Visionary Investigator (Paranormal INC, #1)

Visionary Investigator (Paranormal INC, #1) What Would You Do If Everything You Touched Told A StoryLife For Scarlet Hasn T Been Easy Being A Year Old Criminology Student With A Tiny Netflix Addiction, You D Think Life Would Be Simple Too Bad Everything She Touches Induces A Series Of Visions As Scarlet Attempts To Avoid Her Reputation As The Crazy, Fainting Lady, She S Assigned Her Final Project Examine A Crime Scene With Five Righteously Hot, Attractive Men When She Accidentally Bumps Into A Crystal Ball And Triggers A Vision, Scarlet Believes She Can Kiss Her Dream Of Becoming A Criminal Investigator Goodbye To Scarlet S Surprise, Her Troublesome Gift Is About To Be Her Ticket Into An Apprenticeship With The Top Private Investigator Organization In The Country Unfortunately, She Missed The Memo About The Existence Of The Paranormal Race What S Shocking She Might Be One Of ThemEvery Person Has A Past Every Object Holds A TaleVisionary Investigator Is A New Paranormal Reverse Harem SeriesWARNING M M Action Will Appear In This Book If It S Not Your Cup Of Tea, Please DO NOT READ Recommended For Audience, Containing Mature Sexual Content, Violence And Strong LanguageNOTE VISIONARY INVESTIGATOR Is Written In CANADIAN ENGLISH Meaning Both American And British English Is Used

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Visionary Investigator (Paranormal INC, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Yumoyori Wilson author readers around the world.

[EPUB] ✵ Visionary Investigator (Paranormal INC, #1)  By Yumoyori Wilson –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 392 pages
  • Visionary Investigator (Paranormal INC, #1)
  • Yumoyori Wilson
  • English
  • 05 December 2019

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    Rating TBA I guess I should be called the fainting lady. No shit, woman You faint at the end of every fucking chapter.Buuuuti wanna find a Junho for myselfnot because he s a korean drop dead gorgeous hottie or anything Right

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    Review copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest reviewSet in the same universe as the Starlight Gods series, Visionary investigator tackles a new realm that readers would be familiar with Earth, well Wilson s vision of it , so expect a little different ,as when Wilson plays around with a world, you know that something intriguing is going to happen.Never disappointing her readers, Wilson introduces readers to Scarlett.Scarlett seems very human and fits perfectly into Wilson s universe given her unique female characters A red head who seems to faint a drop of a bat Gifted with physic skills and determined to become an investigator It s hard not to like this girl as she isn t letting anything stop her She got a level head on her shoulders and a bestie who got her back no matter what However it s far from a simple life for Scarlett Wilson likes to get heroines right into the midst of things and Scarlett soon finds out the truth about her quiet life Solving crimes is the least of her problems Whilst Scarlett may think she knows herself there is a whole lot of hidden secrets that have been locked away So get ready for some explosions and whity dialogue As in this alternative futuristic world of Earth, Wilson allows supernatural to rule the world secretly.So when Scarlett s small little world collides, you know that something good is going to happen As once they are loose , they are ready to reveal all and show flaws and Diving into a intrinsic world that readers will love Visionary Investigator is everything Wilson is known for There plenty of moments that readers will enjoy This isn t a slow burn novel, it s full steam ahead and you won t forget these guys in a hurry Especially when you find out how closely related this universe is really is and get to really get inside Wilson s head and see how her imagination runs wild.For of my reviews, visit Thoughts by Tash.And drop by the blog s Facebook page

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    Amazing If you love falling into a whole new world then you so have to read this book It may feel like the world we know but that very quickly changes as we get to know Scarlet with her gifts I spent the first half of the book curious about the why of what was happening only to have My mind blown repeatedly during the second half I fell in love with the world, characters, and the arching story line I can t wait to see where book two takes us A must read for fans of paranormal reverse harem romance novels I loved it so I give it 5 5 stars.

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    Visionary is set in the same universe as Dark Wish and there is some crossover If you ve read Dark Wish and Tainted Rose you ll have an idea of what kind of mythology you ll be looking at, and personally I love Yumoyori s take on the supernatural Set in the future, it s vaguely futuristic in the design and aesthetic sense but a lot of the tech and dialogue is 20th century Setting it like that makes it slightly inconsistent at times I d think Kindles would be a little advanced 3000 years in the future but having the familiar tech sidetracks any explanation of tech that might otherwise bog down the story.Scarlet is an enigma, most of the time I really liked her and part of the time I just wanted to slap some sense into her Which speaks to me being drawn into the book Yumoyori has a gift for dialogue and some truly delightful banter It s reverse harem so of course the boys are awesome and funny, that s almost always a given, but she s woven some real flaws in them to make them interesting than 2 D orgasm delivery poles It may just be the first book but there are definitely 2 of them I need backstory on In short, Yumoyori does it again, keeps building her world, and we get in a good laugh in the meantime Keep it up Yumo Keep it up.

