When We Were Very Young

When We Were Very YoungChildhood is a beautiful country, one which I was loath to leave but had to, all the same It is the inevitable tragedy of the human condition But writers have the magic in their pens, using which they can take us back to that hallowed place This is one thing that A A Milne does wonderfully well No wonder his books for children have outlived his serious works.Reading these poems, I could visit Christopher Robin s pre school world of late mornings, drowsy afternoons and exciting days spent in the nursery engaged in such momentous pursuits as naming a dormouse, catching a beetle or stalking a brownie behind the curtains In this world, a chair can become a pirate ship or a lion s cage and one has to be very careful to avoid the cracks in the pavement while walking, so that the bears who lie in wait are kept at bay It is a time when life is just one big repository of wonder, when time has not become the tyrant it will soon be, and one is not goaded by the devil of purpose Where am I going I don t quite know.Down to the stream where the king cups grow Up on the hill where the pine trees blow Anywhere, anywhere I don t know.Where am I going The clouds sail by,Little ones, baby ones, over the sky.Where am I going The shadows pass,Little ones, baby ones, over the grass.If you were a cloud, and sailed up there,You d sail on water as blue as air,And you d see me here in the fields and say Doesn t the sky look green today Where am I going The high rooks call It s awful fun to be born at all Where am I going The ring doves coo We do have beautiful things to do If you were a bird, and lived on high,You d lean on the wind when the wind came by,You d say to the wind when it took you away That s where I wanted to go today Where am I going I don t quite know.What does it matter where people go Down to the wood where the blue bells grow Anywhere, anywhere I don t know.Really, what does it matter where one goes Ultimately, we all reach the same place. These were really cute, but I liked the second book of poems much This book failed me totally It is a collection of poems The poems have nothing to do with Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Tiger, Owl, Kanga and Baby Roo I do not think the poems will appeal to a child and they did not appeal to me, an adult Skip this It is is not made magical even by the Peter Dennis excellent audiobook narration. For people who missed Private Eye s obituary poem a couple of decades ago Seventy seven, shorn of his locksChristopher Robin beds down in a boxNo need to whisper, we ve got past that stageChristopher Robin has died of old age I decided to read the Winnie the Pooh books on a whim I have no children, so I never have reason to visit the children s wing of the Louisville Library However, I recently discovered that section when I decided to read the classic Ferdinand While picking up Ferdinand, I saw A.A Milne s work and picked up the Winnie the Pooh tales and When We Were Very Young WWWVY is a short book of childish poems.The most memorable thing about this book wasn t the content really For me, it was the Introduction The poems are very simple and like nursery rhymes However the Introduction explains that Milne wrote these while his son was a toddler He wrote them as Christopher Robin experienced new things It was beautiful to see a father noticing and appreciating his child so much. Also know this one by heart My poor future kids are going to have A A Milne rammed down their throats Can I please have some dinner REPEAT JAMES JAMES MORRISON MORRISON When We Were Very Young And Now We Are Six Complete The Four Volume Set Of Deluxe Editions Of The Milne And Shepard Classic Works Like Their Companions, The Winnie The Pooh Th Anniversary Edition And The House At Pooh Corner, These Beautiful Books Feature Full Color Artwork On Cream Colored Stock The Imaginative Charm That Has Made Pooh The World S Most Famous Bear Pervades The Pages Of Milne S Poetry, And Ernest H Shepard S Witty And Loving Illustrations Enhance These Truly Delightful Gift Editions I ve never read any Winnie the Pooh books but am extremely aware of what it s about These are poems from the same author and they are extremely hit and miss, but those that hit are utterly wonderful.Illustrated by Ernest H Shepard, the poems centre around young people who are in charge of their own lives and worlds They are whimsical and very Carroll esque in their magical and lyrical prowess Some are droll, however, but most are nice.Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy Utterly charming and lovely delightful rhythm, fun rhymes, and illustrations that fit it perfectly This was my first introduction to A.A Milne. When We Were Young by A A Milne is composed of endearing 44 poems for children Some of these poems I thought I heard when I was a young boy in the Pacific island But at that time, I neither had knowledge of who A A Milne was nor I did have any interest on English poems What I and my friends were singing were local poems like the very funnyTong tong tong paketong ketong Alimango sa dagator the funnierLumakad sya sa tubig, ang paa ay nabasa Nguni t ang kanyang beep beep ay hindi nababasaor the one where you have to go inside the circle and danceBubuka ang bulaklakor when we grew a bit older, the double meaningSi Haring Solomon, may alagang pagong May biyak sa likod parang pinalakol Of course we also had ourA, B, C, D Now I know my ABC, won t you come and sing with mebut that type of song or poem we only sang or recited while inside the classroom When outside, we sangAko ay may loboso that we would not be asking for balloons any when we went to the mainland and saw one Obviously, the Disney characters were not big hits also in the island as we did not have electricity yet and so there were no movie houses and television sets I only came to know Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, etc via the very few books in the school or newspaper ads I used to sell newspapers in the island every afternoon when I was in grade school.But among the 44 poems in this book, I remember I read some like Jonathan Joe and I thought I liked it because of the relationship between Jonathan and his grandpa I remember I could not understand Little Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue like who between the two lost the sheep and how they ended up marrying each other What s marry I remember asking my sister and I thought marrying was like the two of us being together most of the time Among her 3 brothers, I am the one closest to my sister so she is always ready to lend me money even up to now ha ha.Seriously, this book by A A Milne is very nice The poems really have the pure voice of an innocent child The verses are simple yet scintillating and they are a delight to read and recite aloud I regret having not read these to my daughter when she was a young girl Although she had my share of my Tagalog children s songs likeDaraan ang reyna Bubuka ang bulaklaknot because I taught her those but she heard them on the radio or saw on T.V because The Sexbomb Dancers were very popular when she was growing up ha ha Kidding aside, I will make sure I ll read these A A Milne s books to my grandchildren if and when my daughter will have some kids No pressure, dear daughter I remember many Christmases back when in a Christmas party, somebody joked us by askingWhat is Winnie the Pooh s genderWe were all caught surprised Nobody knew the answer because Winnie the Pooh is this bear who has no pants and yet you do not see his or her genitalia Moreover, Winnie could be a girl s name here in the Philippines because we used to have a teenage star called Winnie Santos, the sister of Governor Vilma Santos Hah, had I read this book prior, I would have answered correctly Winnie the Pooh is a boy since his former name was Mr Edward Bear as he was introduced in this book His first public appearance The funny thing during that party was that we latter found out that the one asking the question also did not know the answer.So, you see, many of us here in the Philippines, did not read this book when we were young.

Alan Alexander Milne pronounced m ln was an English author, best known for his books about the teddy bear Winnie the Pooh and for various children s poems A A Milne was born in Kilburn, London, to parents Vince Milne and Sarah Marie Milne n e Heginbotham and grew up at Henley House School, 6 7 Mortimer Road now Crescent , Kilburn, a small public school run by his father One of his teac

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