He S Just About To Give Up On Searching For Happiness When A Young Shifter Passes By Him, Providing Hope That Maybe This Time He Ll Find Love Toby Has Been Hurt One Too Many Times He Always Picks The Wrong Men And Doesn T Believe He Deserves Anything Better When His Best Friend Forces Him To Check Out A Shifter Matchmaking Service, He Doesn T Have Any Hope That Things Could Work Out For Him Because, Why Should Dalton Be Different Than The Others However, Fate Knows Better And Both Men Might Be In For The Shock Of Their Lives Toby and Dalton was a sweet story Hot scenes, fated mates, and pregnancy I devoured this book in one sitting It was an easy, light read that I quite enjoyed The two cat shifters were easy to like I enjoyed the writing style, felt like it flowed very nicely. Original review on Molly LollyThree and a half stars This story started out really good I liked the dating agency aspect of the story I enjoyed how both Toby and Dalton wound up on their first date You can feel the sparks between them and those first few tentative emotions as they connect and get to know each other I adored the two of them falling for each other and building a relationship Toby was sweet with his insecurities and Dalton was so good at assuaging them The world was a little confusing but had serious potential to be and really be fascinating Around the 60% mark the story takes a turn for the weird and awkward A storyline was brought in that I didn t expect at all It was introduced in a manner that didn t flow well with the story up to that point Plus it wasn t fleshed out as well as it could have been The scenes were rushed a bit and felt like it was just a hurry up method to get to the end of the story Toby wound up being rude and a bit of a jerk to his friend during this section and the behavior was brushed off Then we never find out the who, why, and how of the oddly introduced storyline so I m left confused by its inclusion It either should have been removed completely or fleshed out and expanded some The ending is so sweet I liked seeing Toby and Dalton together and making their mating work The way Dalton reacts to a pregnant Toby was so fun Some parts of the last few scenes were rushed again However the happily ever after ending makes up for it I m curious if the next book in the series will follow the dating agency or the extra storyline I ll be looking for the next book to see where this series is headed. This is really two books Book 1 is a light hearted dating romance that brings Toby and Dalton together, and Book 2 is a shifter mystery that sees our heroes personalities totally change and the plot get completely bananas Toby in book one is your typical shy but opinionated omega, Toby in book 2 is written as a female in a male s body, is an asshole to his friends, is DESPERATE, and generally not likable at all Dalton has very little personality in book 1 and continues to have very little personality in book 2 The only character I empathized with was Jason, and Toby dropped him like trash as soon as he Toby felt he had gone too long without sex How long Two days Yikes, what a nymph and what a shitty friend.This book was rushed and incomplete I recommend the authors go directly back to the drawing board and maybe make some character sheets so I don t feel like I m reading about a cardboard cut out and a pregnant woman. Da ich zurzeit sehr gerne Wandler Storys lese, war ich schon sehr gespannt auf den ersten Band der Serie um die Partnervermittlung Wahre Gef hrten.Zur Handlung Als Omega Toby mal wieder einen Laufpass erh lt und sich sein Freund nach neun Monaten berraschend und feige via Email von ihm trennt, hat er eigentlich die Nase voll von Beziehungen Doch sein bester Freund Jason berredet ihn dazu, sich bei einem Dating Portal f r Gestaltwandler anzumelden, um seinen wahren Gef hrten zu finden Doch Toby bleibt skeptisch, zu oft schon wurde er entt uscht.Alpha Dalton ist schon l nger bei der genannten Partnervermittlung angemeldet, doch bisher hatte er nur Pech und ein gr ssliches Treffen mit potenziellen Kandidaten nach dem anderen Deshalb hat er bereits die Hoffnung aufgegeben, dort einen Partner zu finden und will sich abmelden Zuf llig laufen sich die beiden M nner an dem Tag im B ro des Agenturinhabers ber den Weg und es kommt wenig sp ter zu einer ersten Verabredung.Die beiden Gestaltwandler glauben nicht mehr daran, doch noch den ihnen vorherbestimmten Gef hrten zu finden berraschend f r beide, finden sie dann doch noch den idealen Partner Die kurze Geschichte hat genau das richtige Ma an Romantik und Spannung zu bieten und nimmt den Leser mit in eine Welt, in der auch M nner schwanger werden k nnen War irgendwie am sant zu lesen, wie Dalton seinen Partner am liebsten in Watte packen w rde Ganz typisch werdender Vater Ich freue mich schon auf weitere B nde der Serie und zu verkuppelnde Paare.Die Story erh lt von mir 5 Sterne und eine Lesempfehlung Ein lieber Dank geht an Chris McHart f r das erhaltene Rezensionsexemplar. Schwangere M nner Warum nicht Wenn es gut erkl rt ist, lese ich solche Geschichten gerne und da ich Wandlergeschichten ohnehin mag, hat mich die Mpreg Idee durchaus angesprochen.Die Umsetzung hat allerdings so ihre T cken, und auch wenn die Story um Dalton und Toby mehr seicht als s ist, f r einen gem tlichen Lesenachmittag auf der Couch w re sie genau richtig gewesen und ich h tte ihr wohl gute 3 gegeben.H tte wenn die Charaktere sympathischer und die Geschichte vern nftig korrigiert gewesen w re Stattdessen benimmt sich Toby teilweise wie ein trotziges Kleinkind und auch einige Nebencharaktere haben mich mehr als einmal die Augen verdrehen lassen Von einem angeblich guten Rudelf hrer erwarte ich, dass er nicht einfach jemanden pauschal verurteilt, ohne entsprechende Beweise zu haben Noch dazu wird am Ende nicht mal aufgekl rt, ob an den Vorw rfen Jason gegen ber berhaupt etwas dran war Und das Thema Mpreg wird auch nicht wirklich behandelt Toby ist auf einmal schwanger, es folgen ein paar S tze dazu und das war s dann Da hatte ich mir dann doch mehr Details erhofft.Nebenbei findet man im Text massenhaft Kommata, wo keine hingeh ren, merkw rdige Satzstellungen, die keinen Sinn ergeben, falsche W rter in Szenen, die das Gegenteil dessen bedeuten, was ausgedr ckt werden sollte Bsp das Wort erschaudert in Sexszenen und Tippfehler, die nicht h tten sein m ssen.Das hat mich beim Lesen immer wieder herausgerissen, daher vergebe ich nur 2 und keine Leseempfehlung. 