Torrid (Sordid, #2)

Torrid (Sordid, #2) On a purely personal level I don t like this cover at all Scratch that I just don t like the way the model is posed I guess I honestly can t put my finger on why I don t like it I just don t That said, it is a well done cover The composition is very good It has an eye catching title work although I would have made the title a little smaller so it would sit just under her feet and not over them It s a good representation of the heroine So ya, personal feeling aside it s a great cover.Ever since I read and LOVED SORDID last year I have been dying to read Vasilije s book, and this one did not disappoint Perhaps not as risqu as book one TORRID it than held it s own in the smokin hot category.I found it to be well written and fairly well paced The sex scenes were hot and plentiful No OW OM drama It had some interesting secondary characters as well I d LOVE to see a book featuring Konstantine It also had a small cameo of Luka and Addison the couple from book one Both main characters were likable Oksana was strong and had a plan Got to admire a girl with a plan Vasilije was complicated I liked him for the most part, but sometimes he did cross over the line for me Mostly when he was humiliating Oksana I am not a huge fan of humiliation in my romance books, so those few times he went there left a bad taste in my mouth But most of the time he was an incredibly sexy anti hero.As much as I enjoyed it overall, I did feel that it was maybe a TAD on the too long side There is a lot of sex but the whole actual point of the story doesn t kick into gear until around 75% in and then we move at lightning pace until the end I would have preferred to have gotten to the revelation sooner and had story devoted to plotting and planning That said this one still get two thumbs up from yours truly. Here I thought I was going to get to read my first book with Serbian rep As a Serbian, I m deeply disappointed that this first was a fail Read a free preview of the book and right off the bat on page 2 the author gives an incorrect phonetic pronunciation of the hero s name DO YOUR RESEARCH AUTHORS If you don t want to do the research or find sensitivity readers, then don t write about a culture ethnicity you don t know about When I pick up a book with Serbian rep or any cultural ethnic representation , I expect it to be accurate If you can t even pronounce the hero s name correctly, I m worried what else is wrong in the book I won t waste my money to read bad representation. 4 4.5 hot stars Torrid is a super hot,intense,dark,sensual and erotic story.The story flowed really well and it had a great mix of suspense,a little bit drama and hot scenes.Oksana and Vasilije are two really interesting characters.Both are complicated characters and their relationship is explosive.They are full of intense and passionate moments.If you are looking for a fast paced,steamy and dark romance this is perfect From the very start I knew this was gonna be some dark shitMy heart beat faster, and without thinking, my hands coursed up her arms, over her shoulders, and into her hair I tugged her head back and forced my tongue deeper in her mouth I took I claimed I owned her with my kiss, which was growing intense every second It was wild and verged on out of controlBut i didn t mind nope nope, not at allShe was gorgeous, and talented, and I found her fascinating She looked so pure and good on the outside, but inside she was dark like me An evil creature dressed up in pretty packagingAnd don t worry the heroine isn t just the cliche angel to be deflowered shes a devil in disguise thanks elvis I ve read mafia shit before but this one just felt so real like guys the russians are gonna come for me or at least i hope so hahahHe was forgetting how a pawn who survived crossing the board could be promoted to a queen.I could go from the weakest player to the strongest one in a single moveThough the chess thing was just kinda spun in at the end and it was a good idea but music was prominent but the chess was in the summary sooIt s a good thing, he murmured, I don t have a fucking heart Mmm I had my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of his warm breath filling my ear The cadence of his voice was slow and hushed If I did, I might love youAnd i lll be perfectly frankat times this book gave me fucking goosebumpsDon t worry, baby He faked bravado I m going to make all our dreams come true I was so high strung, the ridiculous laugh tumbled from my mouth Except our dreams are other people s nightmares He grinned ear to earOkay maybe like the whole time, this fucking book guys highly recommend 3 Stars 4 Hot Hot Hot Hot StarsTorrid is a standalone and is part of the Sordid series You don t have to read Sordid prior to reading Torrid, the two books are completely different in my opinion.I love Nikki Sloane, she s a one click author for me I find her books really passionate, steamy and a tiny bit raunchy but in a really good way This is Vasilije and Oksana s book.I completely enjoyed this book, it was 100% up my alley There s a lot of steam, hence the cover, the title and the series in general and this one has a slightly mafia theme than the previous one I love a good mafia book.Vasilije is ruthless and cold but he s also endearing and very possessive He s not a soft Hero, but he has many redeeming qualities I like his temperament and I like the way he treated Oksana Oksana is a mystery to Vasilije, she s just a girl he picked out and now he doesn t know what to do with her He wants to play with her, but can he make sure she doesn t play with him You feel for Oksana and her circumstance I like that she is a strong Heroine, but she s not wallflower I love that she can submit, but she can also stand up for what she believes in I also like the backstory and realizing the characters are complicated, it added depth to