Twelve Kings in Sharakhai

Twelve Kings in Sharakhai Sharakhai, The Great City Of The Desert, Center Of Commerce And Culture, Has Been Ruled From Time Immemorial By Twelve Kings Cruel, Ruthless, Powerful, And Immortal With Their Army Of Silver Spears, Their Elite Company Of Blade Maidens And Their Holy Defenders, The Terrifying Asirim, The Kings Uphold Their Positions As Undisputed, Invincible Lords Of The Desert There Is No Hope Of Freedom For Any Under Their RuleOr So It Seems, Until Eda, A Brave Young Woman From The West End Slums, Defies The Kings Laws By Going Outside On The Holy Night Of Beht Zha Ir What She Learns That Night Sets Her On A Path That Winds Through Both The Terrible Truths Of The Kings Mysterious History And The Hidden Riddles Of Her Own Heritage Together, These Secrets Could Finally Break The Iron Grip Of The Kings Powerif The Nigh Omnipotent Kings Don T Find Her First

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[Read] ➵ Twelve Kings in Sharakhai By Bradley P. Beaulieu –
  • Paperback
  • 580 pages
  • Twelve Kings in Sharakhai
  • Bradley P. Beaulieu
  • English
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9781473203020

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    Hi everyone Please Like this review I ll be using it to post news about the book.Please like this review I ll be using it for various updates as the book heads toward release and beyond Dec 28th, 2016 With Blood Upon the Sand has ARCs Advanced Reader Copies Find out at my blog If you re a reviewer and would like a review copy of the book, please send me your name and the site you review for and I ll do my best to get you a copy NetGalley should have it up next week, and you can request a copy there as well once it s available.Oct 19th,2016 If you re curious to learn a bit about the series, here s a fun YouTube video that I recorded with Ezekiel Boone The Hatching and Mark Stay from Gollancz Oct 19th,2016 This is and update for Book Two, With Blood Upon the Sand I ll update here a few times, but if you want to keep up with news on the second book, please go to its Goodreads page and mark it as Want to read or what have you.At this point, we re still on schedule for a February release of With Blood Upon the Sand The near final book has been turned in and is being copy edited I expect to have something back in the next month or so, and then I need to turn around edits quickly for the final run up to production.We re also nearing the final cover design The artwork itself was turned in a while ago, and the artist, I think it s safe to share at this point, is Donato Giancola It s some pretty stunning artwork, and I can t wait to get it out there for you to see Hopefully soon More as I have it March 1, 2016 MAPS If anyone is interested in maps for Twelve Kings, here s the first of two we ll be putting out Kings has hit twenty four Best of 2015 lists s Best of 2015 in Fantasy and Sci Fi BN Sci Fi and Fantasy Blog Best of 2015 BuzzFeed s Best Fantasy of 2015 SciFiNow s 20 Books You Should Have Read in 2015 Fantasy Faction s Top 15 Books of 2015 Nerdmuch s Top 23 Fantasy Books in 2015 Speculative Book Review s Top Book of 2015 The Speculative Herald s Best of 2015 SFFWorld s Best Fantasy and Horror of 2015 BestFantasyBooks Top 25 Fantasy Books of 2015 Bookworm Blues Best of 2015 Fantasy Book Critic s Top Reads of 2015 Rob s Blog o Stuff Over the Effing Rainbow s Best of 2015 The Passionate Foodie s Best of 2015 Quill to Live Best of 2015 Bibliotropic s Top Ten SFF Books of 2015 Smorgasbord Fantasia s Best of 2015 Bitten by a Radioactive Book s Top Ten of 2015 Book Frivolity s Top Ten Fantasy Books of 2015 Lynn s Books Best The Best of the Best of the Best 2015 Fantasy Book Collector s Top Fantasy Book of 2015 Male Author Galleywampus Favorite Books of 2015 The Grimdark Files Top 5 Reads of 2015A few quick notes A lot of folks have asked how to pronounce eda s name It s CHAY da, like mesa, or Aveda.A new prequel novel is coming for the Shattered Sands series OF SAND AND MALICE MADE will be released by DAW Books in September of 2016 It shows eda as a young woman a few years before TWELVE KINGS IN SHARAKHAI begins Here s the description eda, the heroine of the widely anticipated, just released novel TWELVE KINGS IN SHARAKHAI, is the youngest pit fighter in the history of the great desert city of Sharakhai In this prequel, she has already made her name in the arena as the fearsome, undefeated White Wolf none but her closest friends and allies know her true identity But this all changes when she crosses the path of R mayesh, an ehrekh, a sadistic creature forged long ago by the god of chaos The ehrekh are usually desert dwellers, but this one lurks in the dark corners of Sharakhai, toying with and preying on humans As R mayesh works to unmask the White Wolf and claim eda for her own, eda s struggle becomes a battle for her very soul This spellbinding tale is sure to strike a chord with readers of Peter V Brett, Brent Weeks, and Trudi Canavan as well as fans of TWELVE KINGS IN SHARAKHAI who are eagerly awaiting book two.I m now hard at work on Book 2 of the series, tentatively titled WITH BLOOD UPON THE SAND The Song of the Shattered Sands is planned as a six book series I may also have additional projects, like short stories along the way.If you want to read about eda, you can pick up a copy of the Blackguards anthology from Ragnarok Publications, which includes my story Irindai, a tale about eda before Twelve Kings in Sharakhai begins.