1.5 starsIf you have never read mpreg and want to try, I suggest this novel not be your first one into the subgenre Please note that there are a lot of spoilers in this review I usually love mpreg novels and this one has a lot of potential to be an amazing novel but it just didn t work for me.As it is now, it was really confusing because the timeline of the story is vague and other lacking details caused further confusion thus prevented this from being an outstanding mpreg or even non mpreg novel It was like a well written mix of different disjointed arcs and the storyline tying all the awesome ideas together was forgotten so the reader is just lost and trying to figure what the world is going on with the story This could be an amazing mpreg novel with a great plot if the storyline and events were cohesive and elaborated view spoiler In the beginning, we find out Toby is a bobcat shifter and an omega, but what is Dalton It seemed lacking when Dalton suddenly develops erectile issues and then goes into Truly Yours claiming he s ready to end his membership because of this medical condition This could ve been better utilized as his lack of emotional involvement with his dates is impacting his ability to maintain an erection and maybe it was a pivotal moment in his life and sign something needs to change so ergo enter Toby They fall into bed on the first date which is somewhat in line with the whole mates cannot resist each other and the authors does a great job summarizing them growing closer over several dates I would ve liked to read about what they did for a living, if they were part of the same pack or different pack as these would ve been vital facts to help carry us through the suspense portion of suddenly finding out about omega shifters being murdered Were these omega shifters part of the same pack Were they all cat shifters A little clarity would ve made it a lot easier to figure out where the story was taking us.Due to a sudden mention of omegas being murdered, Toby, Dalton and his best friend try to attend a pack meeting and Toby and his best friend are sent away How are the other omegas being protected We find out randomly at this point that his best friend either works in the tech field or as a hacker regardless he has enough skills to be a hacker I feel like random vital facts are randomly dropped throughout the novel and it s a struggle to enjoy the novel for all its surprisingly twists and revelations.Toby get impatient and decides to come back after an unspecified amount of time with a slight baby bum and nausea that conveniently occurs when he is back with Dalton Upon his return, we read about being under attack by panthers We find out that omegas can only get impregnated if they are a true mate coupling How can we get to nearly the halfway point and our couple didn t even have an inkling they could be mates, nor have the readers learned anything to make them love these two main characters They are back together yay Our story isn t much of a story if they aren t together Again, an indeterminate amount of time passes and we read about Dalton withholding sex for fear of hurting Toby and their baby HOW MUCH TIME has passed since we found out about the panthers How much time has passed since Toby returned to Dalton Why did the panthers attack The continuation of panthers possible attack could be the cohesion into a sequel about his best friend, Jason and his love interest This withholding of sex situation obviously resolves itself happily.Chapter 15 is the ONLY chapter in which an amount of time is mentioned 2 month later and Toby and Dalton has moved to the compound What is the compound We readers of shifter novels clearly know what a compound could be, but it is very hard to understand without any prior mention of Toby and Dalton being part of the same pack, without any mention of what type of shifter Dalton shifts into, without any mention of what types of shifters the organization Truly Yours caters to Based on this sudden mention of their compound, a reader can draw the illogical conclusion that Truly Yours caters ONLY to one shifter pack and the shifter pack is huge as neither Toby nor Dalton have ever met, and the compound is like a freaking prison since it was never mentioned before We do find out that Dalton works with wood because he is working on building the bassinet.Another thing that bothered me was that the authors wrote Toby has been so sweet and docile since becoming pregnant They slept together on day one Toby filled out his Truly Yours profile as passive I felt that their sudden mention of his personality like he is usually assertive was unfounded during his aggressive kneading of dough scene even if it was supposedly from Dalton s perspective because hello They slept together and possibility conceived form their first time There is NO basis for this sentence and totally ruined an otherwise good scene for me The scene was awesome but the mention of his sweet docile personality as if it is an effect of his pregnancy was contradicted by their Truly Yours agency sign up scene where Toby didn t have a clue but to describe himself as passive There were no other scenes endearing us to Toby having an assertive personality outside of pregnancy hormones This seriously could be such an awesome story, but unbelievable how disjointed the plot was.The ending probably gave the most descriptive mpreg C section delivery I ve ever read Most times the childbirth scene is about the emotions and not about the room details setting up for the surgery Baby Stella is born and thankfully I no longer have to pull my hair out trying to understand the special plot behind boy meet boy, boy gets pregnant, boy gives birth special plot and character elaboration development which would make readers come back for Truly Yours 2, or Truly Yours 3, etc hide spoiler This was an interesting story insta love isnt my favorite but its normal for shifters the plot was very interesting however toby annoyed me he was very young and immature in my opinion i loved their love together though and they were hott as hell and he did grow it was interesting story and im glad i got to review it

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