the characters I feel like the author did a good job in creating a balance of tension, passion and intrigue I was always interested in what was going in the book and I wanted to see how the story would play out The book is tamer than Sordid and that did disappointment me a bit, but I understand why, considering Sordid was ban from I think if Torrid wasn t linked to Sordid I wouldn t have high expectations for this one, but regardless Torrid was a fun read An ARC was provided 4 rule the world STARS Review Midnight RomanceI ll be damned You know how I feel uneasy with the previous book, Sordid because of some non consensual sex Anyway, this isn t a continuation but I wouldn t recommend it to read as a standalone You can read Sordid also in this book because it got banned a while go from But surprisingly, I liked this book very much Totally different from Sordid.As an illegitimate daughter of Russian mafia, Oksana s life is hell She was sexually harassed by her father s right man and it traumatized her His father didn t care about her and Oksana wants to prove her worth even she despised him She came with the plan to take down the Serbian Oksana is really an interesting yet complicated woman She held my attention so far.While Vasilije Markovic s brother, Luka didn t take interest in the dark world, Vasilije plan to rule the mafia His uncle takeover the reign after his father s death Then came an unexpected surprise in a form of mysterious Russian girl, Oksana But this girl blinded his vision with her beauty and feisty attitude and Vasilije decided to keep herVasilije was a beautiful, poisonous flowerThe story told from dual POVs between Oksana and Vasilije I easily liked both of them Their banter was full of hate and lust Vasilije isn t bright like his brother But he managed to earn the position with his cruelty I liked with his honesty about everything No bullshit kind of man That s the true mafiaWhen I said no one else would touch you, I fucking meant it I don t like people touching my shit I skated my fingers through her crevice And this This is all mine You re my propertyTheir chemistry was very instant Even Vasilije is threading everything carefully with Oksana, he couldn t control his lust Well, she s his captive atm He s really protective and territorial but not in the creepy way Half of the story is really contains a lot of sex and sex I really enjoyed Vasilije s intensity again, different like Luka and it was totally HOTHis kiss took from me My power My submission And I gave it all up without a fightThe suspense came late almost in the very end It felt rushed with a loud bang and bang Both Oksana and Vasilije told each other that they didn t have heart to feel love But they re wrong Those two very much inseparable They re just afraid to love because of their past Again, I liked how they re open to each other even with Oksana s lies , Vasilije seems genuine towards her well being from the first Outside his rough exterior, Vasilije has mellow heart.Overall, I loved this so much No OTT drama Well written with nice flow However, the ending seems ended up abruptly while I want Oksana and Vasilije s intimate moment Hmm Will Konstantin Oksana s half brother be the next story Please visit Midnight Romance for reviews Coming soon 3.5 4 starsWHOA I enjoyed this book This book is second in sordid series by nikki sloane.Its a mafia thriller romance I won t call it dark because i have read much worse and this was nt even tidbit near the type of dark i know Sure, it had some killing and dangerous glances but nothing we can t handle.The book started with an amazing prologue It introduces Oksana our heroine.The prologue gave us an idea how Oksana become a ruthless girl.She was no weak tstl heroine but still had some vulnerability She knew what she had to do for survive She claimed to have no emotions but c mon its a contemporary romance ofcourse you have a heart and emotions and will be falling in love even if hero is a motherfucking monster phew NOW Comes our badass hero Vasilije He was cunning, mean and alpha.I love those kind of dark heroes who have a little light in them.He was a plotting mean motherfucker who was in for a revenge against his own uncle.NOW on their relationship There was some serious insta lust between Vasilije and Oksana Both had their own motives and plotting but again its a romance book so love is a must Now in my opinion Book was ok It had power to keep me going but those unlimited and may i mention sometimes even unnecessary sex scenes were starting to irritate me But then some were too hot and fitting so, i can t complaint much Over all it was a nice read and if you liked sordid you can t miss this view spoiler Note it had no cheating or rape.There were some rough sex scenes and heroine was taken captive from hero but heroine was willingly as it was part of her plan hide spoiler Vasilije Markovic Is The Prince Of The Serbian Mafia And One Of The Most Powerful Men In Chicago His Smile May Be Razor Sharp, But He S Crueler Than The DevilI M Playing A Dangerous Game And Betting My Life I M Going To Win I Pretend To Be His Pawn I Do As He Says And Move Where He Tells Me, Letting Him Think He S In Control As I Position Myself For Revenge Every Turn Brings Us Closer His Grin Doesn T Seem As Evil When We Re Alone Behind Closed Doors, I Welcome His Unrelenting And Vicious Personality He S Confessed All His Secrets, But I M Holding One Back And It S A Game ChangerIf I Survive The Board, This Pawn Turns Into A Queen I Become The Most Powerful Player And Send All The Other Pieces Running To Get What I Want, I Must Make Sacrifices, But Am I Willing To Draw The Line At Him

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Torrid (Sordid, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Nikki Sloane author readers around the world.

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