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    Desert setting Sinister immortals Blade Maidens Blade maidens Monstrous creatures Secrets, revenge and glorious battles I think I ve heard enough The desert fantasy I ve been waiting for has finally landed on my lap.

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    I reserve my 5 star ratings for a VERY few books on the tip top of my all time favorite s list, so don t let the lack of a 5th star mislead you This book was a joy to read and Twelve Kings in Sharakhai is my favorite Bradley P Beaulieu to date eda is a wonderful protagonist beautiful, capable and I enjoyed traveling with her through the sun scorched streets of Sharakhai while she searches for clues to her past and future I highly recommend this book, and predict it will elevate Brad s already successful career.

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    4.5 stars full review to come on my channel

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    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum love Epic Fantasy for many reasons, not least of which is the fact every book is a portal to a whole new world But when you read as much as this genre as I do, you sure get to visit a lot of them That is why, when every once in a while I come across a setting that truly stands out, I sit up and take note And Bradley P Beaulieu s Twelve Kings in Sharakhai made me do just that.Right from the start I was captivated by the magnificent desert city of Sharakhai, where this novel takes place Surrounded by a literal ocean of dust and sand, this political and cultural trade center attracts all manner of visitors From merchants to dignitaries, they sail across the dunes in great sand ships to treat with the city s kings, twelve immortal men who have held power in Sharakhai since time immemorial However, not all people are happy with their rule, and many remember the injustices wrought upon them by the kings and their ruthless agents.The novel s protagonist eda is one such individual When she was eight years old, her mother was a rebel captured and executed by the kings, then hung from Sharakhai s walls as a warning and example to other detractors eda has sworn vengeance ever since Now than a decade has passed, and eda is still as determined as ever to take down the twelve kings, with the help of a book of cryptic writings left to her by her mother Unlocking the book s puzzles will not be easy though, and there are many questions about her own heritage that must be solved before eda can bring the fight to her enemies.So many thoughts filled my mind when I finished this book, I m not even sure where to begin Beaulieu weaves a complex tale of intrigue, employing devices like flashbacks and bringing in other characters points of view to great effect In many ways, eda s story plays out almost like a mystery plot, following her on a journey to uncover clues about the twelve kings weaknesses while also revealing details about her own past and the secrets her mother kept from her Flashback chapters are generally tricky to pull off, but I was impressed with the way they were done here, inserted at precisely the best moments to emphasize important events in the characters lives eda is also a wonderful main character, one of the best female protagonists I have encountered in years We open the novel with a scene from the fighting pits, where she is a competitor in the tourney Right after a phenomenal combat sequence which ends with eda serving her opponent his ass on a platter, she then goes on to engage in an intensely passionate tryst with the fighting pit s owner If all this was part of Beaulieu s attempt to capture the reader s attention right off the bat, well, it certainly worked on me More importantly though, I got the sense that eda is her own woman She does what she wants but she s also smart about it, and she is committed to her goals and utterly loyal to those she cares about.The story also introduces several major characters, first of which is Emre eda s childhood friend, partner in crime, and brother of her heart As eda s mission takes her down one path, Emre s involvement with the underground resistance takes him down another, leading the two friends to drift apart But what I love about this story is that nothing about it is black and white, and there s much to it than simply good versus evil The twelve kings may be ruthless and cruel, but the rebels a group calling themselves the Moonless Host are far from innocent themselves, employing methods that are just as bloody and destructive The relationship dynamics between Emre and eda become a focal point when the two of them end up on opposite sides, fighting for the same cause while driven by different forces Throw in a third faction, Ramahd and Meryam of the Qaimiri delegation, and it gets even difficult to tell friend from foe As with the best and most realistic stories of fluid loyalties and political intrigue, there is absolutely nothing clear cut about the situation and the plot will keep you wondering who s an enemy and who s an ally every step of the way.While Beaulieu never stops challenging his characters, the world building in this novel is where his skills really shine The many distinct cultures that feature in the pages of Twelve Kings in Sharakhai provided a diverse setting, which is further fleshed out by its rich history, religions, and various magic systems The many sights and sounds of the city are brought to life by the stunningly detailed descriptions of important locales, from the decadent halls of the Tauriyat to the blooming fields of adichara plants in the surrounding desert The world building also made up for the slower pacing of the first half of the novel, because there were just so many wonderful things to take in.All told, the payoff was definitely worth it A promising start to a new series, Twelve Kings in Sharakhai offers readers a glimpse into Bradley P Beaulieu s talent for storytelling as well as his emerging role as a master world builder With its many different peoples and cultures, Sharakhai s desert setting was utterly spellbinding I also found myself enthralled by the plot s combination of adventure and intrigue, along with the richness and depth of the characters Books like this keep the epic fantasy genre fresh and diversified, and I am very excited to see what the future holds for The Song of the Shattered Sands series.

