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Zlatin dnevnikWhen Zlata S Diary Was First Published At The Height Of The Bosnian War, It Became An International Bestseller And Was Compared To The Diary Of Anne Frank, Both For The Freshness Of Its Voice And The Grimness Of The World It Describes It Begins As The Day Today Record Of The Life Of A Typical Eleven Year Old Girl, Preoccupied By Piano Lessons And Birthday Parties But As War Engulfs Sarajevo, Zlata Filipovic Becomes A Witness To Food Shortages And The Deaths Of Friends And Learns To Wait Out Bombardments In A Neighbor S Cellar Yet Throughout She Remains Courageous And Observant The Result Is A Book That Has The Power To Move And Instruct Readers A World Away

Zlata Filipovi is a Bosnian Croat writer and author of the book Zlata s Diary.From 1991 to 1993, she wrote in her diary called Mimy about the horrors of war in Sarajevo, through which she was living Some news agencies and media outlets labeled her the Anne Frank of Sarajevo Unlike Frank, however, Zlata and her family all survived and escaped to Paris in 1993 where they stayed for a year.

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    I always find it difficult to rate diaries, especially that of a child, and you have to take into account diaries were never meant to be works of literature This was a sweet, poignant, and sometimes devastating account of a young girl s thoughts recorded in a diary when she was caught up in the Bosnian war between 1991 and 1993 Zlata s Diary consists of first hand entries of her daily life and that of her family beginning in 1991, when her time was mostly normal and peaceful and fun, before the first bouts of violence broke out in her native Sarajevo when Serbian nationalists attack the city There were some truly sad moments that did hit hard, but also some happier times earlier on It s certainly a book that would likely go down better with school children that adults, and I can t use the excuse of feeling so much of Zlata s despair just to give this a higher rating This particular version really wasn t that great This is likely down to the publisher editor who made a mockery of the real thing It was at least interesting to see things from a child s perspective, but what I learnt of the war itself wasn t at all new to me.

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    April 17 We got the UN relief package today YO BABY YO, as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air would say Tried to watch Murphy Brown but the sound was drowned out by shelling I know, MORE shelling and then the rabbit ears were exploded by a sniper s bullet RUDE Pepsi just came out with limited edition cans with Linda Evangelista on them I wish I could get one I haven t tasted processed sugar in over five months Got an A in math, biology, and piano The piano was exploded so had to mime the recital Still, I only made two mistakes yrs,ZlataZlata Filipovic actually comes across as a very bright and sensitive 11 year old in her diaries, but the pop culture references weirded me out This text is like a mashup of Anne Frank and White Noise Maybe I reacted this way because I was born the same time as her, and I was doing and watching and thinking many of the same things at age 11, minus cowering in the cellar during rounds of ethnic cleansing The most astonishing thing in reading this is that the causes of war and the motives of the warring factions were too convoluted for a very smart 11 yr old to try to sort out, even as she was being victimized by those disputes Unlike Anne Frank, where there is a sure sense of who the bad people are and what they want to do, violence here seems arbitrary and destined to continue forever artillery is just bad weather that has moved in to stay.

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    There s not much you can say about this book Wartime diaries are a very effective way of communicating what people suffer through on a daily basis This book was clearly written by an intelligent and sensitive young woman It was interesting to read her thoughts on being compared to Anne Frank she didn t want to be compared to her since she didn t want to suffer the same fate That to me was an insightful comment about people being than just news items.

