Wild Fever (Chiasson, Book 1)

Wild Fever (Chiasson, Book 1) I was given an ARC of this book from the author for an honest review.Olivia Breaux grew up in the town of Lyon s Point While growing up she heard rumors of the Chiasson family They were always feared but respected Olivia always wanted the oldest of the Chiasson brothers, Vincent to notice her, but he never seemed to pay her any attention Olivia felt as many teenagers growing up in a small towns, she wants to see what the big city has to offer Olivia spends ten years in Dallas, thinking she has it all until someone she thought she could trust betrays her When she comes back to the bayou, she never dreams the very thing she tried to escape may bring her a lifetime of happiness.Vincent Chiasson and his brothers spend their lives hunting the creatures of the bayou Vincent was born into this lifestyle and is haunted by the memories of his parents deaths at the very hands of one of the creatures He vows he will never allow himself to care about another person He cannot go thru losing someone he loves His work is too dangerous He remembers the anguished cry of his father as he witnessed the creatures killing his mother Although Vincent has always cared about Olivia, he will not allow his guard down when he hears she has returned to town That is until he realizes a very dangerous creature is lurking in the bayou out to destroy everyone that has any contact with the Chiasson family One night makes Vincent realize he will protect Olivia at all costs.Donna Grant has begun a new series taking place in the bayou of Louisiana As usual Donna doesn t disappoint her readers You experience the Cajun lifestyle in the bayou full of scary creatures in the night, voodoo and magic I knew before I started this book it was a novella, and if anything that was my only complaint I wanted it to be longer I wanted to know history of the Chiasson family I know there are books to come and I can t wait to hear about this family I can t wait to meet Riley the sister of the Chiasson brothers I predict her to come back as a little spitfire when we get to hear her story Donna has started a series that I know once you read the first few pages you will be hooked just like I was Donna never fails to suck her readers into the story in the first few pages Once you start to read this book you will not be able to put it down Its a quick, enjoyable read that makes you want I m looking forward to the next book. The first book in a delectable new series by author extraordinaire Donna Grant Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies.com Vincent Chiasson and his three brothers, Lincoln, Christian and Beau, try to keep Lyons Point safe by protecting the parish from supernatural creatures But a strange being that they have not been able to identify yet has already managed to kill three women in the area The townspeople are aware of what the brothers do and though they respect the siblings, they also fear them Three years ago, Vincent made the decision to send their only sister, Riley, away to college, keeping her out of the family business and he really misses her Due to their dangerous job and the grief they endure at the loss of a loved one, the brothers tend to shy away from serious relationships, despite their need for sons and daughters to carry on the family business Eleven years ago, their parents were killed by a creature and now it looks as if someone is once summoning the beast, which is killing the women that the brothers date.After graduating from high school, Olivia Breaux left Lyons Point and the bayou behind for Dallas She has lived there for nine years and she never planned on returning to the bayou She even met a gorgeous man, a coworker, who seemed to be everything she was looking for However, when money comes up missing at her job, he blames her At the same time she also discovers he is married with three children When she runs out of money, she has no choice but to return to her hometown, where her grandmother still lives In high school, she had a crush on Vincent Chiasson and envied the protection he offered his only sister She figures by now he is married, but she cannot help hoping she will get a glimpse of him while she is back.As Vincent hunts down the creature, he catches sight of Olivia, and is dumbstruck by her beauty and the fact that she is back He has always been attracted to her That is why he kept his distance before she finally left town But when he looks back at the beast, he discovers it is gone He is afraid that it may have found its next victim Can Vincent and his brothers find the beast before the woman he loves is the next victim New York Times and USA Today bestselling Donna Grant is at the top of my auto buy list and this book is just one example why WILD FEVER, the first book in Ms Grant s CHIASSON series, is an intriguing, sexy paranormal romance that will keep you glued to the pages right up to the very satisfying end.Against his brothers advice, Vincent fights his feelings for Olivia because he fears getting too close and then losing her in the same violent way his mother died However, he cannot deny the chemistry that exists between them and the sparks that fly whenever she is nearby Meanwhile, the suspense and danger in this story will keep you on the edge of your seat I absolutely loved this story and cannot wait for the next installment in this exciting series I highly recommend WILD FEVER It is a definite keeper Dottie, RomanceJunkies.com A WOMAN S PASSION Olivia Breaux Left The Small Cajun Town The Day Of Her High School Graduation And Never