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    This I vow, O Kings She did not whisper she spoke plainly and clearly, as if the Kings were standing there before her I am coming for you I am coming for you one and all You know me, I am the weird one I love books nobody likes and hate books everybody loves And this one is not an exception to this rule.The first thing is that I must have a soft spot for desert cities settings as you d know if you remember my love for the City of Bones Enter Sharakhai, Shangazi Desert s amber jewel, an oasis that bloomed on the sea of sands If the image of a desert brings to your mind caravans of camels and wading through the dunes, forget it Here, people sail the desert how incredibly fantastic is that Also, since Dune, if not before, there has been a certain stereotypical way of presenting this kind of milieu roughly mimicking what we can generally call an Arabic Islamic culture You will not find this in the Twelve Kings What Mr Beaulieu does here is truly original I grant you there are some Arabic sounding names, and elements of food or garments, but that is about it The theological, legal, societal and cultural framework is anything but The worldbuilding is sumptuous, detailed and so imaginative I can see that it might be too much for some readers, but I relished meticulous worldbuilding and soaked up all the details like a sponge Now, in the very heart of Sharakhai, stand the twelve palaces of Tauriyat where the twelve kings, one for each of the twelve desert tribes, live and rule the city through their harsh laws of Kannan enforced by one hundred and forty four do your maths black clad Blade Maidens with their deadly ebon blades This, and their special abilities, each unique for given king For these kings are ancient and powerful And when I write ancient, do not conjure an image of a white haired, bearded grandfather on a throne Instead imagine someone who looks about forty, and in reality is over four hundred years old wielding magic that borders on the divine On the other side, there is one woman edaminh Ahyanesh ala, daughter of Ayanesh Ishaq ava and unknown father but the question of whose child she truly is is neither easy nor straightforward When we meet her, all we know is that she is a relatively skilled fighter, leads a double life but prefers it to be on the quiet ends of shady businesses and keeps to herself We also know that her mother, for reasons unknown hated the kings with the vehemence that led her to be hanged for a failed assassination attempt when eda was still a small and relatively innocent girl A before and after moment for her determining the course of her life Oh, right, you want to say, so it is a revenge kind of book Yes and no In theory, there are two tropes mixed in here the trope of vengeance and the trope of finding the truth The truth, however, is only means to bringing justice and justice serves as an excuse to have the righteous retribution It is also a book about memory and how things are remembered not This motif is exercised in a masterful way that reminded me of the City of Stairs Mind you, history is than a mere sum of past events Since there usually is a number of allowed, legitimate, objective and or less appropriate ways to remember, normally the historical narrative arises organically and simultaneously in different variants These narratives by defining, redefining and maintaining collective memories, constitute a backbone of a salient group self identity appropriated for political purposes The relevance of a managed historical memory to power is quite straightforward Already in his prophetic 1984 George Orwell showed that he who shapes memories of the past holds real power over both present and future Indeed, memory has become one of the most feasible means of exercising political power in the world The control over memories enables proper control over the sphere of public opinion, not only within one community, but also in the international sphere Therefore, from the political point of view, it is not without significance what people, on a mass scale, remember and in what way Twelve Kings tells a story of manufactured and maintained memories A book about lies, about history formed of carefully cultiva ated falseness, grand tapestry of political, and cultural schemes utterly naked of the truth and integrity I have read in other reviews that it is not plausible to do this but just think how easy it is to erase the truth and then write it anew in a world where illiteracy is high and only few can write and read, in a strictly regulated hierarchical society without the liberties, the benefit of free speech or the social media effect The answer is Frighteningly easy On the side note This novel also made me reflect on our own fake news civilisation of information wars In terms of design, you will find three different POVs in the novel eda