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    Zlata s Diary is literally Zlata s diary Zlata lives in Sarajevo and starts keeping a diary in September 1991, not long before her 11th birthday She excels in school, enjoys fashion magazines, and watches Murphy Brown on television Six months later, she is recording the tragedies of war.Reading about war from a child s perspective is an interesting experience Zlata mentions politics several times, writing that politics has started meddling around It has put an S on Serbs, an M on Muslims, and a C on Croats, it wants to separate them And to do so it has chosen the worst, blackest pencil of all the pencil of war which spells only misery and death 97 Yet, she does not understand the significance politics plays in the war, never connecting the war with ethnic cleansing But because politics doesn t shape or warp Zlata s perspective, she can truly see and express how senseless war is She records the death of friends, the destruction of her city she suffers without electricity, gas, food, and water Several times, she expresses anger and despair, writing I really don t know whether to go on living and suffering, to go on hoping, or to take a rope and just be done with it 130 Early on, Zlata asks the most profound question of all God, is anyone thinking of us here in Sarajevo 85.I am only three years older than Zlata If I heard about Bosnia, if we talked about the war in school, I have no recollection Most everything I know about the genocide I learned years later as an adult.

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    Why do I like this book so much I really do Who is able to convene in this way all the pain, the tragedy and humanity and inhumanity of war, without any fancy shmancy false talk, without any presumptuousness, any falsity or hidden agenda Simply by scanning the events that matter, from when you understand that this is different It s not fiction This is 1st person singular non fiction Nothing s invented When this got to my brain, I cried even though so many years have passed since I had the first chance to read it Then it would have been just too much.It is written with simple language, appropriate for an 11 12 year old little girl who happens to be living in Sarajevo between 1991 and 1993 She s just like any other pre teenager from the Western industrialized rich world She comes from a good, literate and cultured family, and therefore she can write and express herself fairly well for her age But there is a difference, by the time you reach page 50, she won t be any pre teenager from the Western industrialized rich world Firstly because she ll be demonstrating how mature she is or has become her parents take care of what she eats, but her psychological strength will permit her to take care of them as well Secondly, because by the time she celebrates her next birthday, her country will be light years away from the civilized Western rich world It will be a totally different country, territorially split and divided and thorn into pieces, and sociologically wounded and crippled and light years away from the country it was in 1984 when the Winter Olympic Games were held in Sarajevo I read that her diary should be compared to other such diaries Anne Frank comes to my mind but I am not sure She had probably read it herself It s so easy to feel connected to her, because even though I did not experience any of the hell she s describing I can still understand, because I grew up in ex Yugoslavia, in Croatia Her account is accurate and credible What she describes writing, seeing friends, partying, dreaming you did all that at her age as well, or maybe that s what your kids, nephews, and nieces, cousins are doing now But she s also giving an account of all the miseries of that particular war her family friends and members are Croatian and Muslim and Serbian but it s the kids who play at war And when I think of the conditions they lived in no water, no food, no places to bury your dead, I think of how amazing it is that they kept sane and human Yes

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    melodramatically edited and ghost written zlata s diary may have been a poignant, emotional, and honest account of a girl during war time, but opportunist publishers seeking to maximize the emotional impact and emphasize the precocious from the mouths of babes aspect of a book about war written by a child have added improbable narrative and skewed the prose in a falsely cathartic way the editing and doubtful translation have created something maudlin and cheap in an effort to over simplify and stream line zlata s thoughts to create what the publishers wanted a powerful and seemingly innocent protest and commentary on a horrible war what would have been powerful would have been letting zlata s true words speak for themselves without trying to force feed us pacifism written for an audience the publishers seem to think would not have able to extract the message from the diary of a young girl without oversimplifying and narrowing the scope to heart rending exclamations of fear and regret what was so moving about that other diary of a young girl was that anne frank s coming of age and personality and details of her life were provided in context with her reflections on the war and how it affected her her struggles with puberty, family, sexual identity were left intact for the reader to provide a complete portrait of a young girl growing up under extraordinary conditions zlata s incidental and seemingly calculated details of her personal life seem too evenly spaced and balanced amongst her reflections on the war, almost as if added as padding to what is otherwise a basically falsely childish narrative of wartime, to make it seem authentic and accessible.