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    The year is 5012 futuristic setting since it is 5012 right Wrong Just normal present day set in 5012.I dislike heroines who depend on a man to to be happy view spoiler Apparently she needs an excuse to dump her douche bag boyfriend of 5 years Where is the strong independent woman that is studying hard for what she wants Maybe we d start dating if I got the courage to break up with Jake I just can t believe she still holding on Wait Christian Like Christian from Fifty Shades of Grey Why would anyone say that to a guy.I learned her best friend ordered the douche boyfriend to protect and love Scarlet If Cece had that much control over him then why didn t she order him to break up with Scarlet hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars I really cannot abide cheating I feel like the main heroine is childlike and a great hypocrite Really, if the start of this book was different this story would be so much better.As it is, I ve struggled to finish it, and I will not read the sequel

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    I didn t feel like there was enough character development for the boys except Jaxson.

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    Scarlet is not your average girl Whether it s her bright orange hair, her killer curves or the fact that she receives visions whenever her palms touch solid objects, she s one of a kind This hasn t made life easy Her mother was murdered when she was still small, her dad ran off Known as the weird fainting girl who wears gloves she has been shunned She has a loser boyfriend and an awesome bestie Cece However, she s brilliant and determined to be a success as a criminologist While on assignment with acclaimed Team Seven for her final exam one touch changes her life forever Their current case happens to be a deadly one and is highly personal to Scarlet Her gift is invaluable to the team and may just keep her alive It also leads her to an apprenticeship with the team of 5 gorgeous guys who are all at the top of their chosen field and whom all want to be with Scarlet A whole new world is opened to Scarlet with Team 7 There is much she never knew This includes information about herself as well Jaxson, Christian, Junho, Ethan, and Michael make up Team Seven Kendrick is their boss and a special father figure to Scarlet I loved his relationship with Scarlet They are all paranormals, shifters of a type from different planets They have all suffered great loss, are successful, and are incredibly hot Each scene delivers a new favorite guy They are all pretty perfect and their connection with Scarlet rings true I loved their tender, caring, protective ways with Scarlet I wasn t a fan of the timing of when Scar got together with Jaxson, but I did understand it and I love the two together There is already depth to their bond Cece is as good as it gets in the best friend department She is ruthlessly loyal and protective of Scar Every girl needs a Cece in her life Moonlight, Scarlet s cat is a kickass kitty I adored this little guy And then we get to Scarlet herself Despite the fainting and crying, she is seriously strong She managed to handle every shocking revelation thrown her way She adapted to each deadly situation using her brain and skills She embraced her new circumstances and personas I love each time she took ownership of herself and the situation Dancing, car buying or putting a witch in her place, Scar s a cool chick The storyline was highly entertaining It s told in multiple POV s and incorporates dreams from Scarlet s childhood Scarlet as a young child was absolutely precious The bad guy, Xerxes is a worthy opponent This is important to me The case was far reaching and had huge implications The cross over with the Starlight books, Ms Wilson s other series was brilliant I can t wait for the Mako Scar friendship This could have easily been a five star I took off a star due to repetition on the first part of the book However, as I said it was entertaining The first conversation between Scarlet and Cece convinced me that it was a must read for anyone and everyone who enjoys Reverse Harem I can t wait for

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    I absolutely loved this book So many ups and downs that I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride Yumoyori Wilson is amazing at creating her characters and different realities I really enjoyed Scarlet who is awesome she s the perfect blend of tough as nails and vulnerable And all her men oh my I can t wait to see what all they hide in the next book since not all was revealed in this book when it came to them And Cece I want to know about her so hopefully there will be of her story in the next book or maybe in her own book because who actually knows when it comes to Yumoyori Wilson s mad story weaving skills So heck yeah I recommend this book because it s absolutely amazing

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    5 star potential, but editing, grammar, and continuity issues dragged this interesting plot back to a neutral rating and lost a potential reader for this series it s wasteful to pay 3.99 for a book that hasn t gone through an edit proofread Wilson has a wonderful imagination and the ability to tell a story, unfortunately, the worldbuilding is very poor examples, the story is set in 5033AD, yet there are still cars, Uber, twerking, and frequent references to current fashion designers why bother to set the story 3000 years in the future if nothing changes The remainder of the review contains possible spoilers.Other issues stick out such as Scarlett s dream to work at Paranormal INC, but she thinks the agency name just a catchy phrase and isn t aware of paranormals If supernaturals aren t out of the closet, why would an agency call themselves this Punctuation and grammar are questionable in many instances lack of commas, and odd placement of semi colons, for example , and some descriptions are redundant to the point of looking like cutpaste insertions notably, regarding her alcoholic and abusive father, and improper use of myself Scar cheats on Jake, but gets upset when she finds out Jake has been cheating Err, Kettle, meet pot Scarlet has had her touch visions for 20 yrs, and I am shocked at how often she forgets her gloves and touches something I really enjoyed the characters as well as the basics for the plot, but the unsophisticated writing style was forgivable in her Reflections series which boasts an anime like quality If the author wants to sell at these prices, she may want to consider a proper developmental editor to help with worldbuilding and excessive wordiness The talent is here, but grammar nerds, like me, will be gritting their teeth if they can finish the book.

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