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True ColorsTrue Colors Is New York Times Bestselling Author Kristin Hannah S Most Provocative, Compelling, And Heart Wrenching Story Yet With The Luminous Writing And Unforgettable Characters That Are Her Trademarks, She Tells The Story Of Three Sisters Whose Once Solid World Is Broken Apart By Jealousy, Betrayal, And The Kind Of Passion That Rarely Comes AlongThe Grey Sisters Have Always Been Close After Their Mother S Death, The Girls Banded Together, Becoming Best Friends Their Stern, Disapproving Father Cares Less About His Children Than About His Reputation To Henry Grey, Appearances Are Everything, And Years Later, He Still Demands That His Daughters Reflect His Standing In The CommunityWinona, The Oldest, Needs Her Father S Approval Most Of All An Overweight Bookworm Who Never Felt At Home On The Sprawling Horse Ranch That Has Been In Her Family For Three Generations, She Knows That She Doesn T Have The Qualities Her Father Values But As The Best Lawyer In Town, She S Determined To Someday Find A Way To Prove Her Worth To HimAurora, The Middle Sister, Is The Family Peacemaker She Brokers Every Dispute And Tries To Keep Them All Happy, Even As She Hides Her Own Secret PainVivi Ann Is The Undisputed Star Of The Family A Stunningly Beautiful Dreamer With A Heart As Big As The Ocean In Front Of Her House, She Is Adored By All Who Know Her Everything Comes Easily For Vivi Ann, Until A Stranger Comes To Town In A Matter Of Moments, Everything Will Change The Grey Sisters Will Be Pitted Against One Another In Ways That None Could Have Imagined Loyalties Will Be Tested And Secrets Revealed, And A Terrible, Shocking Crime Will Shatter Both Their Family And Their Beloved TownWith Breathtaking Pace And Penetrating Emotional Insight, True Colors Is An Unforgettable Novel About Sisters, Rivalry, Forgiveness, Redemption And Ultimately, What It Means To Be A Family I was so disappointed I had saved this book thinking I would have a lovely time reading I have read a lot of her books, and always enjoyed them The relationships between the three sisters are interesting, and not real relationships They are very flat and unnatural There were instances where the book is so stilted with the development of some characters, I wouldn t want to read further I got depressed the further I read, and I kept hoping that the story would get better There are many ends just left, such as a resolution for the middle sister, Aurora which never happens She and her children are referred to, but you never know those characters The other two sisters just irritated me Stop pouting, feeling sorry for yourselves and do something Needless to say, I didn t like this book I am thrilled that I didn t cave and buy in hardback. This is a hard book to rate for me On one hand, I thought it was really good Hannah does a super job of making you feel the emotions the characters are experiencing, at familiarizing you to the settings and the motivations of the story and just simply making you FEEL Whether it be sadness, anger, love or disgust you get to crawl into some of the characters lives and see the story through their perspective That part of the book I loved On the other hand is the mechanics of the story How she relates the details, and brings out the plot is at times mediocre She almost lost me in the first half of this one The unfolding was stiff and predictable The characters weren t doing anything to make me understand their actions and neither were my emotions being involved It was just a relating of events then at about the half way point, it s like Hannah thawed everyone out and really got deep into the retelling You started to feel the emotion and understand the angst and jealousy You cried at the injustice and cheered for justice to be done And Noah, who was absent in the first half, became a central character as well as my favorite HIs story and feelings and inner turmoil were portrayed so well I loved him Another main character, Winona, became likable and approachable We started to see why she made the choices she did Other characters, as has been mentioned here by other reviewers, were left to starve for want of a place in the story and we were only able to make their aquaintance, not really befriend them and see what made their lives tick.Overall, certainly worth a read It is a slow start but makes up for it by being a sincere love story with characters that are human and imperfect, yet heroically trying to be great. I read this book in four days I couldn t put it down I just wanted to know what was going to happen This is when you really know a book is good when it s a page turner Anyway, this book is about three sisters trying to stay together as a family The dad is always drinking and basically hating his life after his wife died The three sisters are trying to make their way in life and get torn apart but certain events that happen along the way Eventually they reunite but there is tension still between them It takes a lot of understanding and a young teenage boy to bring them all back together I didn t think I d cry but you can t help not to cry in this book It pulls at your heart The youngest sister runs the family horse farm and there are parts about the horses they just break your heart but makes you understand that animals can give us a sense of stability and happiness They play a big part in our lives Animals can help us