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    I would not really recommend this book to anyone Yes, it portrays the awful consequences of war in Sarajevo during 1991 It is Zlata s diary, and shows the awfulness of war, of course But this book was not a good read By no means, do I think war is easy, or that being in war you can pretend all is well But God was not known in this book Zlata wasn t a Christian, or certainly did not appear to be so She mentioned killing herself a few times. War is not easy, it sucks, but this book goes to show that humans fail Humans fail Darkness comes when humans try to take over But GOD is the LIGHT He gives us hope Hope isn t an easy thing to find and keep But this girl s story seemed to lack God, and so, while it has facts it has dates, facts of the war, insights on living during the war I would not recommend it.

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    This story was so touching, yet so heartbreaking at the same time The young girl who wrote this diary was in the Sarajevo war at the time One of the main themes in this book, in my opinion, is how wars can change people Zlata, the author, certainly changed in many ways I can feel her hope diminishing as time went on and things went worse Before the war, she wrote about school, friends, and wanting a pet, just like the rest of us As an eleven year old, she sound very innocent and carefree Then, the war erupted in her country Everything she once loved was destroyed Everything she once had was gone Everything she once hoped for was out of reach Her friends began to leave the country One of them got shot and died She suffered through so much, yet she was just a child Hunger Violence Pain However, even when there were no electricity in her house, no food in her cabinet, and no friend in her neighborhood, she stayed optimistic She helped her family carry supplies when there were no food and water She played with her cat when violence was going on outside her door She played piano for joy when bombs were going off around the block I value her courage and cheerfulness As I read further into the book, I found out that not only is Zlata optimistic for herself, she was also encouraging her parents Her dad was angry because he lost his job, and her mother worried for all of their relatives Even though she was a child, Zlata was always there to comfort her parents and remind them of happiness I realized that she was the same age as us when that happened While we are convincing our parents to buy us things and arguing with them, this girl was supporting adults and taking care of her family She changed so much, from a kid just like us to a mature girl with the ability to help others She reminds me of a quote I read a few days ago you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice Zlata proves that courage and strength doesn t relate to age, but much to how you react to situations and how much you grow in a time of harshness.

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    It is very difficult to rate a book that is someone s personal diary When writing a diary one is not usually thinking about telling and explaining everything in detail It s a repository of one s thoughts and feelings That is indeed what this book is.a place that an 11 12 year old girl went to write what she was feeling during the war that was tearing her homeland apart Her city of Sarajevo was being bombed day and night I was very hesitant to give this book even 3 stars Although let me make it very clear that hesitation was ONLY because I adore Zlata and feel she did a wonderful job conveying her thoughts I think better than most 11 year old children would do She was obviously very skilled with language and sharing her heart Again, if I was judging this book on her alone it would be an easy 5 stars However, that is not the criteria I m using There was something missing from this publication It was very ineffective as a simple publishing of her words alone There needed to be some editing and explanation accompanying the diary I know that many who read this will be lost They will not understand or care to understand the history and backdrop of her diary I think the publishers really should have thought of that and added commentary and history Unfortunately, they did not and therefore I feel like the book was of little consequence to most people I cringe saying that I m not saying her words were not important, nor heartfelt Not at all I mean the PUBLICATION was of little consequence and failed miserably to educate anyone who picked it up 3 3.78

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    I feel bad for not really liking this book It is a diary of a girl in Sarajevo in the 90 s during the Bosnian War. Don t get me wrong, the diary is interesting, but I was hoping for something deeper and descriptive. You know. Like Anne Frank The entries are very repetitive, Bombing Shooting No electricity. She didn t really go in to details about herself, or describe the house, or really any details at all. I think the real greatness of this book is that at the time it brought a voice to the conflict and made people aware of what was going on I think that continues to be it s strength Otherwise I wouldn t have gotten on Wikipedia and looked for information about this war that happened when I was nearly the same age as Zlata but never learned about in school even with a BA in History. I guess there are just too many wars to cover.

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