s, own, her flatmate s one time lover s frined s soulmate s it s complicated called Emre, and Ramahd shan Amansir s, a lord from Qaimir sworn to avenge the murder of his wife and daughter Of these, eda s chapters are the frequent but the other two points of that triangle are vital to the story in their own way, particularly that none of these narrators share the same goals I write triangle not because there is a standard romantic subplot there kind of is but in a very delicate way, Emre is your boy next door while Ramahd is a Prince Darkly Charming , but because you will find tensions between these protagonists Additionally, eda s narrative swings between the now and the then, which is a tool quite frequently employed by many writers, and most famously by Mark Lawrence It tends to irritate me if it is done purely for the sake of bowing to certain flash trends in fantasy writing that tend to come and go Or if it is a crude way to deliver some crucial plot related information buried in the past In this book, I didn t mind the retrospections so much because they were not meant to reveal but rather to provide background and context The adult eda is no smart or knowing than the young eda but some of the seemingly unimportant events, meetings or figures from her past help us to understand why she is the way she is and explain the idiosyncrasies of her behaviour I also like the way characters are built and developed in this novel When we meet eda, she has done virtually nothing to fulfil her promise to avenge her mother s death The way her character is built and then guided through the maze of plot twists shows her lost and bewildered, without super prowess in any area, not always victorious, and yet not defined by her flaws or the flaw that would serve as a springboard for some spectacular character breakthrough The author is subtle and patient in this regard Another thing that makes it easy to bond with eda is that she is terribly lonely Those that want to be a part of her life would be either liabilities or potential distractions Those she would like to have by her side, for different reasons cannot walk her path And as she grows from a girl entirely unprepared for unravelling mysteries to a woman orchestrating conspiracies, she perseveres not because she has some special abilities but because she is driven Not even to the point of obsession, like her mother, but strongly enough not to give up half way through And she faces a formidable enemy, you have to admit One person against twelve individuals backed by the whole system of corrupt power, the interesting because the Kings are not your typical sinister moustache twirling kind of antagonist It is the system that is oppressive not the individual selves per se it is the source of King s power that is revolting, their rationale for grasping it might be even laudable How do you defeat an opponent like this Naturally, from within But the Kings know than eda imagines Carefully, eda Step very carefully indeed Granted, if you like non stop action, this book is not for you But if you can appreciate the slowly rising tension, the incrementally building pressure, the picture that starts simple enough but with each sentence and with each chapter gains depths of a panoply of shadows among the desert dunes, like me, you will not be able to stop reading There are the awesome Blade Maidens, a mix between a sisterhood os assassins and a religious sect The Moonless Host of revolutionaries coming from all the twelve tribes that once ruled the Shangazi Desert The incredible blooming fields of adichara, a twisted and wickedly thorned plant that, blooms only at night The frightening asirim, beings that hunt for souls and bodies during the night of Beht Zha ir that comes about every six weeks when the twin moons are full that is to say, quite frequently, I d rather not pay my taxes in flesh and bone but hey, who cannot say that living in London or New York does not present health and safety hazards but for this price, defending the city against its many foes Pit fights, blood magic, poems and visions, and sand skateboarding , and many other incredible things every fantasy lover will just adore This is an opening to rather long series and at the same time a lifetime wrapped into a handful of weeks Things are both discovered and lost, protagonists morph and solidify only to be shattered, the intrigue is sketched in a cunning way so that you are left being unsure why is the evilest of them all and who to ally yourself with.I will surely continue this stupendous series whose only shortcoming stems from the fact that it will have been finished only in 2021 the pain Note on the rating rounded up to 5 stars because I feel the book is underrated Also in the series 2 With Blood Upon the Sand 3 A Veil of Spears RTC4 Beneath the Twisted Trees RTC5 When Jackals Storm the Walls RTC6 A Desert Torn Asunder RTC