get through the most difficult times in our lives when there is no one else to turn to. I listened to this as an unabridged audio book Kristin Hannah has written some charming historical romances in the past which is why I was tempted to pick this up but I m really under whelmed with this women s fiction chick lit soap opera venture Where s the charm Never mind that, where s the love All I m reading here is bitterness and jealousy and awkward relationships It s making me edgy and impatient The book is about three sisters whose mom died of cancer when they were very young teens pre teens Supposedly they are super close, or that s what the author keeps saying anyway Winona is the oldest, Aurora the middle one and Vivi Anne is the young beautiful one favored by gruff old dad Winona grows up to be a successful attorney but she is very insecure and an emotional eater and has been unable to snag a man When Luke, a hunk from her past calls her up and asks her to meet him to discuss some legal business over a drink she instantly hopes and wishes that he wants to date her Desperate, much She then agonizes over her looks, insists that Aurora pretty her up and then imagines him gushing about his wife and kiddies and on and on Blech, is she 27 or 17 But, alas, it s all for naught because the moment Luke spies gorgeous Vivi Anne he s head over heels and Winona starts to seethe with jealousy and dreams up ways they ll break up so she can comfort Luke She refuses to tell Vivi Anne about her crush on Luke and then starts being a royal bitch to everyone including employees because those two are dating Emotionally stunted, much The middle sister, Aurora, seems to be here to act as a peace keeper between the beauty and the bitter sister She s married to a doctor whom she apparently finds boring and has little children who are apparently never around I ve heard people say that kids should be seen and not heard but these kids weren t even seen It was weird since Aurora was in the story so much whenever someone needed advice or prettying up I began to wonder if she had some dark secret and had locked her kids in the basement or sold them for cash or something.Vivi Anne is probably the only character I somewhat warmed up to but only because she had a soft spot for horses, especially wounded ones, and because she was a bit wild herself She s not so smart in the relationship department and was too eager to please others however This gets her into a real nasty bind as the book goes along She makes some excruciatingly stupid choices but she s the youngest so at least it made sense than Winona s endless pining and whining over Luke, the blandest man in the land.The whole dynamic of this relationship just wasn t working for me and none of these characters were likable enough to latch on to The entire first part of the book annoyed me and though these three supposedly have a close relationship I didn t feel it I understand sibling rivalry and all but the way this relationship was written was just not believable There s also some weird ass dialogue that bugged me I can t remember it all but this gem really stuck out When Luke first calls and asks Winona to meet for a drink she responds with, How about 4 00 I hear that s Miller time Honestly, who says things like that outside of a commercial It s no wonder this woman can t get a date.Later on a major plot development happens that only cements my previous dislike for Winona and helps me feel compassion towards Vivi Anne even though she is too weak of a character to fully embrace The twist here is a total soap opera event but it does make the book a bit interesting It s here that the book did fully grab my attention but not because of the tangled relationship between the sisters but because of a troubled young teen boy and his journal entries He was a great character and Hannah is a writer who can touch the emotions It s just such a shame that she wasted so much space on a character as utterly awful as Winona and gave the third sister, Aurora, such the shaft The end of the book where Winona s love life was resolved seemed very contrived and not believable at all It should have ended with an epilogue where she was a bitter old cat lady Now that I would have believed.I ll read Kristin Hannah again because she can write an emotionally involving story but this one won t be getting a reread. One may wonder why a reader would rate a book so low and still read it I guess I read the book because I decided not to waste my money That s best reason I can come up with I ve never read Kristin Hannah before, so I picked this book up because it was cheap at Costco, and because I decided I needed a bit of light, chick lit reading as a change of pace I found myself almost groaning sometimes during the story because the writing was so dull The author s attempt at character development for two of the main characters seemed to be profiling with not depth The skinny, blonde, athletic sister was popular, loved by dad, able to attract the best catch in town, a bit wild, etc., etc., etc The fat, smart, unpopular sister was not popular, unloved by dad, and unable to capture the best catch, etc., etc., etc The third sister was a flat character who appeared when the author needed someone to tie the story together.I don t think I ll even bother passing this book on to my daughter, best friend or casual acquaintance I ll donate it to the library s fund raiser Maybe they