Looked Back Until An Unfortunate Event Sends Her Home Ten Years Later Returning To Her Hometown Brings Back Memories And Long Held Desires For The Impossibly Gorgeous And Aloof Vincent A HUNTER S DESIRE Handsome, Resilient Vincent Chiasson Takes His Job As Hunter To Supernatural Beings In The Bayous Seriously When An Unknown Creature Begins Killing Women The Chiasson Family Has Contact With, Vincent Knows This Has Something To Do With His Parents Deaths Years Earlier To Make Matters Worse, The One Woman He S Yearned To Call His Own Has Returned And Is Targeted By The Beast He Ll Have To Face His Past And Confront His Future To Save Olivia Wild Fever is the start of a new series from Donna Grant It was a great novella that will leave you wanting I was hooked on Wild Fever from the very first page Donna Grant delivers an amazing paranormal romance that is full of action, unknown creatures and love Wild Fever is set in Crowley, Louisiana in the bayou where the Chiasson brothers follow in their ancestors footsteps to protect the people of their parish Olivia is a beautiful woman who left her small town to chase her dreams in the big city but finds herself down on her luck and has to return to her hometown and her grandmother Vincent is the oldest Chiasson brother and takes it upon himself to protect and lead his brothers in hunting the creatures of the bayou Vincent had always been head over heels for Olivia, but upon her return it hit him full force The connection between Vincent and Olivia was instant and you could almost feel the heat that was trying to explode from the pages As always, Donna s writing is amazing You feel as if you are apart of her characters As you read, it is as if a movie unfolds in your mind She is able to describe all of the emotions and settings of her characters so well I cannot wait for the next book in the Chiasson series Thank you for a great book Donna Voodoo, swamp monsters and hot bayou men, what could you ask for Wild Fever is the first book in Dona Grants new Novella Series and it delivers some hot paranormal romance Donna Grant style The only complaint I have is I wanted , but as luck would have it I don t have to wait too long Wild Dream book 2 will be out in May Wild Fever is set in Crowley, Louisiana in the bayou where you never know what s lurking in the swamp Good thing the Chiasson brothers are there to hunt those creatures that go bump in the night Olivia Breaux is down on her luck and is hesitant to come back to her hometown of Crowley But one man can change everything Vincent Chiasson knows firsthand how it feels to lose a loved one He watched his father grieve over the loss of their mother and has vowed to never get involved with a woman The pain of losing someone he loves is too much to endure, so he sticks to hunting and killing creatures of the night in the bayou.There s a creature about, lurking and killing women that have had contact with the Chiasson brothers Hunting this creature becomes personal when it goes after Olivia and Vincent will do anything to protect her Sparks fly between the two of them leaving a lot of questions between them Can he kill the creature Who s controlling the creature Will one taste of Olivia be enough Donna did a great job writing Wild Fever The story didn t feel rushed at all It felt complete and left me wanting I think this is a great start of something wonderful and I can t wait for Wild Dream Bravo Donna I received a free ARC in exchange for a honest review. Like this cover a lot 3.5 stars I liked it The Chiassons are hereditary hunters who keep their bayou town safe from supernatural evil Vincent Chiasson, scarred emotionally from the brutality of his parents deaths, has decided that his brothers can carry on the family name because he is unwilling to risk a wife and children to the life he was born into But when a monster starts targeting women in his town and when the only woman he s ever loved returns home only to be caught in the crossfires, he s protective instincts battle with his need to keep his emotional distance.I really thought that the framework for this story was good, and there were some interesting conflicts for both Vincent and Olivia who is looking a possible jail time for a lover s crimes However, at around 132 pages, the story is just too short to take much in the way of advantage of that the setup, and we just get the peril for Olivia, some smex and a quick resolution But if I judge it against the measure I d use for a story in an anthology and take into account that I got this as a.99 cheapie I d give it a pretty good for the set up even though the HEA comes just a little to easily for Olivia and Vincent who had wanted each other years ago before Olivia had left town but never acted on it I d have needed a little actual history between the pair to make the HEA completely work for me in such a short space.Still, pretty good won t stop me from checking out Vincent s brothers and sister s stories. I usually like Donna Grant s books They re light, fun and sexy But this one was disappointing It was definitely light in that it hardly had a plot The lawsuit was ridiculously easily solved why was there even a lawsuit in the first place Any moderately competent company would have conducted an investigation, and from what the lawyer briefly said, had already initiated it and would have cleared her sooner rather than later and seemed pointless to the story, it was obvious who the bad guy was, and the smexy seemed to come out of nowhere One minute Vincent is thinking he can never be with Olivia, and the next he s in bed with her