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    The best stories thrived when they contained a kernel of truth One just needed to know how to prune the falsities and deceits to find the truth lying at their shared center Twelve Kings in Sharakai is probably the best epic fantasy book this month you probably won t be reading.Actually, I m not even sure this book even belongs to that genre.There s no dragons in it No dwarfs and no elves.There s no magic and mages, nor epic quests There s no Tolkien s big bad Sauron, and the fate of the world doesn t hang by a thread No one waits for that chosen one in a final decisive battle in manners of Robert Jordan s Tarmon Gaidon to be saved by him.Gods, even though existing in this world, are exactly there were we are used to find them absent.Also, in persistent flourishing of grim dark as sub genre of epic fantasy, in recent years we started kinda guarding ourselves especially while reading Martin s, Erikson s or Abercrombie s books, or those alike in a way that we almost instantaneously assume how every character we meet on the streets, castles or slums of their books, are also potential candidates to commit some form of shameless act of violence or evil.So, it s really refreshing, at least for me, when an author refrains himself from tricking your instinct , that impression you gain while reading about characters in his book and all of that which was done for the sake of shock value Right, Sanderson.When a character, character you started caring about, naturally evolves in domain of that which was expected from him, considering the plot he follows in the story, and how author himself presented that character to us.You know, without needless, uncharacteristically and unfathomable stupidity, right around there, by the end of the second book, closely to its 2000th page of the series Right, Sanderson edamin eda Ayanes ala our protagonist in this book, is exactly that type of character.A rudimentary type of person of even basic principles Survive Oh and, if you can if such occasion presents itself avenge death of your mother But, first survive the day Author succeeded in his effort to present us seemingly simplicity of someones eagerness for revenge complexly enough, without the need to intertwine his story with abundance of sub plots.He succeeded in building someones personal story and made it than interesting enough for us to follow Revenge And how hard is to keep your given word to yourself, primarily Someone would argue how revenge as a plot is not enough I disagree And this book is an example why.Of course, there s handful of really interesting characters you may find in this book, written equally as good as our main hero, but characters that don t occupy nearly as much space in the book as her, which by itself speaks of authors capability to put his characters in right place, right time, and while coexisting with each other in right amount will become if not likable at least clear and understandable.Even villains Especially villains.Sometimes we simply don t need 700 pages of sub plots in order to understand side character Right, Sanderson City resembling to Aladdin s Agrabah, desert, ships that sail on dunes, discovering mysteries in ancient libraries, ancient history and mythologyI forgot how this is than enough.