can make a few bucks off of it. UnbelievableKristin never failsshe is such an amazing author I can t recommend this book high enoughwhat a beautiful story I couldn t read it fast enough and I didn t want it to endWOW The characters in this book are so real I felt they were part of my family The dynamics in personality, depth of feeling and emotion, picturesque descriptions of town, home, and country, the twists and turns of what happens to them, the surprises, the hardships, and joy in one another s life s, the real life family drama, and so many details were all absolutely perfect If you are a real person with real friends, siblings, parents, you ll love this story And we all know that people are way important than possessions or status but when the rubber meets the road what are our choices I would venture to say that you will be deeply moved by this story and consider what you value the most in life For me, I believe that family is not one of blood but of faith and trust in one another, of standing by their side no matter what happens, and loving them no matter what others may say.Unconditional love is what we all should give and receive in our lives but this is not always what happens This is an ugly world with many prejudices, injustices, hardships, misunderstandings, and trials But when we have family with us, and I must say again that family doesn t need to have the same blood we can stand strong, have faith, and hope against hope Everything will work out in time, whether it is good or bad, things will move forward and we will be stronger as individuals And if we have family along the way then we are truly blessed.I don t want to spoil the story for you by saying too much so you re going to have to trust me on this oneit is a MUST read.Now to get my hands on the next Kristin Hannah novelWinter Garden, here I come.. Three and a half stars.This is a story of three sisters Winona, Aurora and Vivi Ann Grey For all of her life Winona has sought and not received her father s approval Her aim is to try and make him see her worth As the middle sister Aurora mostly tries to be the peacemaker between Winona and Vivi Ann Jealousy, is the big problem for Winona since Vivi Ann, the youngest, is also the golden haired one who is beautiful and seems to get everything she wants When that includes Luke, Winona s secret love, jealousy turns to bitterness Then a stranger, Dallas Raintree, comes into town and complicates matters in ways none of them could have foreseen Decisions made by Winona, Vivi Ann , Luke and Dallas have far reaching consequences that affect not only their lives but those around them and the lives of those yet to come This is a story of family dynamics I found the family dynamics hard to understand But then I have never had a sister or parents that favoured one child over others I enjoyed this, even it angered me at times I liked some of the dialogue especially where Aurora after hearing Winona s idea for helping her father and trying to gain his approval, tells Winona, Yeah, well, you ve got the learning curve of a lemming Enjoyable and raises some interesting issues about family dynamics, love, jealousy, bitterness, betrayal, guilt, prejudices and racism. Really, all I have to say about this book is the following 1 My grandma lent it to me 2 It is 544 pages and I read it in under 24 hours.Those are my main two positive impressions.When I was in middle school, my best friend began working her way through her mom s women s fiction collection, which was like any self respecting stack of chick lit dominated by Kristin Hannah This led to her discovering a book called Firefly Lane, which led to her telling me to read it, which led to my favorite book as a 12 year old being a story of two women s friendship from the 1970s to the early 2000s, sex scenes, motherhood, and tragic cancer death included.You know Like any normal, well adjusted tween.This was no Firefly Lane, but it was compulsively readable.Which is than I can say for most books.Bottom line Boring, but fine it does not matter how long it is I WILL be able to read a Kristin Hannah book in 24 to come 3 stars absolutely nothing says beach read like a well worn, used paperback copy of a wildly long chick lit book I started out really liking this book, and stayed pretty riveted throughout the first half But after a while, it just started to wear on me True Colors is the story of 3 sisters in a small town in Washington as they try to keep their family ranch afloat, find love, and live their lives Ultimately, none of the characters in the book was terribly likable Two of the sisters in particular both came off incredibly self absorbed Their love hate relationship, particularly as it dragged out for decades, was very tedious I just wanted to shake both of them and scream, Oh, grow up already A bizarre plot twist about halfway through the book really turned me off and I didn t much feel like reading the rest I ended up skimming through it It seemed like it was of the same bickering and selfishness, which makes me think I didn t miss much by not reading it thoroughly It also seemed as though it came to the inevitable conclusion reconciliation between the two bickering sisters and the oldest sister finally getting the man she wanted after 20 odd years Ugh.I think I need to stop reading books that I find from magazine reviews I m always disappointed.

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