Unforgiven (The Unseen Trilogy Book 2)

Unforgiven (The Unseen Trilogy Book 2) The Unseen is a counter terrorism group that has the ability to read minds and possibly After the loss of her best friend and the discovery that pretty much her entire life was a lie, she is on a mission, but Mackenzie has no idea what she has really gotten herself into or if she can handle the tasks that they are asking of her Her only thought is that she wants to make the people that took her best friend from her pay Can t wait to read the conclusion to this trilogy Oh, boy I don t think I ve waited for a book like this to come out in quite a while Ever since I read, finished, and LOVED Stephanie Erickson s Unseen, I have been anxiously waiting for Unforgiven, book two in the series.But thankfully, my wait is over Actually my wait was over a few days ago, because I was lucky enough to receive an advance review copy from Ms Erickson, so really I am one lucky duck I think, although I was excited for this book to come out, there was a part of me that was afraid book two wouldn t be as magical as book one It wouldn t capture my attention, and I would simply fall out of love with the series which has actually happened before with some series that should have stayed novels, IMO.I was wrong Very, very wrong.In Unforgiven, Mackenzie, Mac, Day is heartbroken after some terrible news that she received at the end of Unseen But Mac s sadness quickly turns to anger against the ones responsible for this tragedy, and the Unseen s enemy, the Potestas.This is where we are when we begin Unforgiven.This book was beautiful It s odd to call it beautiful, because this book does start an all out war between the Unseen and the Potestas, but it just is In Unforgiven, we get a first hand insight into the minds of mind readers, the walls they build up to protect their defenses, and the dark secret each Unseen has been hiding since the day of their initiation.The way Ms Erickson created this universe of the Unseen is phenomenal It s books like Stephanie Erickson s that renew your love of reading and remind you of why you became a reader in the first place You read books like Unforgiven, and this wonderful, magical world surrounds you, and you think, Yes This is right where I need to be. Chapter 1 7 She is grieving so badly she doesn t move nor go to her best friends funeral So sad but understandable and I think that is a normal reaction view spoiler She broke down Tracy s defences and found out a secret Not sure why its a secret if I m honest but Tracy was upset by it.Next she was being told to stop Tracy getting in her mind and nearly hurt her a lot because shes so strong and because shes grieving hide spoiler no spoilers I did not enjoy this book at all I always finish books always but it was very hard to finish this book I got bored very fast and it was a struggle to pick the book up I did finish it in one day but that because I had a 3 hour train ride I like the concept of mindreaders and how they work for the goverment But thats all But I just can t understand or like the main characters, Mac is just not a interesting main character She is just good in everything no explaining she just is Its like she is better than everybody and she keeps saying She just amazing without any reason She is just too needy and ignorant Don t get me wrong there are moments were I enjoy Reading in her perspective but its like she is a different person on Every page Like she cant make up her mind, one moment she is sweet and Nice and the next a crazy bossy angry girl Like is she on her period day after day Talk about mood swings Her boyfriend is too Nice to her however sweet that can be and his character is really flat there is not much to him He had a short backstory and thats that The only two characters I like are Tracy and Micheal, they are interesting I like their attitude and How they act I love micheal Overall I think its just the main character that kills it for me I am still debating if I ll read part 3 and hope I like that better Normally I am not this negative but I expected a lot from these series and it really dissapionted me.This is all my opion I am not bashing the author its just my opion Please don t hate me Stephanie Erickson delivers another fabulous installment from The Unseen Trilogy It is psychologically the best thriller I have ever read Stephanie has done it yet again I found myself unable to put the book and was completely immersed in the world Stephanie has created Anything is possible in the mind, and Stephanie blew my mind with this book, I found myself on an emotional Rollercoaster right alongside Mac, feeling distressed, angry, helpless and determined Once again I was shocked with the development of the story finding myself unable to predict what would happen next I highly recommend this series and I cannot wait to read book 3I recieved this book for free after signing up for the authors email newsletter I enjoy Stephanie s work and hope to purchase all of her works in the future. I still find most of it rather unrealistic and I m not talking about the fact that there is a secret organization of mind readers actually two of those , but the whole thing with how all of the character interact with each other.I ve seen how most people complain about Mac s depression and probably it s just me flipping through this second book, which made me not really feel like it was too much I think, considering that Maddie was someone who she d known her whole life and been close to and after learning that she was betrayed by the only other person who happened to be her family through those years even if her relationship with Amanda wasn t a pleasing one, it was kind of okay for her to be shaken Was it a bit exaggerated Probably As I said I didn t pay much attention to the majority of this book either I was kind of hooked by the end of it I liked Mitch s story how he was held captive and tortured in his own mind by the Shields and then when the mission went wrong and Mackenzie was prisoner in her own mind as well Sure, I do believe the ending could be written much better but whatever Also, when Owen, who was supposed to be in love with her and know her better than anyone, didn t sense the change in Maddie s behavior and Mitch was the one to do it even if it was because he has experienced being held captive in his mind himself it just shows how simple and unrealistic their relationship is, which makes sense when they ve known each other for months probably Which reminds me Can we please have a moment to discuss also how selfish she was and how she doesn t deserve all the love and support she gets Like, come one, the guy would do anything to get her out of her bed and enjoy life, to help her settle in with her new training sessions and getting into the field of work and all she truly cares about is her dead friend and revenge Honestly, she s one of the worst human beings and female characters of all time.However, I think this book was better than the first one At least the ending was kind of okay and made me actually read it instead of just flipping through it, no matter that it was probably 5 10% Yet it made me give it than a star even though I m still not sure it deserves two stars Never mind, it s still a bit better than Unseen At least there was a slightest attempt to get deep into the characters, their relationships and all, even if we can merely seed this by the end of the book. Mackenzie Day Is Reeling From The Death Of Her Best Friend, Maddie She S Lost Her Rock, Her Partner In Crime, And Her Only Family In One Fell Swoop With That Loss, Mac Has Lost Track Of Herself, And The Things She Cares About, Including Her Mind Reading Abilities When The Opportunity For Vengeance Arises, She Becomes So Blinded By Her Hatred That She No Longer Recognizes The Person She S Become As Her Empathy Toward Others Slips Away, Even She Can T Believe How Far She Is Willing To Go To Claim Justice For Maddie Without Her Moral Compass And Her Sense Of Self, How Can She Possibly Stop A Group Of Mind Reading Terrorists From Killing Tens Of Thousands Of People Can She See Past Her Anger To Care About Anything Besides Retribution How Can She Save Her Newfound Family, When She Can T Even Tell The Difference Between Herself And Those Who Are Truly Unforgiven 2 Stars About 3 4 way through the book, the story involving the group Unseen and the entire setup of the world plot lost its uniqueness and simply became unbelievable Plus, I just didn t like the MC. Oh gosh Maddie MADDIE I m so sad and SO angry but I know these kinds of things are needed to push our characters.Nevertheless, I am still so sad about Maddie lol I was holding my breath and on the edge of my seat with everything in this story

Stephanie Erickson writes paranormal and fantasy 2017 is a busy year, with 5 novels, 2 novellas, and 2 audio books planned Apparently, she thought this was a good idea, while basically single parenting a preschooler while her pilot husband jets around without her She s basically a 5 ft nothing superhero Her weaknesses include sub par fast food burgers, sugary cereals, and semi plausible end o

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