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    Just friggin damn it I thought I would love this damn book so I bought all the pretty damn editions from damn Book Depository I m not doing that damn crap any damn I liked the damn beginning and then in went into some other damn past crap Plus, I m in a damn mood I have a damn CT scan tomorrow and then go to oncologist to talk about results and I swear, I can t handle much damn shit But they have to find out what the pain is and I have a damn MRI at the end of the month for radiation damage Soooooooooo. I m in no mood for a damn book dragging me down I m glad other people liked it though Damn it Mel

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    3.5 stars Twelve Kings in Sharakhai is a book I ve had high on my priority list ever since that enticing cover came across my radar in 2015 The cover is actually a pretty good indication of what to expect from this book excellent attention to world building and a main character determined to shake up the status quo using swordsmanship and stealth It was a very entertaining read, but it did leave a few elements on the table.Pacing was by far the biggest miss for me This book is riddled with flashbacks that, while interesting, effectively killed momentum for the main story Actual forward plot advancement took forever It s only saving grace was that the flashbacks contained a good number of reveals that I think were supposed to serve as plot advancing tools where the story moves forward in concept instead of action , but I think it could ve done with far fewer as it was, I occasionally got confused and forgot which timeframe I was reading and had to reorient Eventually, it all came together, but the lack of momentum made for the type of read I didn t have qualms setting it aside for other reads.The characters also lacked a little bit of depth They had great backstory as was emphasized practically every other chapter , but never really pulled me in than surface level Perhaps this issue was also caused by so many flashbacks taking away time from development Whatever the case, I m sitting here really liking the characters but not feeling anything for them.To that effect, other than the occasional language and sex scenes, both the character profiles and love story came off very YA okay, maybe a leveled up YA , but fantasy readers will probably find it a little thin when compared to the likes of Malazan or even Game of Thrones I actually think Twelve Kings in Sharakhai could be a great recommend for those in that transition between YA and adult Fantasy, as several elements the setting and fight scenes reminded me strongly of Sarah J Maas Throne of Glass series specifically the prequel, Assassin s Blade When I say something came off YA I usually mean that in a disparaging way, but in this case I didn t count it a bad thing.Overall, this isn t the strongest I ve read in the genre, but the world building and story were enough to keep me engaged when the pacing started to lag Good drop in details about a new world always goes a long way with me, so I definitely came away from this happy to have read it.Series status I liked it, but if it wasn t for the scheduled buddy read for the sequel I signed up for, I wouldn t be in a huge hurry to continue Especially since discovering that it s planned for a six book series instead of what I thought completed as a trilogy Even so, I m hopeful for the best in the next one.Recommendations I d hand this to fantasy readers in the mood for something light and creative, or to YA fantasy fans who want a good translation series from Throne of Glass to adult fantasy The world building was easily the biggest selling point for me, so if you like to immerse in new places, give it a try Via The Obsessive Bookseller at Other books you might like

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    In the city of Sharakhai the people hope to see the Immortal Kings overthrown eda, a young woman with a sad past, fights in the pits to make a living eda as much as anyone prays for the downfall of the Kings and on one holy night she may have just received the hint she needs to overthrow them.Twelve Kings in Sharakhai from the outside seemed so appealing It has an interesting cover and the premise was promising The first chapter of eda fighting in the pits as The White Wolf enveloped me with excitement, but unfortunately the story meandered past mediocrity to the point of drudgery from there.In many ways this book is centered around mystery, but for me it missed one crucial aspect necessary to make a good mysteryI need to care I was unconcerned with the Kings secrets of immortality and eda s secret was painfully obvious Page after page of mystery I wasn t concerned with and tangents that were no interesting left me drained whenever I tried to read the book.In the end Twelve Kings in Sharakhai just wasn t a story for me.1 out of 5 stars I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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