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Waiting for Clark Dear Author,My Friends And I Love Cosplay, And This Year We Re Going All Out For Our City S Con Yup, We Re Going To Go As Members Of The Justice League I M Going As Batman, But I Can T Figure Out Who S Going As A Superman My Friends Are Being A Little Cagey What S Going On How Did I Go From Not Knowing Who Superman Is To Making Out With The Guy Photo Description In A Cartoon Drawing, Batman And Superman Are Locked In An Embrace, Kissing Superman Is Taller And Clutching Batman To Him Batman Has Muscles And Has Visible Tattoos On His Arms Superman Has Broader Shoulders And Dark Hair Batman Is Stretching Up To Meet Him And Has One Foot Kicked Behind Him Behind Them Is A Graffiti Covered Wall, And Superman S Rainbow Lined Cape Swirls Around Them The Prompter Specified That The Picture Is Two Men In Cosplay Costumes At A Comic Con ConventionThis Story Was Written As A Part Of The M M Romance Group S Love Is An Open Road Event Group Members Were Asked To Write A Story Prompt Inspired By A Photo Of Their Choice Authors Of The Group Selected A Photo And Prompt That Spoke To Them And Wrote A Short Story This Story May Contain Sexually Explicit Content And Is Intended For Adult Readers It May Contain Content That Is Disagreeable Or Distressing To Some Readers The M M Romance Group Strongly Recommends That Each Reader Review The General Information Section Before Each Story For Story Tags As Well As For Content Warnings

Frequent tweeter, professional grammar nerd, and obsessive reader, Annabeth Albert is also a Pacific Northwest romance writer in a variety of subgenres Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two toddlers.

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  • Waiting for Clark
  • Annabeth Albert
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  • 08 August 2019

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    4.5 And this, my friends, is why Annabeth Albert has become one of my auto read authors What a FUN CREATIVE interpretation of the prompt Waiting for Clark is one SWEET, SEXY story about estranged best friends reconnecting after half a decade apart He tasted like the memory of all my favorite things Sunshine Coffee Laughter Cinnamon Clark Mainly that He tasted like Clark and that made him automatically my favorite flavor on earth Bruce Bryce and Clark, dressed up as Batman and Superman respectively, meet again during a comic convention Bryce has hardened his heart against the man who broke it in college, but Clark wants nothing than to get back their easy, close friendship and hopefully something The tattoos totally fit who he was, and I wanted to spend hours tracing them with my tongue All man All mine This is such a light, ADORABLE read told in alternating first person POVs You can t help but smile and cheer for these slightly geeky superheros.I loved the banter, the slow burn, the sexy shower scene, the couch cuddles, and the awkward perfection that was the epilogue Being fearless is overrated Maybe being scared is the only solution, I said at last Sometimes you just have to don the cape and fly.

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    Enjoyable and adorable geeky read I totally love the photo prompt of Superman and Batman kissing

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    What a great little treat this was Friends to lovers Second chance romance Steamy Low angst, feel good story Humor Great characters Can t gush enough This is freebie from the M M Romance group but I would ve happily paid for it I can t wait for books from Annabeth Albert 5 Stars

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    I love free reads, and for those who didn t know, I have been reading Superman Batman fanfics I love the World s Finest getting it on Le sigh.That s why I m expecting to love this.AND I DID DFluffy, yearnful, nerdy, awesomesauce.Just don t get too much annoyed by the stubbornness of Bryce and Clark You ll live.4 STARS Download link should have hot gay MAINSTREAM superheroes I hope one who has the guts create them.

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    I am in love So in love with this story and I have the stupidest grin on my face from it This read like a romantic comedy movie, which is one of my most favorite genres where I curl up hugging my pillow and fall in love with the characters and cheer them on while I gush, cringe and swoon over their romance GAH The author NAILED the prompt NAILED IT and that picture, the scene with the picture was full swoon worthy that I looked like one of those girl birds from the Looney Tunes cartoons where they swoon when the Frank Sinatra esque bird sings You know, the Swooner Crooner goodness Just yeah This was everything I love about romance Second chances, friends to lovers, unrequited love that really was what both wanted I can t even form a full thought because my head is full of these boys So full of Bryce and Clark and all that they are to one another All of it, from the friendship, to the longing, to the dirty talk and beyond ALL OF IT This Story Just read it I am going to go stalk the authors backlist now because this, her story telling, is what I need.

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    Oh story, I love you This sweet tale spoke to all the geekery that I love without overdoing it and taking away from the reconnection between the two MC s Man, I really can t wait for Comic Con this year I m totally going to be looking for these two the whole time I m there.

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    I now have an overwhelming desire to go on a Batman Superman fan fic binge I d wanted to know what he tasted like for years now, but in that instant I realized I d known all along he tasted like the memory of all my favorite things This was very sweet, really clever and rather hawt Bryce made me want to punch him a few times but he was afraid of losing people he loved so I guess he can be forgiven, I just think that his reasoning for falling out with Clarke was flawed and unfair but it all works out so can t really complain This is so worth reading and if you are a Batman or Superman fan then it s a must read Great fun and a free read as part of Love is an Open Road so what s not to love

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    4.5 stars YES Annabeth Albert picks up a prompt with a cartoon picture of Batman and Superman kissing It s bound to be awsome, right This is a story for second chances Bryce and Clark, or Batman and Superman see what she did there , were college roommates and best friends They always had amazing chemistry but acted on it only once and shared a kiss But Clark had just gotten an amazing scholarship and had to leave, so things between them ended on a bad note, along with the friendship.Now, years later Clark is back, dresssed as Superman for the comic con where Bryce and his partners promote their bussiness.There is slow burn that leads to an explosive first time sex scene, an admition of love that will make you all misty eyed and an epilogue with a funny but swoon worthy HEA.There is also a Superman with a rainbow cape, a hot tatooed Batman and all kinds of Superheroes.You might want to smack Bryce s head upside down at some point Please be patient with him He has reasons for being afraid to let his guard down.Overall, a great light and steamy story Recommended

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    This was amazing I was expecting a cute story that I would love, but I didn t know I would love it this much It s going straight onto my favorites list.Bryce and Clark were friends in college But one kiss changed everything and things haven t been the same since Bryce hardened his heart against Clark But Clark, after five years apart, wants his friend back and for them to maybe become The tattoos totally fit who he was, and I wanted to spend hours tracing them with my tongue All man All mine These two are adorable and sweet together They were also a little awkward, in a really sweet, adorable way The history between them strengthened the chemistry between them and I loved the little bits of jealousy between both.The ending was perfection It left me with a huge grin on my face He tugged me to standing, then stood himself, kissing me soundly Gradually the kiss morphed from something celebratory to something hotter, primal, and I had a feeling breakfast was rapidly cooling, but couldn t summon up the energy to care I had a future to worry about.

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    I only have time for a quick and dirty review this time, sorry.This book was a lot of fun for a quick 77 page read And, as part of the Love is an Open Road 2015 series, also a free one.The characters were extremely well developed and the few sexy scenes were pretty hot Okay for someone unleashing their gruff inner bottom.The Comic Con scenes were okay for me, but my favorite part was Clark s confession of love That s the sex talking Uhhh, no, it wasn t 4.25 solid volcano scene stars.

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