Any character development was told as exposition from the past rather than being shown I get that this is a short story only 49 pages , but I feel like could have been with it, and certainly pages should have been allocated so this novella wouldn t have felt so choppy and rushed I hope the next installment is longer and developed. Review will be posted at www.books n kisses.com.NUMBER OF HEARTS 4REVIEW Ahhh just like any good novella Wild Fever was short and sweet and left me wanting This was a good start to Donna Grants new novella series In Wild Fever we meet 4 brothers who are carrying on the family tradition of hunting the monsters that kill humans Vincent is the oldest and has seen of what these monsters can do than his brothers, which is part of the reason for sending his sister away Vincent s job is to keep everyone he loves safe But when the monsters they hunt start going after people the Chaisson s care about Vincent is convinced that someone is out to get them It is not until Olivia comes home that he truly understands the depth of the monsters that they hunt I really enjoyed this story, even if it left me wanting Donna did an excellent job of making this novella feel like a full length story Nothing felt overly rushed and gave us a good idea of the history of the Chiasson family I am very much looking forward to the next 4 books in this series Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of the book from Donna Grant in exchange for an honest review This review is my own opinion and not a paid review. Wild Fever is my first book by Donna Grant, I was quite happy when I got my ARC because I was really intrigued and excited about this book I was hooked from the start, Donna s writing style is really compelling and I enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed by the length of the book True, I cannot compare Wild Fever with Donna s other books because I ve never read any but I was expecting this one to be longer For me, Wild Fever is a novella and no, I m not saying that is a bad thing, because novellas can be very enjoyable and good but since I was expecting a normal read with lots of build ups and all, I was caught off guard.It doesn t mean that I didn t like the story, because I did Like I said, I was hooked from the beginning I love the idea of supernatural hunters It s new for me and Donna created a great universe, with interesting characters and a good story I m kinda confused about Wild Fever I ve read it pretty quickly and the only thing that really bothers me is the length of the book and the fact that I didn t have time to truly enjoy and know the characters It s a shame really because they are great characters and the universe is promising but, everything happened at once and, for me, it was just too fast In a book, I like when I have time to know the characters individually, to see them get to know each other, to see the story evolve as well as the relationship etc But, unfortunately, I didn t have that in Wild Fever.Olivia Breaux comes back to her hometown after ten years of living in Dallas She comes back for a reason, not because she wants to but because she doesn t really have a choice Vincent Chiasson is a supernatural hunter, it s a family thing Him and his brothers take their job very seriously, especially after the horrible death of their parents Olivia has always had a big crush on Vincent but he never seemed to notice her but what she doesn t know is that Vincent always had a thing for her as well but he never acted on it because of what he was.But Vincent and his brothers have a problem an unknown creature is killing innocent women and they can t catch it A bigger problem arises when they realize who the creature s next prey will be Olivia Now Vincent needs to protect her, but will he keep his distance Do they really have a future together And will Olivia discover his secret s Read it and find out Vincent is a good hero, but once again, I really didn t have time to connect with him and to appreciate him He s very loyal to his job and to his brothers sister, he loves his town and will do anything to protect it Vincent is fierce and determined and sweet with Olivia.Olivia is a strong heroine as well, she s not aware of what the Chiassons are, even if she has her doubts, her grandmother always made sure of her ignorance But even dear grandma can t keep things from her forever Olivia is not na ve, she knows what she wants and I liked that about her She didn t give up on Vincent It s a good thing that I like Donna s writing because I seriously didn t feel that connected to the characters I did, in a way, but since the story was short and that everything happened at the same time and fast, I didn t have time to feel anything I felt like the relationship was way too rushed, their love came out of nowhere I can understand their feelings for each other but love, in like two days, is a bit too much for me.The plot, with the strange creature and the person controlling it, was interesting and intriguing, I admit it But it didn t last, there was no suspense, I knew who the bad guy s were since the beginning and some really important questions were answered without much of an effect I felt like some things should have been way thorough For me, Wild Fever was like an introduction to this new series universe It was a good introduction because it left me wanting but I am still disappointed I will definitely read the next book because I liked Vincent s brothers and the universe but I hope Wild Dream will be explored and less rushed.

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