Working for the Devil (Dante Valentine, #1)

Working for the Devil (Dante Valentine, #1)When The Devil Needs A Rogue Demon Killed, Who Does He Call The Player Necromance For Hire Dante Valentine Is Choosy About Her Jobs Hot Tempered And With Nerves Of Steel, She Can Raise The Dead Like Nobody S Business But One Rainy Monday Morning, Everything Goes Straight To Hell The Score The Devil Hires Dante To Eliminate A Rogue Demon Vardimal Santino In Return, He Will Let Her Live It S An Offer She Can T Refuse The Catch How Do You Kill Something That Can T Die Dante Valentine is a cross between Jessica Jones and Kate Daniels.Bad ass is her middle name She s got a closet full of secrets, a broken past, and a big ass enchanted sword, and she ain t afraid to use it When the Devil asks her to track down an egg , she literally can t refuse For added kicks, Lucifer has bound Jaf the demon to Dante, to keep her safe until the job is done.I loved this, even if I did find myself scratching my head at a few things It s fast, dark, edgy, and not your usual urban fantasy Which means it s right up my alley.Dante is a snarky necromance with a fabulously dry, dark sense of humor She s something of a powerful mess, but she has a strong moral compass that mostly keeps her straight Jaf the demon reminded me a lot of Supernatural s Castiel Plus, I m just a sucker for guys with wings view spoiler OMG, that ending Really Nooooooo hide spoiler Based on the author s name and the title I was fully expecting a neo gothic monstrosity of red velvet, dripping blood and undying love This sort of thing Ironically, the book does feature some red velvet and lots of blood, yet it was surprisingly good nonetheless.This is the story of Dante Danny Valentine, a talented necromance and ass kicking bounty hunter, who is hired read forced by the Prince of Hell himself, Lucifer the Devil is dressed in black jeans and t shirt, is barefoot, androgynously beautiful and has an amazing corona of golden hair but his surroundings are, at least, appropriately resplendent in red velvet, crimson, mahogany and leather bound books to hunt down and kill a rogue demon, Vardimal know in the human world as Santino, and to retrieve a demon artefact, referred to as the Egg, stolen by him In order to help her accomplish this task, Danny is assigned a demon familiar, Tierce Japhrimel, the Devil s Assassin and, possibly, oldest child Lucifer refers to him as my eldest at one point As it turns out, Danny has her own score to settle with Santino who has killed her best friend Doreen several years previously and is, by all accounts, a sadistic serial killer.One of the things I enjoyed most in this book was the dark and gritty atmosphere of the futuristic world where fantasy blends with sci fi and shamans, ancient Egyptian gods, demons, golems and so on are generously interspersed with plasguns, hovercraft even one that can become invisible , datbands, flying slick boards and the like It is a world where Christian religion has been discredited the demons do not form part of the Heaven Hell dichotomy but are instead alien beings occupying a different dimension who modified and possibly created mankind as part of their own genetic experiments and people with various psychic abilities psis are recognised and trained so that their powers can be harnessed for the purposes of society A 70 day war is mentioned, after which the Parapsychic Act which seems to regulate and grant citizenship to psis, though its significance beyond that is not entirely clear was introduced This is a very fast action driven story and the author does not pause along the way to explain the jargon and the way her world operates, leaving you to work things out for yourself from the context, which may irritate some readers but I found I quite enjoyed this sparse brushstroke approach It was sufficiently engaging to hold my interest throughout this book and enough was left unexplained to make me look forward to reading the other books in the series to make sense of all the info we are given.The other big plus of this book is the relationship between Danny and Japh I loved the interaction between them and there was just enough subtlety in the build up to make it believable Not so keen on the glowing green eyes but, I guess, one can t have everything and it looks like they will be phased out anyway.I did have a few niggles other than the glowing green eyes , by far the biggest being that Saintcrow seems to get stuck on certain expressions and repeats them ad nauseum I was getting a bit sick of Dante s emerald winking, rings spluttering and knuckles going white from grabbing on to the hilt of her sword, her being told to breathe, just breathe constantly, everyone s eyes being dark and liquid and lips peeling back from teeth and so forth. I can t believe that happened For me, the whole book was a 3.5 read I mean, I really liked it, but it didn t make me feel stuff And for a rating of 4 5 stars, that is a must But in the last few pages, something happened view spoiler The main male character died hide spoiler If it stood alone I would have given it 3 stars.I had managed to get my hands on book 1 4 of this series Skipping to book four made me so aggravated that I know I will not be picking up 2 or 3 I will also not be finishing book 4 The inconsistencies in the behavior of the main character, and the lack of all the characters I enjoyed by book 4 just totally turned me off.My problem with the first book just by itself was the fact that the author tried to create her own mythology It is all fine and dandy, but if you don t explain a little about what all your new words mean you lose people.Half of the types of psionics paranormals that she spoke of weren t explained What would they relate to in common mythology Kine, swanhilds, Nichtvren, Skinlin, etc By the end of the first book, all I had figured out was that Skinlin were not shifters as I had first thought, but a type of kitchen witch and that Nichtvren were apparently like vampires sigh The new nomenclature also included inanimate objects Sometimes I had no idea what was going on, or only a vague one at best.ExampleGabriele fumbled in her pocket, dug out a crumpled pack of Gitanes, and fished one out with trembling fingers She produced a silver Zijaan and clicked the flame into life The smell of burning synth hash mixed with the pungent spice of kyphiiAll that to say she was smoking their version of a cigarette The annoying part, to me, is that these words she s added to be a part of the ambiance of the bookdon t add anything Sure they look exotic futuristic whatever, but they don t describe for me The kyphii doesn t evoke any sort of sensory details I enjoyed a couple characters, but like I said above, the author screws that up too Not recommended. There s something about demon themed Urban Fantasy I just dig up There s always such creatively developed worlds, for one thing This one having Lucifer was a turn off from the blurb as it sounded far fetched and cheesy, but the way it was done made sense and worked well.The main focus is on Dante as she tries to uncover, working with the at first unwilling Japhrimel, where the hiding demon is who has killed her former friend and lover and a slew of others Japh has a vendetta of his own, which is slowly revealed as the story progresses Lucifer isn t in the story much in person, thankfully, and it s mainly with Dante and her former love, two friends, and Japh.Dante is another typical uptight, chip on the shoulder a mile wide heroine She nears the suicidal edge often and could care less whether she survives She lives on anger, revenge, and vengeance alone Her sense of humor is barely there with jokes herself but she can crack a smile if it s warranted She is without hope and lives with horrible memories of her past and all the bad stuff she s endured quite a bit Japh is fascinating and inhuman as he shows emotions and stays silent most of the time I loved their interactions Her friends would have irritated me sooooo badly with a stunt they pulled in keeping something from her I would have hit the roof She s a necromance, which is a cool ability I love reading about It s different from the Anita Blake of necromancy completely and isn t concentrated on too much.It s a quickly paced book, hard to put down, and not that long in length, so with personal issues and the action it s a breeze to fly through The fighting scenes are intense and, even if Dante isn t the best in the world, the characters overall are winners and the story was a good one The ending was a shocking, depressing slap in the face, however, and if I hadn t cheated and snuck a piece at spoilers for the second, well probably wouldn t have kept reading Doesn t leave the reader with a good feeling In so many ways, definitely a dark series, through and through. Working For The Devil was the perfect book when I needed to read something fast paced I ve been looking for a good Urban Fantasy book for weeks I tried Touched By An Alien, which was crap I tried Spider s Bite, which was crap as well I didn t want to try Working for The Devil because of the cover I think it s pretty bad But don t be fooled, this book is really good I m extremely grateful for my book buddies insisting on me reading it.Oh those characters Japhrimel Dante Those action scenes That ending More please Review also posted on Tried to expand my horizons in the Urban Fantasy category This looked really promising, but has turned out to be hard to get into Written in a future that is not fully explained, with name dropping of made up people, places, and things that don t have any description Unfortunately, it might never get finishedUpdate 10 Oct 08 I have come to the conclusion that this is one of those that will sit on the shelf until I feel guilty enough to finish it, or maybe the rest of my collection burns up and the public library closes and Powell s goes out of business I have this strange connection sick obsession with books so I don t know if I ll ever get rid of it But I m not finding myself jumping right back into it either. Picking up this series kinda blindly, I wasn t really sure where to categorize it in the UF world Obviously, it s a kick ass female with magic and blade, but you know how that is Seen it on the shelves a MILLION TIMES Huh Even the blurb just tugs at my old heartstrings for Anita Blake and Rachel Morgan I thought it was a throwaway blurb.But then I learned how wrong I was.Imagine this It s bladerunnerish, high tech noir with hovercraft, laser pulse rifles, juicy biotech implants, gene splicing It s also rune magic, Annubis based necromancy, whole schools of magic, and even eclectic voodoo, ritual, and a lot right out in the open It s open trade for SF and Fantasy in this near future overpopulated world.So delicious.And then there s Dante with her deep connection with Annubis and her dripping holy blue fire blade, her strong necromantic craft for sale for lawyers, the police, or anyone with the means to pay And she s got a new job from a character she can t quite refuse Lucifer Who wants her to assassinate another demon As a little backup, she gets a high level demon as a backup and as a familiar.Holy crapola.So wait a second Not only are we getting to levels of necromancy only seen 7 8 books into Anita Blake, but we re also moving ahead to powers equivalent to books 4 5 in Rachel Morgan In Blade Runner.OH, MY GOD, I AM SO IN LOVE.And it s true I slammed through this book kinda dancing with glee And yes there s a bit of UF romance but it takes a back seat to the action and intrigue just as I prefer it And let me be a bit clear about where I place this in my favorite UF categories I have some series I love for being imaginative and others for being super charming and classy, but my first love is for outright powerups and bitch n kick ass magics.This one is pulling on those heartstrings HARD. Loved this book I cried at the end, really well written and engrossing NEXT

Lilith Saintcrow was born in New Mexico, bounced around the world as a child, and fell in love with writing when she was ten years old She and her library co habitate in Vancouver, Washington.

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